Responding To Jeff Wittek & New David Dobrik Footage - Frenemies # 26

Publisert 21. mars. 2021
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  • Ethan is a bestie.

  • Honestly this made me feel kinda bad for Jeff , it seems like (with all due respect) he’s kinda actually dumb or stupid and he can’t see how dumb and stupid it is to try and cover for his "bros" he knows well and good the kind of people they are and he’s still sticking up for them because he doesn’t wanna "be a rat" honestly I think he’s just brain washed and I want to give him the benefit of the doubt because I genuinely think that head injury in Utah did some damage and I don’t think he’s all there

  • “Am I led to believe that nothing from the New York Times is credible because they charge money for the newspaper?” “.......say that again?”

  • “We all make mistakes!!!” Almost as if you don’t deserve to be held accountable for being a complacent piece of crap. You make mistakes. Yes. No one is perfect. YOU ARE REQUIRED to deal with the consequences and grow from it. You don’t just walk away for nothing. Maybe next time you’ll step in and protect a young girl when she’s being hauled around and abused. 🙄

    • Also why do people think saying I’m sorry will do anything. No one is required to accept your apology or forgive you. It’s your responsibility to DO better if you’re honestly sorry. Talking the talk but not walking the walk. What a cringe

  • If it’s Dirty Dom then it’s Disgusting David because his thought process is nasty. 1.Get people drunk for vlogs (doesn’t drink himself) 2. Support friends who are known assaulters 3. Only responding because it directly effects you Also with Jeff’s thought process, as someone said in the comments, he should be discredited for going to jail (which is just wrong). I’m sorry for ever doubting you Trisha. Glad that you have Ethan he seems like a genuine friend.. and a god damn lawyer!

  • I think that Jeff looked in and saw what he thought was consensual sex, and now that he knows that was a rape, he's denying seeing anything at all, because the timeline doesn't connect with his denials at all. The whole thing was 2hrs18mins, he would've left after midnight, so at most he left and came back an hour later. Somehow shot the peeking bit at around 12.30am-ish, because the girls were given alcohol, etc, so give that 30mins after Trisha left. So that would mean that he left, then came back 30 mins later actually. Peeking into a dark room and hearing some noise and seeing some shadows possibly isn't an admission of guilt, so idk why he's lying about that. But then, a grown adult who doesn't understand basic business when it comes to newspapers/news outlets, no one should expect logic from this person. His documentary about his life-changing injury starts off like the movie Goodfellas, stylising his past selling oxy to kids probably in Miami. It's a standard thing for manipulative liars to deflect, and here he's deflecting totally to focus on how he only wants to talk about donating to victims, as opposed to finding the truth, learning, and finding justice.

  • Ethan defending Trish and being her support And backing her. And ignoring the bullshit hate from die hard fans. AND MOSES being her support through all this and loving her as she’s having to deal with all this bs. And being patient with the rise of emotions. Like. I’m so happy for Trisha. I’m so happy to see her loved for who she is. She has a safe space and she is loved for being herself. I love this podcast so much.

  • Trisha just asking a general question to him about his eye, Jeff; I’m not hear to talk about that I’m here for the victim. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • 2:10:42 “Okay...Ethan.”

  • Kinda aggressive questioning just to get to the point he was trying to make after 30 mins but mostly very good questions were asked just let the dude finish his thoughts before doubling down cause it looks more like ur trynna make a story than hear one

  • i really want the frenemies hat

  • Jeff is so fucking annoying -_____-

  • I’ve watched this over like 5 times already it’s just so iconic

  • Every single ad I got on this was a beer commercial..

  • who actually cares what this chick has to say anymore?

  • Used to work for a police dept. Normal people. Can't stroll in a place a s demand to see security footage. What a liar.

  • I swear everyone blocks out that Trisha said she was still dating Jason when she originally released her video. They paint her as a crazy ex but she wasn’t even an ex when this started.

  • I’m trying to hear him out but they keep talking over him

  • this is how shane should of interviewed the people he made docu-series about lmao

  • So so so so sooooooooooo dumb.

  • "ok, to my reflection, I wasn't there for 2 hours" LMFAO man Jeff you would hold up in court real well. He was the "gangster"/"mob" type personality in the vlogs....yet he would be the last one to snitch in the vlog squad but the first one to snitch on the streets in the real world it's not that difficult to be perceived as "tough" when the leader of the squad is a frail ass pussy boi who just "likes to watch" aka "THAT MEANS YOURE GAY"

  • “Okay...Ethan” 👁👄👁

  • I don't know about y'all but i really think that Trisha still looks so beautiful without hand on cake she's really pretty even with no makeup.

  • 3:30 "Sorry I didn't say hi to you at Starbucks that one time" lol, way to reveal how shallow you are while you publicly gaslight somebody Jeff

  • I say this with peace and love I think you’re just dumb💀

  • How about not only “lay low and you’ll be fine” but also the next time you’re around a girl who’s clearly black out, ask her or her friends if she is okay. Defend the defenceless.

  • I have whiplash from hearing Jeff talk circles around himself trying to evade Trisha and Ethan’s questions

  • I’ve watched this podcast probably 10+ times and I always click off before Jeff comes on because according to the comments it’s very cringe and he just lies the whole time but I’m finally watching the Jeff part and I’m struggling. He doesn’t even know what the truth is anymore. He’s just lying and covering up for him and his friends and I don’t know if I can stomach more

  • I was watching this old vlog and David is the first to consider Dom going to jail. I pulled the clip from the video where David and Trisha switch cars. I also have it on my channel but time stamp on original video is around 11 minutes

  • Jeff woke up on this day and decided to put his foot and his whole ankle in his mouth

  • “Got them loosened up to get raped” what a disgusting comment

  • Holy shit it just shows u make up can work wonders 🙈

  • Jeff and David are creepy

  • Weed is a hell of a drug. He can’t remember anything.

  • Probably so satisfying for Trisha to be able to have Ethan by her side and them shitting all over the vlog squad after years of trauma caused by them✨🧚🏻‍♀️

  • Not Jeff bringing up trishas traumatizing past experiences but then completely deflecting talking about his car accident which doesn’t even seem as bad

  • Love the way he can’t take accountability lmao

  • I’m sorry, but this dude has gone to jail for selling coke. Does he really expect me to believe I can trust anything he says? He legit built a business on lying and deceitfulness

  • damn yo ethan would make a great lawyer with all the evidence and facts he's spitting out in a proper manner

    • Lol yeah I agree, I also agreed when I saw it the first time as one of the most liked comments 😐

  • Drinking game idea: take a shot whenever jeff says trisha

  • this was the probably the hardest slam dunks ever

  • Ethan had his Perry Mason moment 👨‍⚖️

  • not him gaslighting Trisha live

  • So it’s okay to out Trisha and talk about her personal life but the minute that Trisha asks about Jeff’s eyes or something about his personal life it’s “I don’t wanna speak about my personal situation” ? Tfffff

  • It was painful to watch Jeff's video. He is extremely immature and blamed Trisha and the reporter instead of taking any accountability. The whole time I was just like "oh my god, shut up". That reporter seemed amazing in bringing the story to light and I feel like the way she was speaking in the videos Jeff showed to try to "expose" her is like the way you do when you know a customer or stranger is just being unreasonable and you want them to get out of the store, so you smile and nod until they leave.

  • We're going to cut this out *doesn't cut it out

  • This video honestly should have the LiveLeak logo in the corner

  • I think it’s messed up that Trisha left the party instead of doing something to stop what was happening. Ppl are glorifying this girl now but she’s still a horrible person and a narcissist who tries to bring ppl down if they bruise her ego. Things aren’t as black and white as we’d like them to be. This girl is just as bad as every other toxic you tuber.


  • damn he really fucked himself over with this interview. Made everything a million times worse for himself. What an idiot

  • If this is what David was comfortable having recorded and posted online, is it surprising that the people who surround him are terrified? I wish people would start to question why they would be terrified in these situations. It's the same theory I've started to have with Shane and Jeffree. I think Jeffree possibly has receipts to bury Shane, most likely illegal things. I get the same vibe from this a**wipe and David. I'm not worry to end any friendship in my life, because no one has anything on me. I'm not going around committing heinous acts and acting like it just comes as part of living. If these people are afraid, they should be. These grown men who can't respect women should maybe start standing on their own feet and stop banking on that clout from Daddy David.

  • Vlog Squad are a group of narcissists, dangerous combo!

  • I’m sorry but...this guy really does sound stupid. He’s not making any sense with his story like at all. It pissed me off so much

  • Ahhh

  • can we just say sexual assault? SA is beating around the bush and if we really want to talk about the problem, say the words. Survivors relive this everyday and saying "the incident" or "SA" isnt being up front. I know this is ab the drama side but bottom line, this girl went through soemthing that night. while ik yall are getting paid and sexual assault may be a demonetization word but if this is really an issue you want to bring light to, say the words. If not, maybe tag a link for survivors, tag a link for a reputable source for information or donation. Yall have an amazing opportunity with this platform. I love the poddy and i love yall! just giving some perspective from the other side.

  • everything about the article is true and they are all guilty.

  • It makes me wanna cry that when the vlog came out I thought it was funny because I didnt know all this 😔. I hate the fact I used to like david dobrik 🤢

  • Omg "his truth" is so mopey, playing the victim is not a good look bro, ew

  • Jeff is definitely all our last 2 brain cells lol

  • Why did Jeff turn the tables on Trisha! You can tell he just wants to move away from the subject of him buying super guilty about everything

  • I think “complicit” is the word everyone is looking for.

  • I can barely remember what I did a week ago, and I always remember things wrong... I can't imagine getting grilled like this over something I wasn't really concerned about 3 years ago! Obviously I'm not defending anyone in this situation, because it's not my place and assault is bad, but this interrogation is crazy. Ethan and Trisha don't seem to realize that not everyone has super memory... It's this dude's fault for putting out a bad apology/attack video, but he sounds crazy paranoid. He should've just never opened his mouth

  • This is the most incriminating thing I've ever watched

  • am i the only one wondering wtf trisha is wearing, all love tho lmao

    • A designer shirt Ethan made fun of it one episode so she came in wearing it shortly after

  • Idk y’all weird

  • Loved

  • My name is Jeff

  • Is that trysha pastas?

  • Way to go Trisha and Ethan!! This dude is trash!!!! I want him canceled along with everyone there that night and James Charles!! MY BLOOD pressure is up so high right now, I am literally screaming at my computer!!! Fucking get this trash bag off of my screen now!! He doesnt deserve anymore of either of you guys time!! I love you both so much, Ethan and Trisha and I am so proud of how you both handled this entire situation. Peace and Love!

  • im kind of team jef he did very litle wrong only turned a blind eye in his search for succes and fame

  • Lowkey have become a complete Trisha stan. She betttta go head and stand up for herself 👏🏾👏🏾

  • They've got a full staff but can't figure out how to put chapters in, or how to add relevant links to the description.

  • Right so he’s apologising for discrediting Trisha while continually discrediting her because of her mental health.... makes sense

  • Omg Ethan is in full detective mode

  • 1 minute in and... "At least in Scotty's he's like 'Hey guys, you know... I'm uh... I'm a dumbass!'" I fucking LOST it! 😂😂😂

  • 1:58:00

  • those girls by making them a part of his video, rewarding them with screen time and clout. That’s why he’s being called out.

  • Calling rape a “failed bit”

  • Jeff is scared to go back to prison but also want to cover for his friends, he is not the brightest......

  • This was like watching a live hearing. With peace and love, Jeff you destroyed your own career.

  • i LOVEEE ethan actually calling out his lies and not letting anything slide. i love seeing people being held accountable

  • why would he agree to come on live bruh, how could he think it's gonna go over well

  • That photo at the end of the night doesn't look like a group of guys who knew their mate just raped someone imo. It looks more like a crew waiting to wrap things up. The initial 5 chicks going in was clearly fake as well. No doubt one of the girls was raped, but when that photo was taken only the rapist knew.

  • Holy jeff is literally pulling shit out of his ass left and right

  • KuajuaKuajauKuajau


  • jeff constantly being caught in his lies is sooo hard to watch. so frustrating

  • He’s just so Conveniently “Not There” for all the bad parts of the night of anything incriminating.

  • The confidence he had in the beginning vs the end was DEMOLISHED

  • Should the New York times not be creditable because they charge for the news paper. now that's what I call check mate.

  • Jeff just shut the fu....up

  • Lol Ethan was getting annoyyed at the end he just wanted to wrap it up lol

  • I've watched this video at least 15 times. It doesn't get old. Golden moment for Trisha

  • When Trish was sitting there in the beginning 11:38 watching herself explain what she's been through with the proof alongside...

  • Anyone knows what condition ethan has that when he looks at his wrist it turns

    • i think his Tourettes (?) its a tic

  • isn't he as innocent as trisha in that situation?

  • jeff changed his story so many times and kept deflecting. this really shows how little he genuinely cares. he's trying to make people think little of kat and trisha by saying he "donated to SA charities" implying that because he did and they didn't that he's the good guy in this situation. just because someone is making money off bringing light to a situation doesn't mean they're non-credible. yet not once does he think david is at fault.

  • Actually I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to be around while minors are getting intoxicated, even if you didn’t supply the alcohol.. It’s amazing that they’re literally deflecting blame when EVERY legal adult above legal drinking age was breaking the law.

  • jeff in this call was like *gaslight gatekeep girlboss ♥*