Publisert 17. feb.. 2021
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  • this reminds me of GTA V civilians 4:11

  • Daz: "i have really nice green eyes." While looking straight inti the camera. His eyes:🤎🤎

  • 13:50-13:54 that s**t too funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Holy s**t!!!! I did not know this!!!! Omg!!!!😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

  • Or am I hearing daaaaad

  • 13:49 "AHHHH!!!" yea yea that's me when my siblings come in "my" room

  • Daz's real name is razzle dazzle

  • The beginning warm ups had me crying 😂

  • *YEAH! I'M A THUG! BOOM!* -Daz Black 2021

  • Ive been waiting for him to react to gasoline for tooo long

  • I look forward to goth Daz.


  • Daz should totally make a band called Clickbait. The titles should be different than the actual song. I think itd be genius. Haha.

  • love your vids

  • Where are u: PLAYING FORTNITE

  • The begging... got me nailed

  • Is no one gonna talk about him actually making a good beat 😂


  • I haven’t watched you in so long 😐

  • Ok but why did he say “I actually have really pretty eyes” and then our of nowhere he just says “and I spent Valentine’s Day in the bath”😂😂

  • I 💙 metl🤘

  • What was going through my head during that 1st scene of the music video: What's this? OH OH kinky 😏😏 OH NO THE POOR CHILD

  • That is indeed how you find your metal voice... lego bricks

  • nobody cares but my favorite song from i prevail is Scars. and like you can tell me yours if you’d like 👉🏼👈🏼

  • Wait is this a true story about Daz?

  • I love darren

  • If he was helusinating does that mean he was beating up the floor and everyone was watching

  • Why does the dad look like a ripoff of Gordon Ramsay

  • Just noticed how much weight das has lost

  • 😌

  • He ate my pizza

  • Stepping on a Lego brick part tho 😂

  • Dear daz games I want to let you know youv pulled me out of depression and for that I am truly grateful

  • "Do you just step on a lego brick and " 13:47

  • In my opinion I love metal music like slipknot and korn etc and definitely gonna start listening to them

  • 17:30 No one: not even Al Capone: Daz: "YEAH IM A THUG!!! BOOM!!!"

  • who else was wondering when the music was coming

  • 1:38 we just gonna brush over that lmao

  • Done 💖✨

  • Lol

  • Happy 6 mil 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

  • I love listening to people yell lmao

  • So I was just crying so I went onto yt and obs I was watching a daz and I feel very better now

  • Congrats on 6 mill! Btw that vegan teacher got banned on tiktok.

  • In the video, not Daz, he isn't mean.!

  • I had flashbacks of when I missed out on a Daz video🥺😞but actually what he says sounds mean and sad.

  • 3:25 you can beat box 😳😳 wow

  • I couldn't help but smile at the beginning with the beautiful preparation

  • Daz: HI DAD! Me: 🌝

  • This song has been on my playlist for so long ❤❤❤

  • Daz what microphone do you use

  • wooooo Hastings, place that invented the TV!!! can confirm this is what its like in Hastings, haha. I also have this fear just walking around the town, dont recommend at night.

  • 7:05 “we filmed from 6am to 4am” wait, this dude filmed backwards in time?

  • No one: littery no one: Not even that vegan teacher eating meat: Daz: Damn i got some butilful eyes

  • When he said what we/he is woching he looks back and in his mind "wtf am I doing ths"

  • im 11 and i love rock so this song is going into my playlist

  • “HI DAD 😃😃😃”

  • When he did the Lego brick thing I was wheezing

    • We don’t laugh AT you 🥺 We Laugh WITH you🥰 We love you daz❤️

  • Daz: **watches a 7 min vid** Also Daz: **makes it 20 mins**

  • I lovee metalll


  • He’s not wrong about Hastings 😂

  • MUSIC VID WITH BTS!!!!!!!!

  • Dont answer if u don’t want but me being nosey is this music video basted on ur child hood?

  • **Jamming out to IPrevail** **Daz: Pauses video to speak** Me: UM, ExCusE mE

  • Just saying I can vibe with this music it has passed the punk vibe test

  • I love you daz one of the funniest NOlongrs congrats on your 6mil subscribers well deserved

  • Daz: "I can't remember" Me: "Of course ya can't, you got punched how many times"

  • Who knew dropping a pizza on the floor could lead to this-

  • The music video got better because of daz

  • 13:47 they found out by watching dragon ball z

  • We don’t laugh AT you 🥺 We Laugh WITH you🥰 We love you daz❤️

  • That scene in the restaurant I'm presuming that conversation was all an hallucination if it was then why was the money still under the cup? Because that money would have been an hallucination as well.

  • 13:32 😭😭😭

  • Awww Daz.......😰😰😰😰😰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I love his content he is comedy ☺️☺️☺️


  • Awesome

  • 13:49 just killed me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 13:48 maybe a Lego or maybe when Daz reaches 6MIL AND YOUR SO EXCITED JUST ME OKKKKK

  • I thought this was a music video?



  • Can you react to TommyInIt

  • 0:07 that lil “ha” 😂😌

  • Yesssssss a sequel

  • Me waiting for the fire 😃 Me seeing the firs 🔥🔴😲🔴🔥

  • It’s been a while since Ive last watched any Daz, damn I miss his vids.

  • Absolutely love iprevail!! Been a fan for 2 years now and a big fan of you daz!! Ive been watching ur videos for years!!

  • watching daz and his “dad” fight and then a candy crush ad comes up 😂


  • Warning to headphone users

  • My favorite iprevail song!

  • I'd order the pizza to meet daz black

  • 4:01 did no one see that dude its just a crew memeber with his hands up lol

  • "everytime is cross the street I see myself getting run over like her..." *GOLDFISH FLAVOR BLASTED CHEDDAR CHEESE*

  • whos the guy that popped up on screen for a millisecond?

  • Hi

  • Who remembers before “Daz watches” Daz use to make vines T^T I miss that😭🥺✨ He’s a walking legend

  • Daz being beaten by teenagers might've looked worse then Dave beating daz