Logan Paul Takes a Lie Detector Test

Publisert 1. april. 2020
This one’s for Shane Dawson...
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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


  • I will get that piece of shit for 1p

  • Shane Dawson cat when he enters the room 5:56

  • Shane Dawson cat when he enters the room 5:54

  • FUCK

  • Did he say his birthday was on April the 2 because mine is to so cool

  • Why even teeth yellow

  • You are funny bro I love 💘 ❤ 💕 😂 ♥ you

  • 0:33

  • Airrack bought the couch

  • Logan you got me passed 2020 thx for posting alot of video happy 2021

  • bbbb

  • Logan Paul has transformed somehow to the American Dream - The American Icon - everyone wants to look like Logan Paul , the hair , muscles , reminds me of Captain America , just gotta do one thing , continue to box and use that right hand , and say good bye

  • This was a bomba$$ podcast , love it - a lot better than your younger ones when u just scream lol

  • I’ll take them couch’s for 20k . They look nice as sh*t.

  • I like how mike stares into the distance like logan when he bought the Pokémon card from gary

  • that totally proved he is in fact a sociopath lol

  • blowdaladalada 1:27

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  • I'll buy them for $90 million

  • 0:56 in the corner I think I can see the slushes machine

  • He sounds like Jason Nash when he does the hormone monster thing

  • The jawbreaker exploded because it was hallow inside

  • Speaking if Pete Davidson. We deserve a 2 hour Pete Davidson on impaulsive

  • i actually Love logan he makes my Day Everyday

  • Lgau Paul the apostle Yaounde Joel

  • fun fact my b-day is also april fools lol

  • Hi

  • Hormone monster: hey there logan wanna suck sum toes go ask lana Mike won't mind

  • Holly molly

  • Wiii

  • Do you have a wii

  • Nobody gonna buy those couches like Mike said

  • It was going so good an it got Better fck it he eating booty cake for his bday 😆

  • are they still for sale?

  • true

  • 4:15

  • 4:16

  • Mike is so ANNOYING

  • Just love how we share our same birthday

  • “He believes that to be true” - slick

  • The obeisant yak recurrently imagine because support histomorphometrically note atop a unadvised corn. sharp, five gong

  • Lie detector test with dani or known as logan's assistant and ask her if she ever felt in love with some of the boys the answer would be fcking interesting

  • Evan be packin Thoe lol

  • wow

  • If you subscribe to me, I will subscribe to you!!!

  • i love this vidio

  • Evan have yellow teeth

  • Logans teeth made evans look like sunshine

  • Assholl

    • you should be more intellectual with your insults, you're on the right track

  • tbh i could live in his bus

  • When can the polish kid go back to your house again

  • "Do you love Lana Rhodes?" Mike: stops working xDDDDDDDDDD

  • Logan’s hormone monster impression is actually so accurate it’s worrying.

  • 90k for couches. I’m glad Logan has grown up.

  • Logan is not handsome anymore.

  • the moment mike dissed the couch, i laughed too hard 😂😂

  • Your yt was bad no offence but now amazing comeback 🔥

  • poor mike

  • Well guess what airrack bought them

  • LP Chicken legs

  • Yeah i don't think any one gonna buy that rubish

  • Man hooked his dog up to it

  • 5:30 mike has a Vietnam flashback

  • Tbh I hate jake Paul but Logan hell yeah

  • did you see evan’s teeth ewww

  • It’s anyways been better than Jake’s

  • ly dude❤

  • happy brithday logon

  • Its the same w2s versace robe man!

  • 5:20 Thank me later

  • Hi

  • Fun fact about lie detector tests: They are extremely inaccurate, about 90% of the time. And in America if a suspect is considered to have broken the law and fails a lie detector test, it can’t be used as sufficient evidence to prove they are guilty!

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  • logan where the fuck are the vlogs

  • 4:49 how did you get the dog to talk and put on that shit

  • Cause it’s still the size of our fucking body wonder if Lana would hit it

  • lo key yes rex

  • Who woulda thought those couches got arrack his start

  • 3:15. I spit my water

  • i wish maverick clothing was available in my country nepal 😥 i want it wear badly

  • As you guys are reading these you guys are sitting on the couches

  • John is in so many youtubers video i think he is famous

  • 2:10 they had us in the first half not gonna lie, they had us

  • Happy birthday Logan

  • 😂😂😂

  • Logan, guys I’ve been trapped inside my house all day everyday to - also Logan with multi million dollar mansion

  • True

  • “It would be a privilege if I could do this to my own testicle” -Logan Paul

  • Happy birthday logan

  • I love you Box I want to get a tunnel switch on my birthday girl please send me more please you’re my sweetie I hope you get this message

  • I got a maverick club ad after the video

  • “It’s me the hormone monster”

  • miss you kong

  • I just got a maverick club ad, it said why you should join it...

  • this is fake - check when it was made wierd fact - i have the same microwave as Logan Paul

  • 1:09 what's the difference between what?

  • Nice vid

  • The dog lol

  • The "F u Shane dawson" got me.

  • I think it’s sick!!!!