We Made The Only Honest Award Show - Introducing The Steamies - Frenemies #15

Publisert 5. jan.. 2021
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  • Jeffrey Star should have gotten the mean girl award 🥇😒

  • I HATE her so much. She’s literally picking up on Dixie who is 18 and practically child and saying everything she has to be fixed in the house she’s like depressed but honey have you looked in the mirror there’s so much you need to fix about yourself seriously 😳


  • I've never watched the same podcast twice and somehow I'm on my 3rd time watching this one

  • I never thought I'd enjoy Trisha so much! I wish I would have followed sooner! This is so entertaining ❤

  • yall should really stop saying ghetto...

  • Jack definitely turned down Trisha and she’s uber salty damn😬

  • Damn she literally barely even wanted to do that one category because Shane was IN IT. and he fucked her over. Ugh

  • The Kermit the frog comment lmao

  • Honestly if you give away adopted children, give away the rest of your kids while you're at it. Scumbag parents.

  • jesus this pod has 2 million views and easily gets 1.5 million thats crazy

  • I feel like they are reaching a little bit with the David thing lol

  • I love Trisha so much

  • This is amazing

  • İ have been married for a year and we only did pull out and i never got pregnant. İt depends on the men and not the pulling out method. Some men cant do it and thats why you get pregnant.

    • Ive been doing pull out method with my husband since we were just FWB, so all together 6 years and so far no babies 🙏

  • Looks like shane won't be at the wedding anymore

  • Trisha laughing at all the nominations is the best part

    • I love it when Trisha is in a good mood. They have very funny back and forths when she's chill

  • Trisha literally is a disgusting mean girl! A bully! She has true hate running through her veins! Trisha deserves not only the J Hair Stylist but more of her own dose!

  • Trisha needs to come out with a product. Not just merch but maybe her own line of blinged cups or even lip kits cuz her lips are so iconic! ORRR maybe some kind of “dress up” kits and costumes since she loves role playing?! She needs something to sell because she deserves the millions more then Jeffree dahmer does

  • Lol I was so confused when I saw jack in the douchebag category and wondered if I missed any big drama... but it was just Trisha😉

  • תזמינו אותי לחתונה בישראל חחחח

  • trisha: “i myself am a gay man” HUH😳

  • Shane's not going to be her best man anymore

  • Trisha defending jeffree and shane in this episode makes me sad

  • best podcast yet

  • how did y'all miss laura lee's apology thoooooooo

  • trisha speaking in 3x speed from tiktok

  • Damn she's a good ad-woman.

  • Why in the fuck was Jeffree Star not nominated for biggest mean girl?

  • When she said that shane would probably be her best man at her wedding at 15:41 to him absolutely betraying and backstabbing trish :'(

  • How sweet from Ethan to say “I always planned to get married to Hela” ❤️❤️❤️

  • I love it when Trisha is in a good mood. They have very funny back and forths when she's chill

  • I loved this episode !

  • Joe Rogan isn’t a conservative

  • “This is a pro Shane Dawson podcast” I can’t wait for the next one lmao because it ain’t gonna be a pro Shane Dawson one anymore

  • Everybody coming back to comment about the Shane best man comment 💀💀💀

  • Trisha wanted to get that bitch award so bad. She was hella salty 🤣

  • Why is jenna in this?

  • aw the fact she said shane will b her best man and now theyre blocked :(

  • How is Chris ACTIVELY doing slimy stuff? His dirty laundry was aired, from years ago. Something none of us should've ever heard or seen. Nothing illegal though. Nothing he did was closely as bad as the media made it out to be.

  • Trisha defending Shane here deserves the uno reverse award. 🤣

  • I have ever seen something age so badly like the sentence "I want to make amends with Jeffree this year"

  • Trisha you are on point with your glam on this episode

  • Can we appreciate how amazing Trisha looks? Queen of makeup and campness. And “normalise Tourette’s” I love her😩

  • Shane will be my best man 😬

  • the fact that shanes apology wasnt there really suprised me

  • She wanted Shane to be her best man, so sad! Girl you it better be Ethen now! He's a better friend to you than Shane

  • all those name drops james did reminded me of tahini from the good place,, only difference is tahini was able to drop names more subtle

  • watching after Trisha ended her friendship with Shane makes the situation even more sad, she really had his back until the last moment 🥺😢

    • What happened between them?

    • Yeah I just found out about the whole thing and immediately came back to watch this one because I remember her defending him so much in this

  • ethan i agree i get uncomfortable when straight men specifically call women a bitch

  • "15:40 shane will be my best man " :( damn....

  • “Shane will probably be my best man” Yeah about that....


  • say what you will about trisha but at least she’s naturally kind

    • She says bad things when she feels at her weakest, which I think many people can relate to. But her heart is good

  • honestly.. Trisha is so likeable here T_T

  • I love Trisha but mark my words this wedding will never happen. Something tells me so. And once this ends she will make that video talkin about how abusive Moses was and she will cut ties with H3 Podcast. Something tells me so

  • Jenna marbles left. This is all I have left on NOlong

  • awe the fact that trish was planning shane to be her best man..

    • she was so excited too. poor girl this moment should be about her happiness and future not abt toxic friends

  • I appreciate your recognition about the B-word!!!! its actually super important that you didn't use it

  • OMG I love Trisha & Ethan

  • i expected better from ethan than to still support shane honestly

  • trisha’s beef with jacks films

  • I really like how ethan said he doesnt like calling women bitches. I dont think hes being soft

  • does anyone have an estimate on what the ring cost?


  • "shane will probably be like my best man" :( she loved him so much and he did her so wrong :(

  • Shane as trishas best man and Trisha wanting to make Amends w Jeffrey this year did NOT age well

  • “I like when hila feeds me. Sometimes she forgets for a day” 😂😂😂

  • Had this been filmed one week later, 'Account Ban of the Year' would have gone to everyone's favorite president... America's Sweetheart... Mr. Donald J. Trump.

    • literally omg i was like that would’ve been so good buttttt technically that is 2021 so it might get the 2021

  • I’ve been on a binge watching these podcasts and loving it. Can we just appreciate Trishas outfit for their mock award show 🤣 the scarf , the hair, the headband 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • They finally lined up the fucking table

  • I'm a girl and i don't mind bitch.

  • first time hearing of this tati chick and shes nominated for so many LOL

  • I loved this episode and I loved seeing Trisha so happy😍😍😍😍

  • This is like the best episode so far. Everyone is in good mood.


  • i think the puzzle thing is a loophole bc ur technically buying the puzzle

  • Mean girl....where is J.S lol ?

  • I feel sooo bad for Ian! Why are you making him wear that, the fan is broken he said he is tired and can't breath! Soo mean, call the labor board please, this is against human rights. Poor guys looks like he is being tortured, i'm scared he will faint.

  • Trisha making things better with Jeffrey lasted a whole 3 days 😂

  • The Douch bag section was not fair sooo many people not in the category to even vote and the people selected were not really equally. Poor choice of runner ups.

  • I am ADORING Trisha here!, shes a good soul.

  • 30.15 sec to start the show...

  • This is so sweet

  • trisha almost crying at her award around the 1:45:00 mark is hilarious. This is how you make fun of people, she's in on it, she doesn't mind, i love the chemistry you guys have. I'm happy to see she can laugh at herself

  • How did Laura Lee not get nominated for the worst apology?!

  • “ i would like to make amends w jeffree” that def did not age well lmao

    • i was looking for this comment

  • Hearing trish say shane will be in her wedding breaks my heart😔

    • Eleanor g why do you think that person said that? 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

    • She’s just publicly denounced him yesterday

  • Can't wait for James to get his award so he can have another instagram story meltdown👀

  • Like this is really sad...shane dawson was literally canceled bc of his friendship with Jafar Star and he is out here still supporting him and not standing up for Trisha. Trisha stood up for Shane every single chance she got!

  • Think you need to do an award with Shane for biggest back stabber

  • Awe I’m happy for trish and Moses and truly wish them the best.

  • 15:39 "Shane will probably be my best man".... that comment aged well...

  • The only episode of frenemies/award show that matters.


  • Poor Ian , sure was steamy in there lol

  • Also, willow smith is not shirtless in the picture so please don’t spread false info to justify Shane’s bad behavior. This podcast needs actual POC educated on these issues to educate Trisha and Ethan

  • I really hope this podcast doesn’t go away for a really long time. I genuinely look forward to these so much 😇 the realest vibes ever.

  • Please don’t discuss black issues on this podcast that you don’t understand. Also, don’t compare rich black privilege to white privilege to justify white privilege, those are not comparable.

    • I know. The police would shoot a black man in the street regardless of what's in his bank account.

  • Its soo stupidly hard to watch them tip-toe around the shane stuff, and especially in light of the most recent stuff I understand why Trisha feels the need to defend Shane, I hope though now she's not friends with him she'll stop. I'd have honestly stopped there though if the most recent stuff with J* and the hairdresser hadn't happened cause damn it was so painfully awkward.

  • They are such a mood