Publisert 29. mai. 2019
Lil' Liza Koshy interviewing, tearing up and sucking up to celebs as Vogue's Red Carpet Interviewer for the Met Gala 2019. I stop breathing over Harry Styles, Lady Gaga, Deepika Padukone and more. Also watch some *UNSEEN COMMENTARY VOGUE LET ME HAVE**. Pro tip: Watch or fast forward til the end of this video ( 32:18 ) to watch my Met montage of my blessed booty bouncing.

Thank you for the faith you all have in me, and the fun we get to have together. I am eternally grateful for opportunities like these to bring a lil' light and fun lovin' into the world. Life is rad.


Watch me get boujie and get ready with Vogue for the Met here! Here's how I picked out my dress, and how it was made:


Watch me suck up to ALL the stars in other Met 2019 interviews here. Here's Vogue's playlist of every interview for you to binge:

Or find some of your idols below:

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Jared Leto and Jared Leto:

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Cole Sprouse:


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  • Thank you for the faith you all have in me, and the fun we get to have together. I am eternally grateful for opportunities like these to bring a lil' light and fun lovin' into the world. Life is rad, love your dad

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  • Madelain Petcsh I love her look so mush

  • 22:33 kanye west reaction when taylor swift release reputation be like:

  • Lizzie koshy is so fun :]




  • im here for ,mads ,lili,cole,camila ,melton

  • Miley : it’s cuz he’s Australian! He thinks it’s a Joey pocket or something LMFAOOOOAOAOAOAOAO

  • 32:16 im deadd

  • Liza + Tiffany = 💥

  • She’s too funny 😂😂🥰🥰🥰🥰 I love her

  • Not me waiting if Ariana Grande will be thereeee😫😫😫

  • Me: watching this vid 𝘼𝙡𝙨𝙤 𝙢𝙚:𝙘𝙝𝙤𝙘𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙬𝙝𝙚𝙣 𝙢𝙖𝙙𝙨 𝙚𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙙

  • THE GIRLS:18+ ARE *DATEUS.UNO* NOlong: This is fine Someone: Says ''heck'' youtube: be gone однако я люблю таких рыбаков .

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  • I wonder how it would look inside when Liza asked over 5 people to save her a seat

  • I smiled really big when Madeline popped up

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  • Is it just me or does anyone else feel like hailey biebers was so basic

  • Liza Koshy to Lady Gaga : "Is she not coming to The Met Gala for the next three years? because she just served three different looks" Covid : "yes, she is"

  • Nobody gonna talk about - prianka chopra 😂😂I mean literally she is looking like She got a electric shock 😆😆😅 Iam an Indian but seriously is that even a style ,why did she do that 😳😳 No hates just describing my feelings

  • I would simply evaporate if I was able to talk to RUPAUL himself.

  • Grite como ella cuando vi a Gaga en ropa interior aAaaaAa la amo

  • When she just dropped the mic hahah ilhhh

  • The fact they wouldn't be anything without us.

  • How was Liza able to breathe while talking to Miley-

  • liza: so can you explain your outfit? Harry: uh it’s geewchei

  • Liza and Tiffany are like mom and daughter. They also looks alike

  • The way she just dropped the mic when lady Gaga had her last outfit 😅

  • She should be a correspondent forever.

  • idk if it's just me but liza kinda sounds like jojo siwa in this video

  • M the only one who thinks that liza and camila cabello looks same🥺❤️❤️🤗

  • 29:57 wait is that james🙂

  • Anna wintour just shade her dress and i believe she was disappointed

  • Red r like Halloween costume 🤪lol

  • 13:55


  • met gala is like a cartoon gala

  • If I didn’t know that Liza and Tiffany weren’t related I would have thought that Liza was like Tiffany’s siblings or daughter or something there energy together is so real and natural they seem so at ease with each other like real besties

  • Its funny how Liza also just ignores Kanye😂


  • Liza literally spokes to HARRY STYLES! how is she still alive?

  • i love how she is fangirling on this artists but she is equally as famous

  • Madeleine’s dress was my favorite. That color looks fantastic on her and she looks like Tinkerbell mixed with a fairy queen

  • 2 years and i don’t think anyone has commented about how well liza made 21 savage sound. she carried the convo keeping him talking and engaged. if you’ve seen any of his other interviews he mumbles and kinda just sits and stares lmaooooo

  • Dam Kanye had his stank face the whole time …can’t imagine how he really is behind closed doors

  • Lady Gaga is props calling for 911 If u don’t get it lady Gaga made a song called 911

  • Liza fan girling over harry styles

  • She look like card b with no mackup

  • it's gEwChI-harry styles

  • "What's the inspiration behind it?" *"P a i n-"*

  • When you have social anxiety 🤚

  • Charles Melton and Camila Mendez, you know they had a heated conversation after he embarrassed her with camp is " sleeping bags..." another Dumb A**

  • I know I'm late to the party, but Liza is HYSTERICAL! Her impromptu, off the top commentary was off the chain! And her sing-song reaction to Harry gave ME life!

  • Liza: What would you define as camp? Everyone but 21 Savage: ✨Freedom, Enjoyment, Exploring Yourself✨ 21 Savage: Ion know, Wood?

  • Billy Porter was my favorite

  • 21 Savage is clueless lmao

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  • I feel like Liza and Anthony Mackie would get along

  • When she started talking to harry I fainted then died came back to life then started sobbing 😭😭

  • The ending 😂 she got people feeding her

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  • Imagine Anna Wintour calling you cute. That’s like a blessing from the gods.


  • I’m jeloist

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  • Madelaine Petsch is honestly the sweetest. I prolly spelled her name wrong sry

  • I seen that girl in the white crown looking like The queen of hearts in the movie heroics

  • Where is frank ocean

  • When lilly Singh showed I was like wow but I look beg her for a sec and I see James Charles and I am like what the heck is he doing here

  • how did priyanka and nick forget their anniversary…

  • I love shawn Mendes like oof

  • Everybody dressed in outrageous dresses and suits: Kanye: I think I’ll just wear a jacket 😂

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  • I’ve got through the whole video but is it just me or I haven’t seen Nikki Minaj yet🤨

  • Her and lilly are the only youtubers i wanna see in the met

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  • No one should feel empowered wearing that. No one. Can't stand her yelling out of no where. Who sis this chick?

  • عرب؟

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  • Kanye west was so ready to leave HAHAHAHAHA lmao 😆

  • Not me shaking over Harry's see through shirt 🤧✋

  • Bruh the way she dropped the 🎤 😂🤣 I love her 3:40

  • You can see liza’s eyes pop out when Harry came LOLL 😭😭😭

  • Kim was all dressed up and then Kanye just looks normal

  • WHY IS NOBODY TALKING AB 22 SAVAGE?? liza: “what would you define as camp” 21: idk like woods🪵 😂😂

  • cara delivigne is a rude boring self absorbed cow

  • This is your calling girl, I hope to see you doing more of these interviews


  • I was watching river dale !!

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  • What I’d do to be tickled by Celina Dion

  • I'm sorry I was soo distracted by Liza's and lilly s hair ok they look drop dead gorgeous

  • Why am I screaming when I see Harry Styles?

  • Liza: Who's Harry Style's style icon Harry: uhm... Its this guy 😂😂😂 (why he looks so scared though)

  • i know this isnt ur first time here