Detained trying to enter Russia...

Publisert 12. aug.. 2019
NELK BOYS | nelkboys
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STEVE | stevewilldoit
SALIM | saliimthedream
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Johnny Yukon - All Out


  • I guess they slid into 9-0 dms to many tjmes

  • 90s 2021 legacy whos here???

  • Is this before or after the shit 90 and his scandal.

  • Genius , trailer park boys vibes

  • Die Deutsche Bundespolizei lässt euch Chaoten nunmal weder nach Deutschland, noch nach Russland kommen. 😂🍻🇩🇪

  • Hahaha 🤣 This kat prank hit me so bad

  • i wish salim was in these videos instead of 90

  • lol putters... fuck whats he smoking now

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  • Fulll send oops

  • MTV Pat is evolving into a younger shittier mr lahey

  • Me as a pure Dominican Republic I will tell you a few things 1 president dumb, streets are in terrible condition cops do not get paid enough,etc 2 many criminals , watch yourself 3 WHAT EVER YOU DO NOT GO OUT PAST 10:00MP YOU WILL GET ARRESTED BECAUSE THE PRESIDENT IS DUMB AS A PILE OF BRICKS. 4 the country is being stolen from lest say that This is all I think you need Edit: this was before now it’s getting clean but pain fully slow

  • The dude on 17:10 is pinging LOL

  • 90 is so geh

  • pussies drinking radler.... illegal

  • I thought darts together after sex was normal. Love from uk

  • bruh why's steve always stuffing his holes on camera

  • This is cursed 90 footage

  • As if he had a pack of putters, must be a reserve near by

  • This video literally shows 90 wasn’t a good fit in nelk. Like my boys are fucking getting involved. 90 is awkward and never fit in. The boys are solid tho

  • 🤘🖤

  • You guys brought the trailer park boys to USA 🇺🇸 nice Its like watching a reality version lol love it!!!!

  • Back here rewatching old bangers!!

  • I get that 90 is a douche, - but you must see the way they filmed this and edited. Kinda set up

  • Hope they quit smoking. Hope the best.

  • Thank god 90 is out

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  • 90 is cringe

  • yeah Steve Putin is pretty fucking cool huh? Great country that loves funny people and has a great sense of humor. Love those sorts of dickheads

  • the way 90 responded when confronted just shows how douchey the dude was. Thanks for exposing those dms, what a weird dude.

  • Salim was the best replacement for 90, he sucks

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  • I like salim but he really does water down this vibe.

  • 10:42 drinking when theres nothing in the cup

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  • Pat is such a great replacement to 90

  • russians hate north americans!

  • Does this dude 90 pull at all?

  • This could be a tv show like trailer park boys type shit 😂

  • Putin don’t want the smoke


  • Come in Croatia

  • God 90 is a virgin at best

  • pleas sneak in to russa

  • 😃😃😃😃😃

  • 90 blows

  • Dude fuck why did they kick it with dude and his lame ass jokes for as long as they did? Kinda lame on Kyle and Jesses part

  • Best part 90 dms

  • Mob all day ho 😂

  • jessie as a little german boy has me dead

  • bruh 9o was such a buzz kill

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  • Wait steve had a gf but fucks other girls?

  • Just realized it was that one Heaty dude @ 1 min in that got them flagged.

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  • Can we bring 90 back j to get him sliding into dms

  • fuck you ummmmmm

  • I got forever love for Nelk, I will never hate hate. This is definitely better than this early 2021 Nelk. But shiet. Love for dese g'z. Still goin strong. Keep it up. We need Jesse though!!!. #LoveBrozyz.

  • 12:37 I’m crying 😂😂

  • nelk boys needa go to cuba

  • you guys need to go to Antarctica and explore places we cant go

  • Did anyone actually like 90? He was always such a downer and overall boring member.

  • People talk shit on Nelks bits, but that “who is MTVPat” skit was fucking hilarious

  • 90s personality is fkn lazy how the fuck does he entertain girls

  • 15:15 had me dead lmfao

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  • 9 Os dms 😂😂

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  • Or Dixie damillio

  • Wanna see 90 slide into Addison raes dms

  • Guys come to berlin ones and you will learn to know nightlife

  • no wonder they got rid of 90

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  • I would have liked to meet you but im in berlin

  • Finally you were in germany

  • There life makes mine loon like crap

  • 90, sucks! Lol.

  • Slaps would have been thrown nieghhh harm


  • 90 is a bitch

  • Me watching all their video’s while I am drunk 😵

  • denmark!!!

  • My bro down bad

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  • danmmark

  • come to Germany ✌🏽

  • Literally you can find where that spa is by looking around the different places in the video it’s called KANOK day spa

  • 90 slide into the moms dms

  • 90 sucks. He's so miserable lol

  • "poor girl" lmao

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  • Germany is great

  • 9o was so toxic this whole video getting exposed

  • go to turkey 😁😁😁😁


  • nice beer toss dad