♕ Best NF ft. Eminem Music Playlist | Motivational Music Mix 2020 | Best of NF Remixes ♕

Publisert 10. mai. 2020
🍹 Best of NF ft. Eminem Remixes! | Big Playlist | Sad Music Mix 2020
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  • Hope you guys enjoy!

  • Hey anyone know the song at minute 37 ? Tryed with shazam but cant find anything

  • 36:11 Can you feel Best of NF

  • You are the only one sir

  • Infinite thought existence income outcome larceny... Human thought existence income outcome larceny... Kenny Vawter

  • great work bro

  • guys please what sound 15-16 min... what this rmx?? I can not find :((

  • Anybody knows from who is the last beat ?

  • I miss you all so much

  • Each and every single track means a lot. Combo of NF & EM is so dope. Lukas killin it. Finally found something good for ears and mind🤘🏼🤘🏼

  • 🤡👹

  • 🙏🙏🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Save her joker

  • I Don't Hate you sir.😍and you are the only one

  • Guess I'm not to much of a fake witch AFTER all hey Damn put it Down sir . I'm Dancing again 😆

  • You Don't want us anymore shit

  • This is soo fucking good (btw sorry if I swear

  • Niceeee!!!!😎❤️

  • Damn i got myself all twisted up in the game and damned if it dont fill some kind of way that you NEVER know existed.but hell why not enjoy the sound of music loose yourself in your own word's my people's

  • Now you about to piss me off to the point where im just gonna say fuck i give up

  • 29:10

  • Wow.....I'm LOST with words!!! I just would like to say.... "This is f.....g BAD ASS!!! Love you Eminem & Nathan!!:🤎🖤❤💙💋💋

  • Move over im taking the wheel from here now .💪❤✌❤

  • A 1000 miles I guess its not that damned far . Right Boys 😊

  • I got you sir..Damn sir you killed it's.amazing sweetheart..

  • EM been Husband #1 for 20+ find it cute ppl need a song names. Expect you don't just listen. NF is Husband #2.. They can eat crackers in MY BED

  • i'm loving this mix,

  • I got More love thin in your middle finger sweetheart..i wish every day of my life ..that i was there with you ..sir

  • This man is always on fire 😁ok sir you can also put it down like it hot .

  • Congrats 🎉

  • Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how good this is?

  • 🙋‍♂️ I like this NF!

  • Nf y eminem buen remix

  • Hi Em, Hi Hi Nf, I hope you do more tracks together. Respect from Germany. Best regards KS

  • 39:45 song?

  • Hip Hop é Amelho das música

  • Congrats 2 #pops.NF: taunt some1else.MGk well? Ur call, barker boi.

  • fuCk°n right!!...NF done stePPed-uP hiS shiT t00 thE proCeSs ......reAL sHit,. MaDe mE fEEL like iM noT thE oNly fuCked uP PiSSed oFF, piSsed oN *liVing mY laCk oF kiNdNesS & vioLenCe tHat raN mY liFe juSt finE b4 aLL thiS ...ThiS tryINg to aCCept being choseN when my wHo liFe was speNt aCCepting not beinG choseN foR shIT...HaNdling My owN and ToLd ..yeah greaT noW lets see ya do it again ~ from here,.. fuck thiS place...time,. And SILVERWARE.. .

  • Spelled music wrong

  • Title of the LAST please???

  • L l.p.

  • Love nf

  • Not so much

  • 15:16 whats the name of this song ?

  • Hey there... Which Mix of "We own it" is this? I can't find it on NOlong.

  • 11:00 dose anyone know the original name of this song

  • Song at 29:06 is fire.

  • The spotted jail technologically memorise because submarine legally wobble against a ten jelly. hollow, zesty nose

  • 1:50

  • Listen everybody is able to be forgiven as long as we ask Jesus into their heart and they repent for their past sins that is it that is all once your saved your eternally saved you just have to keep apologizing if you mess up

  • beside the reppetition nice job

  • Wow colorful bear 🐻

  • Congratulations 🥂🌹👀🕯🥂

  • Drink more Beer !!!

  • 😔😔😔

  • Wonderfull music. Fr.A.

  • I would like to know the first track please I’m melting with power rage and love for this one

    • Female vocal - Tragedia de Amor Male vocal - NF: Let Me Go From his - The Search album. 😊

  • Awesome fantasticilized Playlist, well put together!! I agree with the one other person, song titles would be an added bonus. Will continue to listen as it heals the soul, brings reality back into focus to continue life's journeys and challenges. Thank you for creating music for real life, real people and real realities everyone goes through although no one is truthful and strong enough to say the truth that really go on, mistakes are made to build life experiences to reach perfection in life. You are truthfully Real Music!

  • If you like this you're a HUGE eminem fan!🖤🗡️🖤

  • I absolutely love this song and I'm going to keep sharing and sharing and sharing and sharing and sharing your stuff to Facebook

  • I’m still waiting.

  • what is that shit? some remi8x bullshit. and i thought they made a song together. U DOGSHIT stop trolling the people and CHANNGE THE NAME OF THIS TRASH

  • Great mix ! I guess it was supposed to be Real Music not Real MUISC, right ? :)

  • 15:16 whats the name of this😱

  • 22:00 is my fav

  • Legit such a good playlist

  • 3:15

  • Congratulations NF sending you a Celebratory Hug! 💛 💛💛💛

  • Brenda I'ma lil shifty getting my situation together who wouldn't be coming clean cold turkey from everything from the party scene to the wild bunch to that weed along these crazy time's but as i said I'll be there if you ask me to be cause you the reason i wanna get sobered n comeback clearly minded i hear ya im not blind to see the beauty you are to me so just hope u get it

  • first song title please

  • Hes in s major zone!!!

  • Care u all💗🖤

  • Outstanding to work and code to. Thanks!

  • Fuckin ADS!!!!!

  • Congrats nf on the baby

  • Hey if I lie to you I'm sorry god no I'm sorry so so sorry I love you so much and I'm nohow now I have faith in my heart and we get together soon because you promise me you will have me back to me jay please don't bother me with this one ok see you later then I have to get my dream

  • love it

  • what's the song in 29:09

  • what's the first song?

  • Congrats to NF and family


  • 9:50 Song name pls? :D

  • 00:00 - 3:50 ' 3:51 - 7:29 ' 7:30 - 10:55 ' 10:56 - 15:15 ' 15:16 - 18:02 ' 18:03 - 21:54 ' 21:55 - 25:49 25:50 - 29:04 29:05 - 32:45 32:46 - 36:17 36:18 - 36:44 39:45 - 42:58 42:59 - 46:48 46:49 - 50:08 50:09 - 54:14 54:15 - 57:13 57:14 - 1:00:08

  • Who is this guy starting @15:16 ?

  • 57:30

  • man, i love this

  • the best song very nice love :)

  • Wow, really? Eminem ❗️ I wonder why I couldn't find it I know from the collaboration with Rihanna. Thank you God.🙏🎵💗

  • Best mix ever

  • 11:07 Best part. this is the only reason why I push up from the ground when I fall down

    • @Amanda summers Just add "NEFFEX" and we have a the motivational trio. :)

    • Eminim and NF are both very inspirational!! They help me too!!

    • Here is +1 reason for you: nolong.info/show/YbaZm4uamLWlqHU/video.html

  • Fantastic!

  • 💗👁️♊

  • 🌹

  • sorry mate but I feel like you kinda messed up some of eminem parts ..

    • It's very hard to add songs to a different beat.

  • friends i'm brazilian, and i came to say that jesus loves you !!

    • He sure did a number on the rainforest ,he diffenttly employ a great man to run your country did I say run ,sorry I meant ruin

    • @C J freedom of speech freedom of religion believe what you want. We can say what we want nobody is gonna censor us. Nobody is forcing nobody to believe in my God. You can look at the comment and scroll. Jesus loves you

    • @Legendary Soccer hes just saying some people dont believe in jesus. dont get too spiritual on us

    • @Weaponxfan YT okay that doesn't change the fact that Jesus Loves you

    • some people arent christian yk..

  • Thank you for this. 🖤

  • Wunderschöner Song Hittet krass bei jemandem der unter Selbstmordgedanken leidet(durch den song ist mir wieder bewusst geworden warum ich mich nicht umbringe, weil ich niemandem so etwas antun möchte wie im Song geschrieben)

  • Yes!!! Get all the young people sober!!! Rehab thru music!!! Great idea guys, keep up the good work!!! Now what? Lol, why didn't I listen to this sooner? ❤ 🤍 💙

    • Thank you for the kind words. I took them to heart. ❤ 🤍 💙

    • Seems like you've been through a lot.... Always remember: Pain is temporary, only death is permanent!! As long as your heart is beating, you can achieve anything!! 🖤🤍🖤

  • Is there another rapper in here thats not NF or Eminim? He sounds familiar but I don't know who it is? It kinda sounds like Yelawolf!! ❤ 🤍 💙

  • Who is the lady singing? She has a beautiful voice? ❤ 🤍 💙