ASMR | RPG Jewelry ✨⚔️ Detailed Show & Tell and Soft Speaking

Publisert 3. mai. 2021
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Sooo this is an extra video because of the quick turnaround time on the collection's launch -- but basically I saw BisouLovely's posts on Twitter and was ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with this collection so I reached out to them asking if I could do a video!! They agreed and to my mass excitement sent me a bunch of samples in the mail so I could film them!! 😭😭😭 YAAAY; everyone I talked to was so so sweet and I'm incredibly happy to get the word out and promote! Plus it's ALWAYS a good day to support small businesses, and women-owned businesses! (':
Which class do you like the best!? Each ring will come in two styles and colors (more ~dainty~ and more of a solid unisex design, and silver and gold)-- but the kickstarter should have some more goals/options! I'm excited to see what's there :)
In this video I show off quite a few designs but it's not even all of them; so be sure to check out the links above!
See you tomorrow for our regular scheduled upload! Enjoy four vids this week instead of three hehe :D
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  • 2:00 Bard Ring 6:55 Rogue Ring 10:23 Warrior Ring 14:07 Druid Ring 17:05 Healer Ring 20:35 Archer Ring 24:37 Necromancer Ring

  • Your sweet contentment is my quiet time🎅🎃

  • If you close your eyes you can hear what sounds like someone with two empty halves of coconuts banging them together. Or, a horse.

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  • Everyone: complimenting Gibi Me: *Venti and Dvalin should get matching Bard necklaces.*

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  • Wow, she looks different in this video 👉🏻👈🏻

  • “I don’t know what this frog has to do with the rogue but we’re going with it” My ttrpg character is an amphibious alien rogue so at least for me I know exactly what the frog has to do with it

  • I love playing both healers and rogues 🖤

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  • you were a mercy main. so am I... and I get shamed for it

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  • 3:37 min. That didn't sound big things coming in to me...hear it your self..🤔🤔..🥒

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  • Ummm.......when have people NOT supported female owned business or "diversity," for that matter?? If a product is good and/or solves a problem, the company or business always receives support regardless of who owns it. AND, I'm obviously the only one who thinks she looks like a meth addict. Even heavy makeup couldn't hide those dark under eye circles. The stringy hair needs some volume, and those filler injections are ridiculous. Now she has a puffy menacing look. The contours and sculpted look of the face are completely gone. And the eyes have a pinched weird appearance. Instead of evolving into a confident and affable adult, she looks like she's slammed herself into reverse and is morphing into a silly delinquent looking teenager.

    • @british guy Oh, thank you for the compliment! In the wake of all of these social movements, it's good to know someone still keeps a closed mind. Cheers.

    • your pms'ing pretty hard huh

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  • She looks different but as a guy i can’t figure out what it is for the life of me

  • Luck is for extra crit damage in most games

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