How Tourette's Syndrome Impacts My Life | Minutes With | UNILAD

Publisert 17. jan.. 2021
In this episode of "Minutes With" we sat down with Anita, a 30 year old woman who has Tourette's Syndrome.
Anita talks about how she struggled for years to get diagnosed and the impact on her mental health. She also takes us through how she found fame on Twitch where she now has over 1 million followers.
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    • I think she's the same one with tourettes from the sideman video. She's so nice


    • that ha-pop sound is purrre gold. sellll selll sellll !!!! kudos @LadBible PAY HER FOR GD LCK!

    • *12 minutes with shy, submissive self conscious cabbie with PTSD* | *LADbible* . So it all started with Anita hailing a ride in my cab.. few years back. . She said... do not slam the brakes if you hear me blurt 'cats'.. because that's merely a Tourette's thingy. . We are cruising fine for 10 minutes.. and i hear CATS!!!! i do not take much notice as i remember Anita's heads up. . But Anita tells ..stop the effin' car.. you just ran over a family of kittens and their mum🐺. . so yeah.. that is the story of my PTSD. I went through the trsuma, the pain... but i do not hold it agsinst Anita anymore!

    • I wonder if Anita is aware the psilocybin the psycho active compound found in hallucinogenic mushrooms has been found in doing what one might call a system reset. Paul Stamets, a leading authority in the world of mycology suffered from a bad stuttering problem and discovered after a trip on mushrooms as a late teen that it had almost performed a system reset, and from there on out Paul barely stuttered again......

  • What a remarkable beautiful young lady! I admire her strength and courage to not let Tourette’s drag her down!

  • thawt on . snowflakes dont like the word because simps.

  • Who doesn’t love her she’s dope asf

  • i dont get much of the whole swearing or vocal tics but i have adhd so i get a fuck ton of physical tics like randomly jumping up, nd my face scruches up.

  • What a beautiful human being

  • She is 30??? She looks 20

  • “At 27 my life started” That was deep.

  • She seems very intelligent and is extremely well spoken

  • Beautiful woman 😍😍😍

  • What a lovely big pair of ticks

  • Wonder if in the future we will all speak in push to talk. To avoid tics, or even just saying something dumb.

  • You're cute(nothing creepy)and obviously strong,anyway.I don't even have Tourette's but I can probably out curse you.

  • i clicked because of the (.Y.)

  • I knew when she was going to have a tick or noise because I do the same thing. Just watching her I can feel when she was going to do it. It’s a tough thing to go through! My nickname was blinkers when I was a teen. Embarrassing! In my opinion a huge dose of anxiety may also cause the ticks and the rolling b’s and machine gun noises. 😊

  • What a wonderful creature.

  • She looks East Indian. Is that were she's from.

  • She's older than 27?! Wow! She looks like 23 to me

  • What an amazing, courageous, beautiful and honest woman!

  • Copper really I found copper in my belt buckle because it was painted silver and copper is expensive but it’s in belt cheap buckles totally not done on purpose to poison people.

  • All simp in the comment section

  • She's gorgeous. She definitely has ASMER abilities

  • Pop, Brrrexit! :D

  • She seems really cool, this was a fun interview.

  • WTF is this real.

  • I have watched Anita on videos so often, she is the sweetest, most beautiful person, and so funny with her humor over her ticks, especially Bananas, and now this interview explains so much more about why. I think she is truly awesome. So strong to be who she is now.

  • She's really cute when she does those little noises

  • She is what she is more beautiful more wise more mature and more natural than any sh*t people who say they are normal.

  • remember when ladbible just did them short parkour fails? insane to believe they've grown this much and actually producing high quality content

  • So until she got a piece of paper that says "you have tourettes" she couldn't start her life? Idk. I think she's has far more control over her tics then she claims.

  • You are AMAZING!!!

  • @10:52 shes concerned with brexit, i see.

  • I was misdiagnosed with Tourettes as a young boy, I was later when I was properly diagnosed with Aspergers aka ASD in 1996. And it both angers and saddens me that as my male contemporaries for both Tourettes and Autism they find it very quickly, wheras our female contemporaries...not as much. And Anita says here, it took her into her adult life to find out she has Tourettes. I was 16(thereabouts)when I got my true DX. In my opinion, that is not ok with that BIG divide of age(and maybe gender)gap. She's a pretty awesome gamer woman. And a awesome human being too. This world is fortunate to have kind souls as her on this spinning blue marble we call home.


  • She's Beautiful

  • 3 minutes and someone's pouring chilli into my eyes. Stop this nonsense

  • I don't care about your tics you are still a very beautiful woman I hope you get well soon 💯😁

  • Try smoking weed lol

  • Wait she's not in her early 20's??? She looks so young.....thought she was my age 21. 😲😊💟

  • I wonder why everyone is suddenly interested in tourettes.

  • What kind of british accent is this?

  • What a Beautiful lady. Don't let your Tourettes define you.

  • People with tourette's are funny as shit and some of the coolest people on the planet

  • that doctor should be stripped of his job

  • one of the most beautiful woman i ever seen she's amazing

  • I think this women is very bright, smart, sweet and beautiful too it’s nice to know how she deals with her problem

  • "BREXIT" killed me haha, great person!

  • Shes beautiful

  • All these stupid doctors say someone is seeking attention... those uneducated mofos are overpaid


  • 7:00 She did the double combo with french on top right there! That's something special. Love this girl!

  • I really hate how some doctors, rather than admitting they dont know something, just make up a bullshit diagnosis.

    • Either they’re ignorant of the damage a false diagnosis causes (they aren’t) or they’re arrogant knobs who care more about protecting their image and egos. Those are the ones I diagnose as covert “nursissists”.

  • So beautiful ❤ Wait, she has tourettes? ...Didn't notice.

  • I admire her and like her, but unfortunately her acoustic tics trigger me extremely. For some reason it makes me aggressive, even though I know it's absolutely not her fault.

  • He has nice tics.

  • What a superb woman you are, amazing how you have learnt to live with this and thrive as a person. Well done

  • i also have tourette's syndrome, and it's no joke...

  • This video induced me to having Tourette’s syndrome right after I finished watching.

  • Idk how it happened. I looked up Among Us a couple of times because I wanted to learn the game better before trying it (still never played). That got me familiar with many of the big streamers. Corpse Husband mentioned Anita when they played together in a match. Within a few weeks, Sweet Anita was suggested by NOlong. I watched several of her videos and started to learn her story. Im really glad her publicity is blowing up. She's an amazing person (from what I've seen) and im glad she's trying to break stigma around mental health. Plus there's some hilarity to watch her Tourette's tell off simps in her chat to then be followed up by her Tourette's saying it's not a tic and she means it. So glad she's bringing more social acceptance to it.

  • Brave and strong 😌👍

  • she doesnt look 30 at all

  • that last answer. 😆😆

  • A lot of people don't understand that most Tourette cases are mostly just tics and rarely actually have cussing and whatnot. Oddly enough, I know she streams and stuff but I always have issues watching her clips because I'll pick up new tics if I see someone else do them.

  • everything aside, she is so beautifull

  • What a Beautiful spirit! 😍😇🤩

  • Her ticks sound like notification sounds

  • The amount of information that goes through our minds at a given moment is mind boggling and fascinating . Our brains are wonderful :P

  • Ha ha Michael cheesemacer

  • Wow shes beautiful!

  • Everyone has there demons but theres always hope, and thats Jesus and im not joking around its a relationship with him not religion oh mm i wonder if CBD well help to

  • This is one of the best videos I've seen on NOlong. Thank you for bringing forth more information.

  • ive got tourette to. but i think its not obvious that she has not really that much tourette. because ive got really worse tourette i cant work because of it and im on a hell lot of medication, i cant live like everybody else because ive got such bad tics. when i go buy food always people look really weird at my and they laughing and shouting and beeing really toxic with me. ic ant eaven eat normally because im destroying the plates and glasses. i have to go to the chiropracticer all week because ie got such terrible pain and muscle aching. so ive anybody is reading this that is going trough the same hell i wish you only the best and we can only hope that we are getting better and do our best Big Love to all the Tourette patients out there

  • such a beautiful soul

  • What a goddess.

  • 4:24 she sounded like a cat almost. That's really cool.

  • Goodness, she's such a wholesome person.

  • I could listen to her all day long. It would be like having a parrot 🦜

  • #hugs!

  • The milk truck has arrived ! O yes

  • I dont wanna sound patronizing, but this must be pretty tough and shes a champ for pushing through.

  • What a sweet girl. She would be a blast to hang out with.

  • She's really cute though :3, Love her voice

  • She can insult me anytime

  • she is so great,love her.

  • I'm trying and failing to do the sounds she does with her mouth, they're cool

  • Really great interview. Lovely girl

  • I'm in love :O

  • One very beautiful young lady. Xxx

  • She is an absolute treasure, i do hope she doesn't end up being discouraged by the toxicity on twitch, as for the most part people are pretty great!

  • her ha Bmlup! sound is what I would like to say to toxic fortnite players that die from fall damage!😂

  • Love her. Coolest person on youtube.

  • I can't remember ever seeing a woman who was more beautiful from every conceivable perspective. Clearly she's physically stunning, but the personality, the intellect, the sense of humor, the fearless self-awareness? Don't even get me started on her voice--it's the most warm and soothing sound I have ever heard. I mean, even her tics are insanely adorable! She could spontaneously hurl unintended insults at me all day long and I'd only ever feel grateful that I'd managed to be the object of her attention. The man she chooses is luckier that any man deserves to be.

  • I wonder what comes out when she gets busy alone?

  • So much love and respect for this brave young lady. Just be you.

  • Probably the heavies comment on Internet just below mine....

  • Speaking non stop

  • Why no one suggests the ministry of deliverance to her?

  • I grew up with a friend having Tourette’s. We were in the same class and I was with her twice a week for years. We were so small I never thought anything of the condition until recently. I remember she told many lies and I just went with it or ignored it nicely. She also made neck movements and sounds along with it. I think it’s interesting adhd and dyslexia like she had is connected somehow. Thank you for this awesome video telling your story 💜

  • she is lovely.