Remixes Of The 80's Pop Hits - 2-hour DJ Mix With 29 Songs

Publisert 3. juni. 2020
Remixes Of The 80's Pop Hits is a 127-minute long continuous DJ mix with 29 remixes of some of the 80's biggest pop hits including artists like Madonna, Tina Turner, Steve Vinwood, Rick Astley, Sandra and many more. Mixed by me.
DISCLAIMER: If you are experiencing ads during any of my mixes, I have NOT placed them there. Since I'm using copyrighted music, the copyright owners (or their representatives) can place ads in my mixes. My channel is NOT monetized.
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  • Unfortunately I had to reupload this video and because of that all the fantastic previous comments and views from you guys are gone. Although that is a very small issue compared to what is going on in the world right now. Stay safe everyone! And here it is again: Remixes Of The 80's Pop Hits! Hope you enjoy it as much as the first time. Or if this is your first time: welcome! And please leave a comment :)

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  • Very cool mix

  • SUPER ❤❤❤❤❤❤💣💣💣💣💣💣💣


  • Quality remix👍🏻

  • Magnifique merci 🙏

  • Dos horas fabulosas para limpiar la casa recordando mi juventud 😂🤣💖

  • Good, very good!

  • great, thanks

  • super show de bom gosto e qualidade musical.

  • Super !😌

  • Where is Michael Jackson? The God Of Music

  • Nice...when REAL TALENTED MUSICIANS made great music. These days its senseless n full of 💩💩💩. With all the Negativity going on in this World, GREAT N REAL MUSIC as such makes it a better place...👍🍾🍷👊

  • Me encantooooo,gracias

  • mane skraidina : -)

  • 😎très bien.

  • Muzika moje generacije, neprevazidjena. Svidja mi se remix, super je.

  • Best mix i ever heard

  • la mejor musica me encanta

  • Min : 53

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  • А где тайм-код?

  • Love this music! Never heard anything like this before

  • D10

  • Awesome Mix

  • Me gusta puedo estar trabajando muy activa..

  • I did a lot of things that only 80"S kids will ever know and todays kids only dream of doing

    • I listen to these cuse my mom is all about 80s soo I love these songs

  • Excelenteeee...!!!!!

  • What is the name of song 1 hour? Please

  • Best 80s remix on NOlong so far for me. Thank you for this and I really love it

  • Tina all the best!

  • thanks

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  • La música está muy buena pero hubieras respetado la versión original sin las percusiones que le agregaron a todas, llega a cansar el mismo sonsonete de fondo

  • Cooooooool

  • desde España se te corresponde al saludo un abrazo.

  • gracias amigo Carlos Celis

  • Hola, quien a esta hora escuchando musica de los 80...

  • Listening from QUERETARO, MEXICO

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  • temazos me encanta una linda noche escuchando estos temas

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  • “it bad” 👆in Jamaica W.I., that means: the mix is good😁😊

  • Thank you for reminding us those times, hold on strong and tall people!!!

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  • Jestem Krzysiek pozdrawiam z dalekiego kraju 🇵🇱 🙋‍♂️

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  • Demasiado buena esta selección de temas con una mezcla imposible de lograr, buen trabajo, cuidémonos para seguir disfrutando de estas maravillas.

  • are these all your edits ....

  • absolute class,,, what a selection...from one dj to another , take a bow mate..

  • El mejor remix que he escuchado en internet y con mi música preferida, eran los tiempos en que en verdad podías bailar y disfrutar en una Disco... Gracias

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  • Nicely mixed

  • Excellent mix with great music from my time. Please make a new one with other great songs from the 80's and 90's. Thank you. You give a SPECIAL TOUCH ON THE BACKGROUND ++++

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  • Las lagrimas se me caen al escuchar estos temazos. .que tiempos aquellos de los 80.....ufffff.gracias y gracias.

  • adoro esa mulher acho sexy mi muito esxual toda ela

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  • I love this remix ❤️ make me sooo happy thank u

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  • These transitions are smoother than spandex

  • esto si es música, nada como los 80

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  • vielen vielen dank, für ihr hörvermögen

  • danke, danke schön für diesen sound!

  • Love it