Trump is Only MENTALLY Ill Now

Publisert 12. okt.. 2020
The Lakers win their 17th NBA Title, Canadian’s celebrate Thanksgiving, Trump heads to Florida for a big maskless rally after he claimed that he is “immune” to the virus, the New York Times reports that he wanted to reveal a Superman logo under his shirt upon leaving Walter Reed Medical Center, Trump finally got a glowing endorsement - from the Taliban, we head out to the street to see how many African American people plan to vote for Trump after he claimed 95% of them would, and Jimmy and DJ Khaled settle their NBA Finals bet. If you would like to bid on DJ Khaled’s Sea-Doo go to: and help support the Overtown Youth Center in Miami!
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  • Trump did get 1 black vote: Kanye

  • “Contaminator-in-Chief”

  • So funny...

  • if you have money....people assume your good. they forget that money is the route of all evil.

  • the whole family is profoundly fragile and have grandiose ideas about themselves and are cult like.

  • Trump is immune to intelligence.

  • Imgaine trump stay 4 year more i will laugh to everyone just like it's was in 2016 btw don't cry guy's 😆

  • FO kimmle

  • Hooray Lakers? People still watch the NBA?

  • Won't be long jimmy your main source of material will soon be gone and then you got nothing you have not been funny since Ben Stein's money.

  • Sadly I know a lot of black people that voted for him here in Florida.

  • The random white old guy without a shirt

  • I dont know why people still vote for trump eventhough they know what trump have let a lot of american citizen dead like wth

  • Trump tiene el selebro del tamaño de un chicharo

  • 11:30 to 11:32 Shirtless dude passes behind the person being surveyed and nobody noticed

  • 4:26 His audience totally ignored that he called Trump the 'contaminator in chief'

  • So happy he mentioned indigenous peoples day!

  • Thank God for the dems they rescued America from a lot more embarrassment tired of it Trump should thank them oh my God the whole world escaped insanity

  • He was always ill

  • Columbus discovered america in 1492 but he didnt get to the usa . He got to an island in central america first

  • immune from intelligence that is

  • He is totally stupid

  • As someone who has tested positive- I’ve been told you can still test positive for up to two months after you’re let out of isolation. I’ve also been told there’s no guarantee of immunity because the virus could have new strains. I was let out of isolation because my symptoms were getting better, not because they completely went away. I’m planning on still isolating outside work hours, I’m not letting anyone else get sick, it was a nightmare

  • 😝😐🤪😝🤨😝😙🤪🤪😝😝😝

  • Do u have tik tok?

  • Trump? Seriously - how is it possible for any - ANY - person to be such a complete idiot? Oh yes, I haven't forgotten how he referred to Ireland as being part of the Commonwealth - President Factfind is MORE than welcome to repeat that next time he's over here....

  • Then trump said, " The docters said my body is unbelievable it was more then dna, it was usa. Thank you, thank you"

  • They literally manipulate and brainwash people against Trump..

  • Very sad , Trump said this, Trump said that. Pathetic. 💩💩💩

  • France 24 English November 20, 2017 Top Psychiatrist : Trump Mental Impairment Poses Danger to the world.

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  • malutrevejo bones ellievtoys rudymancuso billiejean mk11 slimshady

  • I love the nickname it’s so perfectly fitting.

  • That dude really sound like Obama wtf 😂😂😂😭

  • I would like gift Trump an encyclopedia and I sure he will have hard time understanding it I would also like to give him a dictionary!! If someone has done that when he was young we wouldn't be here!! And Jimmy might not have this amazing content!! 🤔

  • This is really sad. Remember when the president was universally respected, regardless of his beliefs? This is just another example of the left sneakily trying to shove their viewpoints down everyone's throats. Despicable.

  • Jimmy and kamala harris are doing the doggie style everynight after his show

  • 🖕😠🖕

  • U really should stop disrespecting the United States of America 🇺🇸....... President. Hope nothing bad happens on your world.

  • Make America Sane Again

  • Protective glow? Now he’s a radioactive Godzilla?

  • Y would u make a tinder app to exploit n abuse them kids in finding love 💕 that wasn’t appropriate on no level

  • Kümmel..........what an a$$hole.......nothin new here.

  • A lot if the blacks interviewed are repeats. Watch the tshirts.

  • Kimmy Jimmel, you fail ever time when you deliver a Joke. You are a Joke, so you have that covered.

  • 2ne1 gungaginga daviddobrik littlebig thething

  • People seem to forget that one of the long term effects of recovering from COVID was listed as lack of mental clarity.

  • Hey Kimmel! You might want to take a look at your ratings... Congratulations on screwing yourself to death... This must be where the Zombies hang out. Sorry, I made a mistake...

  • jimmy Kimmel is the lap dog to dems.. no journalist...

  • The "Superhero" stunt was done by a white supremacist South African, Eugene Tereblanche. leader of the Afrikaaner Weerstands Beweging AWB (Afrikaaner Resistance Movement)They shot several scenes and takes but the two that stuck in the nations memory is of him Kicking through a wall of fake bricks and then the view from the news cameras as they were filming his dramatic "Arrival of the leader at the "Sacred" gathering of superior human beings. He was allegedly drunk but he fell off his horse in such and idiotic way that he became the laughing stock of the nation and lost the wave of support he had started to generate. Damn I'd have loved to see Trump try this. It would have been the end right there.

  • XD hilarious "YEEEEEEAAAAAH, WE WON!!!!!!" *destroys something* "USA! USA!"

  • "Joe did you just mentioned? the word 'smart' around me? don't ever use that word while am near ya!" Laughing my Azz off!@

  • Jimmy kimmel is a two bit hack, he’s not funny lucky to have a job.

  • Does that man know the meaning of immune, he'll learn in November.

  • Moronic "entertainment"

  • So sad to see how TDS has removed any sense of humour reason and logic jimmy had.

  • He’s smart but the way he’s act did smart at all he always talk bad about TT Trump he had to be fair he never talk about joe Biden and Obama he’s media person so don’t stand on his side he must be fair to watch his wholeheartedly

  • Just be careful the big red wave Trump is talking about is the Russian vote coming in from America's graveyards.

  • Bullying seems to be something you know a lot about. What your doing there is nothing but bullying. This rates up there with The View for stupidity.

  • Kimmel is so sad, this is what they call tv entertainment ?

  • solluminati pain let'sread chillhop

  • My son is married to.a black.woman a d I love with his MI L! Not single black person. I this house nor our friends are God by for trump! Not one!

  • 6:50 "Fantastically" is an adverb which means Trump is good at feeling. Bigly good.

  • 12:07 lmaoo wtf!!

  • Why don't you make jokes about Biden as well.. Don't be 100% one sided, if you are a comedian...

  • 11:01 is that Kendrick Lamar?

  • If people at low paying jobs that work just as hard as everyone else were paid enough for a living wage they probably wouldn’t be doing things like this

  • biden needs to step down. abusing children is unacceptable. i dont care what your politics are. the hard drives show so many disgusting abuses. any of the people defending this are sick.

  • I love Guierllmo

  • comments were off on "Muting Trump" here i am,......I think they should use the "Get Smart" Cone of Silence to stop Trump from flapping his lips at the next fiasco.... I mean debate!

  • This pack of rabid dogs needs to be removed from our house.... VOTE ALL BLUE TODAY TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY.....I'm a republican and I did.

  • Biden Crime Family👨‍👧💻

  • They are burning and looting jimmy :Haha hahah amazing yeah hey Hollywood your time is coming !

  • They missed an opportunity joking that the dude was obama undercover 😂

  • For that endorsement , the Taliban got another truck load of weapons to help Russia defeat the government of Afghanistan.

  • If republicans don't save, raise and educate Americans now, then who will save raise and educate Americans tomorrow? Every Life on earth has been SHORT, but every deed done has been FOREVER. DO GOOD and you will BE GOOD FOREVER. DO EVIL and you will BE EVIL FOREVER. Decide.

  • Jimmy Kimmel, you of all people dare judge another! ...really! You are a disgusting Godless little man who is nothing but a puppet of the leftest haters! You are a slanderer who has a very disturbing past of disrespecting women. A resurfaced video shows Jimmy Kimmel laughing as Megan Fox talks about being sexualized at 15, and fans are saying she 'deserved better' A man who makes a living out of slandering others and promotes that as funny... This pollutes the minds of youth who are potentially influenced and accept this deplorable behaviour as normal...Pathetic! You are a very weak man who would not survive one day of the attacks the left attempt to initiate on The President of the United States....It is you who is seriously mentally ill!

  • Why is Kimmel so one sided, at this point he's just attacking trump lol.

    • @frozan abdul it's not about being liberal... it's a simple fact, people see a clown fall face first into a pie, they laugh. And trump is practically throwing himself onto a pie every time he does something stupid. And the clown gets no pity mostly due to all the times he's gone and insulted or attacked others.

    • @barbara cronin My point is that he seems to be to Liberal.

    • Your point?

    • Good

  • “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly - it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.” ― Joseph Goebbels

  • Say No To COVID Trump ,,,

  • OMG i'm rolling... thats funny

  • Vote for the Bidens to be remanded to Leavenworth Penitentiary in 2021

  • I'd rather have Trump than Brexit.... You only have a couple of weeks left of this idiot whilst we have a lifetime of stupidity - end of 'great' britain

  • 🇨🇦

  • -H6O6Ti6C6N6I6Ar6Au6Sr6Sc6 ninety-nineth power

  • -H5N5 ninety-nineth power

  • Trump is only immune to it because he is a disease!

  • I love watching people making fun of Trump.

  • trump will win

  • Anti Trump supporters have the biggest tear ducts their still crying WoW

  • "Yea...soo we still have some work to do in the celebration department " lmao

  • I love Jimmy - but was he a bit tipsy? 😂

  • Shame on these comedian s Show some respect to your country 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • As someone who has dealt with mental illness, I think Donald Trump gives us a bad name. Most mentally ill people do not paint themselves orange and run for president.

  • chin Up America! trump's circus* it's about to end. lets move forward and together as a Nation to overcome the lack of leadership of the last four years!

  • A vote for Biden is a clear message to Trump and to the world that we reject Trump's call for: divisiveness, hatred, ignorance, greed, selfishness, corruption, etc etc etc. Please vote Blue!

  • That last guy was great!!❤💯🤣😂🤣😂🇺🇸❤💯🗳📫🗳📫🌊💙💙✊✊🤝🤝✌✌💙

  • If Trump spends $70k/ year on his hair...I'd like to know how much Trump spends on tanning lotion every year! Oh, and at risk youth in Miami?? Isn't that whole city at risk? No, 30 years or less it will be underwater! Then everyone there will need jetski's!!

  • Biden is I’ll bruh he said the 180 years I’ve been running in Senate biden is as dum as they get he said he is running for senate

  • obama and hillary give funds to tellaban