REVERSE CREEPER TROLL On Jelly In Minecraft! (Bee Town)

Publisert 7. mai. 2021
REVERSE CREEPER TROLL On Jelly In Minecraft! (Bee Town)

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  • 6:17 the evil laugh

  • Craner make more houses in Fishtown and make a statue for floppy and make sloppy live there he is the mayor now just like benny in Beetown

  • Hi

  • It has puppets doing lots of dances and stuff so far he's supposed to videos


  • Help

  • crainer u could've find cats and then tame it, bring it to ur home.

  • Omg he said my old channel's name **Green creeper**

  • b b b b b b b b b b beetown time

  • Haha haha😂

  • Crainer Slogo is hiding in a mountain in bee town you gotta find him 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀👀👀👁

  • I don’t no why crainer is funny

  • Josh is in your town bee she build a room in the hell

  • It's not jelly's fault it's slogo

  • No

  • U could have just opened ur door and led them out instead of destroying ur house g😐

    • Then how could he make a 10 minute video

  • Buh buh buh buh bee town

  • You are my favourite NOlong and I have your Merch And I like. Slogoan and jelly. ❤️💖

  • Why are they named?

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🖕🏻🖕🏻🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🖕🖕

  • 👁️💋👁️👁️👄👁️👄👁️

  • Hahahahahahahahaha it was funny

  • Me drinking water: cOuGh *Quickly pauses le vid* qwq

  • I got to use the anchen creeper call lalalalalalallalalalala😂 Haahahahahahahhahaha



  • Use a fishing rod to fish the creeper

  • B b b b b bee town time

  • Cranier if you don't want to get troll go to cow town

  • YAAYYY I was in my hometown attending a marriage and noq I can finally watch crainer again I HAVE SOO MANY VIDEOS TO WATCH

  • I love bee bee bee town

  • He's digging dirt with a diamond pickaxe 🤦

  • Hi

  • Josh is in a mountain He it’s literally Josh

  • Crainer slogo in bee town

  • Get a Buuh buh buh boat Crainer to get the creepers out

  • Is jelly!!!!

  • Crainer I was in mine craft difficult and I died but for some reason I had creepers in my house

  • I don't really know why crainer still says subscribe in his intro we are all subed right?

  • Slogo has a mountain base in bee Town Emergency Emergency Emergency Emergency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Solgo is in the mountains he has a base

  • dear crainer pls read this ay now whear your pet its in tha muntain thats slogo home you can

  • Crainer i have to tell you the secret base slogoman secret base in b town the mountain i saw his video there was a slogoman the secret base in b-town is in the mountain white flower

  • Craine is changing his intro like at 24: he never done that

  • Search all the mountain 👍 😜

  • Crainer slogoman is in your town 😭

  • It’s me again Josh is in the mountain in front of your house there is Floppy there is a lever that’s not his home there is a hole and a lever flick it there is a metal door go in front the door it will open bring a bucket.The Floppy you have ITS NOT Floppy I’m your spy if you need anything I’m here ok

  • I can believe i almost killed floppy. He has killed like over 20 fish so I can believe it

  • He is tther

  • 5:39 um, why does the creeper have a name

  • He helping floppy

  • Creainer josh has moved his house in front a the bee tower ther is a mountain then you have to mine the houl mountain out then you will find slogomans hous that is a cave

  • That was so funny when he said green creepir juice


  • Slogo do this

  • Crepper

  • Uno reverse

  • I ooffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  • I oof

  • crainer sologo is in the hill

  • I am serious I am not lying to you you are in my top five favorite NOlongrs please blow it up on camera

  • And joshes home is please blow it up on camera

  • CRAINER Josh is in the Mountain that Bee Tower is on behind Jelly’s house near the top ok that’s where Floppy is

  • he probably could have used a bow to shoot the creepers

  • Solgo is in mountains

  • Kind regards Your honey Jelly 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I think that he forgot that creepers can climb ladders 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Uh I missed the episode

  • Josh lives in a cave

  • Crainer:mines dirt with diamond pick axe me:🤨😩🤫

  • Slogo has a montin bace and has a secret bace

  • slogoman lives in a moutain thats all I can tell u.

  • Crainer something happend in your sirvival aliend chect it uot man

  • There is a small lake beside jelly’s house there is a mountain on the other side that is where josh is hiding

  • crainer josh lives in the tallest mountin

  • Behinbeny

  • Hehasdimons

  • Gellydidit

  • josh hid your fish

  • Can you name the boat Boaty please 😇 🙏

  • Crainer slogoman still your fish slogo is hidind in mawnten

  • crainer josh lives in a cave

  • josh is pranking jelly and your house

  • crainer josh has your floppy

  • Kik flappy slogo

  • Slogo go to bed town

  • hey cranster josh has a secret base in the mountin close to bee tower

  • Give jelly a gift I don’t know what but I will try

  • 5:34

  • 5;6

  • 5 : 6

  • 5 : 6

  • 5:6 eeee idont know what do do

  • Slogo took. Your fish.

  • Get a trap door open to get the creepers in

  • Slogo is in the mountain second nearest to your house

  • you know Jelly already defeated the enderdragon right?

  • SlowgoKidnap did your fish

  • Why creeper not blow up???????!!!!!!?