Try Guys Try Being Left-Handed For A Day

Publisert 27. feb.. 2021
To all our left-handed subscribers out there, we salute you! This shit was no joke! Watch us try being left-handed for a day!
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  • When Eugene was making his breakfast he looked like a dad on a Sunday morning making breakfast for his kids before church😂

  • “Aw. He doesn’t know what money is yet.” 😂

  • "Anyone can have a wrong hole" lmaoo

  • When it comes the utensils ust hold it how you would in your hand you dont have to hold like that youre just making it more difficult for yourself. For a small example and its not specially a great one but it like holding a pencil, you dont hold it with you fist nor with just two fingers . (i persoally dont want this come off as hate im just confused)

  • I love Keith's giant mouth engulfing the sushi 15:17

  • Even with his non-dominant hand, Eugene fucking kills it at writing cursive. Can he not NOT do anything??

  • Wtf. Use both hands. Left-handed people have and use two hands.

  • i just want to warn right handed people if you try to write with your left hand for no reason whatsoever your hand is going to smudge the words

  • i'm left handed but i have never hit myself in the face while opening the fridge why do i feel like being left handed is a bit of a joke sometimes -_-

  • How do you clean egg off the floor? You don't, you let your dog lick it off 😂

  • Keith: *demon noises* “Alright, that’s one”. 😂😂

  • Not me crying at the end with the letters 😢 that was simply beautiful

  • Please have Eugene and Nick babysit Ned's kids! Please !

  • Okay but Ned stabbing that sushi is so underrated 😂

  • I'm a lefty, nothing is catered towards you IE scissor or mugs

  • Eugene being great at everything is my favorite

  • I am left handed

  • But you don’t do everything with JUST your right hand so why try with just the left? Have your left be the dominant....that would be more realistic.

  • Me that Uses my right hand for everything BUT writing

  • When your ambidextrous

  • Lefties unite!

  • This should be titled one handed challenge.

  • I'm confused, Is Eugene the alpha in his relationship or not?

  • Did anyone else get very worried for Zach when he grabbed the knife??


  • It’s so fun seeing people try being left handed from someone who is left handed.

  • Ha my ambidextrous self finds this so w e i r d. Why do y'all do this?

  • 13:35 keith growls

  • I had hand surgery two years ago and couldn't use my dominant hand for three months. It was rough. Makeup and art was HARD

  • Contrary to belief us left-handed people use our right hand sometimes we are not just one handed 😂

  • Zach is more hilarious more then usual in this video

  • keithhhhhh you cheater you used 2 hands to put clothes on

  • As someone just coming off a work place injury they informed me that 90 of workplace injuries happen to people who are left handed as very few work places accommodate there left handed workers equally

  • Can we get more brass Keith?

  • Just Zack smacking his dog in the face with the sushi container

  • The classical piece when theyre getting ready for the letters is one of my faves💙 A little extra joy on top of chuckling and cheering at this video

  • funny how you swapped wich hand your knife and fork went in. because proper etiquette says the knife is ALWAYS in your right hand. weather you're left handed or not.

  • Try using SCISSORS. They’re specifically made for right handed people

  • Ned

  • This should be rather 1 hand challenge

  • Keith you already eat left handed. Left handed people have the fork in the left hand

  • I love thay Keith and Zach picked the same picture to color

  • If you use salt on a broken egg it solidifies it

  • Only the TryGuys manage to transform "Left handed challenge" into "one handed challenge" lmao GUYS LEFTIES STILL HAVE TWO HANDS (USUALLY)

  • Reads letter Ned “ money?”

  • My mom grew up using her left hand, but taught herself how to use her right hand.

  • Alternative title: Try Guys Try To Do Things One Handed lmfaoo

  • I didn’t realize that most people don’t crack eggs with one hand.


  • I feel like for everyone but eugene it was a left hand only challenge and then eugene followrd the rules and was like... Stoooopid try guys. Lefties use both hands -_-

  • The guys wearing ties... Zac no thank you t-shirt only

  • Ned started tearing up it was so sweet

  • Why is it that left-handed means one hand?

  • I love how neds kids have his wife’s hair and the other has his hair lol

  • My bf is left handed, but he uses his right hand while using a computer mouse and instruments. Though writing, eating utensils, phone scrolling, he does all with his left

  • It got really sad at the end 😂

  • The guys: this is hard Me with a broken wrist who has to this anyway: uhhh no

  • Serious question. Does righty really think us lefties have useless right hand?😅

  • Zach’s reusable wash towel thing is so cool, I’ve never seen that before

  • the closed captioning is very off in this :(

  • It's funny to watch until you damage your dominant hand so bad it's always gonna hurt from now on and there's no way to heal it. And you're working with it. And there's a deadline. Makes your brain reeeeally learn fast.

  • this is hilarious bc why are they acting like lefties don't use their right hand as well 😂😅

  • good video idea: host a competition for subscribers and the one who wins gets to plan your next video w the crew!!! Could be done remotely too so international fans can get involved...

  • Honestly so impressed/upset that lefty Eugene’s eyeliner wasn’t that bad 😂

  • Dear The Try Guys, You can still use your right hand when ur left handed Thank you -common sense

  • Left hand not getting enough love 🥲

  • Why are they doing one handed pushups they even showed they can't do them with their dominant hand 😂

  • so like all those people saying left handed people use both the hands make a valid point id suggest they rename the title to 'only using our non dominant hand for a day challenge' lol

  • “i need to find the gayest horse.” - eugene 2021

  • Left handed people are not amputated 😂 just use ur right hand to help u lmao jeez

  • Is ir justo me or ned has 2 kitchens or 2 diferentes houses

  • Me, a left-handed person, cackling evilly

  • *laughs in ambidextrous*

  • Why dose Eugene look like a modern version of the dude from Mulan tho

  • They all become smackers when they are left-handed

  • Those letters were really nice and emotional 🥺

  • Now they understand the pain

  • Ever felt like vomiting your entire being just because you tried righting with you right hand.

  • I'm a lefty but do my eyeliner and mascara with both hands. Its more awkward for me to reach my hand to the other side of my face than it is to switch hands

  • Why is Eugene's eyeliner with his left hand better than mine is with my right hand

  • I've never seen someone play euphonium on here. Fuck yeah, give us more Keith. Let us be S E E N

  • It’s hilarious that Ned, Keith, and Zach are trying to do everything one handed. Lefties still use both hands 😂

  • This would be really difficult!

  • I love how romantic Eugene's letter is, so cute!!

  • Guys, they know left handed people use their right hand too. But in day to day tasks, it's so hard to not use your dominant hand because you are so used to and you just do things! So they had to make it harder for them to use their right hand.

  • Ned will on Christmas’s espresso his feelings if he feels holiday cheer

  • I am a lefty. Welcome to my struggles

  • Gay

  • As a lefty I would like to say that we can still use our right hand

  • Carol Eugene is my favorite lmao

  • Not Zach having cutco knives

  • Some try guys treated this like "I only have a left hand and my right hand was cut off" lol

  • Taking a bite of food right when the “blow out” was in the intro was not my favorite thing.

  • Im ambidextrous lol

  • You forgot the actual challenges of being left-handed in a right handed world: using a computer mouse, using tools (like a can opener), using scissors (most made for right handed use), some video games, etc.

  • See uh when applying a cat eye u actually switch which hand is dominant depending which direction you’re going so ...

  • just imagine being the girl from soul surfer.

  • can yall just give us a 15 minute video of keith just playing the horn? i'd eat that UP

  • Keith sending Wes a dollar is the cutest thing ever