Jorge Masvidal's corner tried to cheat at UFC 261 by pouring water on Masvidal's head,Gaethje,Jones

Publisert 30. april. 2021
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  • How is pouring water cheating? To be slick and cause punch too skim over ! Like putting Vaseline on your football jersey?

  • Fighters are ducking zabit so that they don’t get their ass beat. Make it a rap song.

  • Jon is so full of himself. Francis would kill him

  • They knew what they were doing they wanted to see a BMF knock out lol

  • Wait how’s pouring water on someone’s head cheating let me know please

  • How is pouring water cheating? Someone help me

  • Since when is pouring water a cheating strategy

  • obviously didnt work for jorge lol

  • How’s that cheating pouring water on his head❓❓❓❓❓

  • More Ad chasing from pathetic grown adults, Sad AF and no it's not cheating...only thing cheating is your way of getting views and Ad Revenue .....

  • I pretty sure they were pouring it on his neck.

  • Dude usman is on EPO. The nerve on these fucking people...

  • Pouring sweat am water is cheating lol cte gaychi

  • So Jones v ngannou ain't happening??

  • Why would felder fight islam???? Like the fuck

  • Starts at 8:50. This channel is gone.

  • They didn't explain why this is cheating? They do it in Boxing all the time. Can some1 explain?

  • Bro Jon Jones really has a death wish 😯 his career will be over after he is KOd Mark my words

  • They all are taking the vax, so....??? Go to reviews and Just watch his clip from 5-19-2021,

  • How is water in the head cheating. Please explain. Thanks

  • Explain how pouring water on ones head is cheating?

  • Going for Ngannou💪🏼 vs Lewis

  • Plot twist his team set him up for the perfect water shot KO

  • How was that cheating?

  • All that water just to make the ko more epic

  • Why is pouring water on the head cheating????

  • Suwu

  • They can use ice packs , why not water ? Can anyone explain ?

  • 8:49 and everything before I didn’t care about

  • I dont understand how Masvidal is a cheater by getting water powered on his head. What am I missing?

  • HOW is pouring water on a fighter's head "cheating"??? IS it cheating ??

  • I thought he was going to ask Ali "what in the hell is going on with your head?" lol

  • Why is that cheating?

  • Stop showing that cripple Chris Weidman. He’s lucky he got retired by a leg kick and not Uriah Hall giving him brain damage.

  • How is water on your head cheating?

  • What you came here for is at the end of the video. Yw

  • Does anybody know how pouring water on a fighters head in between rounds is cheating??? I could have sworn that I've seen this done many many times before in boxing and in MMA!

  • Most thing I'm wondering is that rose drinks monster :/

  • Jones trying to suggest that all the weight his gained is done without PEDs. Haha not a chance!

  • How is Jorge masvidal cheating?

  • That water came off quick with that punch 🤛

  • Why would puring water on his head be cheating? Make him slippery?

  • Water really 😂

  • I wanna see Amanda Nunes vs Jake paul

  • Genuinely curious, why is it so bad to pour water on fighter’s head??!?! Why is that considering cheating?

  • Wait, how is that cheating? S

  • Can someone explain why pouring water over the head is considered cheating? I don't get it. Does it make you more slippery for wrestling attempts? Thanks in advance for the answer!

  • What about pouring water over head thing??

  • Masvidal got askrend

  • Rose "You know what I mean” Namajunas

  • Africa vs niggas in America I love it !!

  • Ali getting in front of the camera and giving interviews, is what gave birth to the Fabia crap.

  • It doesn't matter cause Usman took all that water off in one punch

  • Justin who?!

  • 7:50 😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Justin sounds dumb asf

  • "We don't do our business publicly"... As your publicly discussing business 🤣🤣🤣 what a joke of a manager

  • Lmao Ali's face when Conors name gets brought up cracks me up

  • Hows is that charing?

  • Jon Jones runs slow lol

  • Love how you make me fast forward to the last 2 minutes to see what I clicked the video for.

  • Wtf xd

  • I’m lost but how is it hearing to pour water in the fighters head ? What am I missing here ?

  • Pouring water on your head is illegal? Why?

  • Masvidal tried to cheat by sweating

  • UFC is the only promotion that gives immediate title rematches to fighters who get finished: Rose/Johanna 1, TJ/Cody 1, and now possibly Rose/Zhang 2? Cmon, Rose had to earn her title shot.

    • Or they just give out straight up undeserved title shots and rematches IE: masvidal vs usman 1 and 2

  • Gregor gilipse Cheated against Diego by fence grabbing round one

  • How is pouring water on his head cheating? The referee can make them towel him off

  • Gaethje has other things to worry about, dude gassed himself the first 10 seconds in the khabib fight lol

  • Gaethje is such a fkn nerd. He's the type that told the teacher on you and your friends for cheating in school. And he's still doing it today in his workplace.

  • What’s wrong. With water being poured ?

  • I absolutely hate Justins face.

  • Bro I’m so tired of Ali saying his fighters deserve a title shot without even beating anyone really. Zabit needs to fight at least 2 more top ranked opponents bro. He deserves nothing. It goes Brian and if volko gets through Ortega then it’s max next. Zabit has to wait bro

  • Hows that cheating??

  • Diego needs to keep his coach on check. All he needed to say naw u dont have to post anything on social media, just call them and let them know the situation and they'll send us a ride or plane etc. So stupid how he ruined Diegos career not thinking logically and just escalating situations.

  • Hows that illegal ? Pouring water on his head.

  • Nobody signing Diego as long as that guy is his manager

  • So if it actually is, why is pouring water on your head illegal ??

  • Can someone explain how this is cheating? I feel really dumb. I've watched mma fights for years and never noticed. 🤣

  • How is that cheating though? It's just water?

  • Diego would murder Jake paul

  • Jon's juicing again lol 100%

  • Why is pouring water on his head cheating?

  • Pardon me but how is this water pouring on the head cheating?

  • Weili must get a rematch

  • Why is it illegal to do that though? I never knew that and I been watching ufc for a while 😭

  • He got baptise from his own corner

  • Justin has brain damage

  • You know rose

  • How does pouring water on your head help yo7 win?

  • Ngannou vs Lewis would be sick

  • Justin is such a hater..

  • Call me stupid but can't pour water on the fighters head???

  • How is masvidal cheating

  • What was Jon doing?

  • Can someone please tell me how pouring water on your head is cheating.

  • It’s not cheating it’s just a street dude in the corner😂 that’s a go to street fighting “corner” move. Especially in Florida

  • Diego needs to get away from his "trainer"

  • Jones America is not the best country these days

  • Jones only had abs when he was on the peds