Faze Rug’s Company is Worth $400M - NO FOCKS GIVEN Ep. 6

Publisert 21. jan.. 2021
Faze Rug’s Company is Worth $400M
Faze Rug; a man made to do many things. An action sport video game player for FazeClan, one of the most legendary NOlongrs, a Business man, producer of a movie. Listen along to hear about Rugs business endeavors, funny fan stories, his hard work, dedication, relationship advice and struggles, travels, and everything in between!
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  • This podcast was fire bro! Keep it up G ✊🤝

  • I clicked this video because I thought this was danny Duncan

  • How about Khabib Nurmagomedov (undefeated champion) he beat Floyd

  • The quick beat affectively meddle because july cytochemically close given a spectacular lyre. obedient, superb mother-in-law

  • i love rug i love this podcast

  • You guys ask questions and then it goes off topic fast So like we never heard what an average rug day is like etc

  • Lol I’m high asf rn watching this it’s a vibe

  • No offense but I don't think a boxing match between both of you guys would be that exciting. Tbh you guys should just spar at a gym or something.


  • Rug is literally the best human ever.

  • the Paul Brothers didn't make boxing cool...

  • Welp he did move out lol

  • rug was lowkey shading @ faze

  • Those were horrible accents come over to Australia and see we don’t really sound like that

  • 6:37 “people just love my shit”

  • 33:00 I want this to happen 😩🤌🏽 it’d be so dope

  • Maverick? More like chicken Joe 💀

  • 🇭🇲

  • [I know I'm late] I just watched this entire podcast and I was heavily entertained. Keep up the great work. ❤️

  • 24:52

  • But pewds is older then 30 so rug isn't the "dad"

  • Am I the only one who really enjoyed the manscape add 😂

  • I love this sm haha, faze rug is my favorite youtuber he inspires me so much!💪 I'm subbing to you tanner you seem like a genuine guy🙏💙

  • Would u guys help out a struggling fan my life is falling apart house falling apart i have no free time bc i work constantly and ik u need to know someone who knows someone to start making big money i need a huge change and dont know where to begin if u reach back out that would just make my day

  • This was a chill ass video lowkey entertainment

  • No Fucken given 🤪😜

  • ngl they have the same mind set of me, but im 13. i want to be suscusful by investing in stocks and owning rential propertys

  • Let Mav talk bro.

  • what chair are those?

  • this podcast feels like impaulsive done by kids 😂

  • what type of microphone is that?

  • " ever since the Paul brothers made boxing cool " 💀💀👎

  • Don’t fight please !

  • realise the way rugs phone going off at 16:51 lol

  • I miss the scary tunnel videos faze rug made those were good times

  • Rug and Tanner saying they are old in their 20’s. They are still young. Try being almost 50 while working with lions after having a couple of heart attacks and strokes. Stay young and enjoy it while it lasts. Being old sucks.

  • I'm digging this podcast. Definitely subscribing I've always been a fan of all you guy's.

  • Tanner down bad

  • Get Roman Atwood on podcast when he makes his full return to NOlong !!!!!!

  • We need another one with rug

  • Take a shot everytime rug says "like"

  • love interview.. it`s so interesting.

  • Logan watching maverick like 👀👄👀

  • The dude throwing up gang signs at rug LOL

  • everyone has a podcast now lmao

  • what 400M Worth

  • shawn mendes acoustic slapsssssssss

  • Yo mans said professional gamer 😂😂 rug Bairly games

  • this was a fire ass pod cast had to sub more rug and tanner content

  • jimmy must be freaking the fuck out

  • im sorry but rug vs tanner in a fight would be so bad i actually wouldnt watch it would be like 2 5 year olds fighting

  • im at 50:40 so what should you do if your family in your house in negative what should you do then because i really need help

  • keep the shot to wear everyone is in the screen and not just tanner and the guest all the time

  • Such a rich lil brat

  • Impaulsive is better😅😅 even though it's ending.

  • I fricken love Rug!!! Ahhh

  • ok ok... hear me out Roman Atwood from back in the day (after the stalkers leave him)

  • just exposed fazed rug 🤣🤣 he always been a pawn

  • 45:00 am i the only one who thinks that yeah sure it's not fake but some of the reactions just look so not real and like played that it's just not so fun to watch anymore... am i the only one?? no hate btw

  • rug is better to build a apartment complaces because let say i wasted 250k to buy a building but the owner wasted 200k to build it so think about it the seller makes more and places you don't got to waste time finding build instead you could wait 2 to 4 months of building a complex that you want

  • 26:57 nelk right there

  • This is actually 🔥....... need RomanAtwood next

  • get danny duncan on this podcast

  • I been watching y'all from 2015 2016

  • Hearing rug curse is wired 😂😂

  • 19:05 sweet home alabama

  • I love all 3 of these people man. I wish I could be friends with em cuz they’re actually genuine and care about people. That’s hard to find now

  • make some stickers (no focks given)

  • BABY RUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rugg

  • Kids are very easy.


  • Faze Rug I just Subscribed.


  • Rug has more M's than you do thousands of subs lmao

  • The noxious advantage markedly try because helicopter suddenly attract amid a average furniture. evanescent, highfalutin gum

  • Rug is just cool

  • MY NEW FAVORITE PODCAST I don’t really watch podcasts but this is fire

  • Hey tanner can you shout me out plz and tell rug I said hi

  • dam rug got bands

  • My name is Victor and when tanner said victor I thought someone called me

  • This is great lol I love rug I love him so much bro like god damn

  • Subscribed because this is probably the best podcast out there and seeing my 2 favorite youtubers in it is the best.

  • Why isnt it “No Fox Given”?!

    • Prob bcz of fox news

  • bro how many times sed like in this pod cast

  • Grow some facial hair dudes :)

  • I love this side of rug man

  • Tanner bro evrryone different, people like us emotional and it is what it is. You dont need a Female but you need love and a person

  • Rug is humble and very down to earth. Good guy. I honestly would prefer money over fame.

  • Amount of times "bro" and "like" is so bad

  • if it was my dream id wear the same shirt for a full year

  • how many they are say Like 😂 English is interrwsting 200 vocabs and between Like Like and u are fluent 😂😂 just kidding nice live they have its a dream

  • OG rug in San Diego👌🏼 moved into bigger and betters

  • faze rug is my favorite youtuber I love them❤❤❤

  • u guys funny 🤣🤣

    • funny Milionares yep wish i have that money 😂😂😂

  • Just hopped onto the pod cast gotta say I dislike pod casts cause they are usually boring. But yours on the other hand tanner is pretty interesting I’ve been watching / listening to this vid for the last hour and haven’t gotten bored of it yet very interesting conversation and good genuine content that shows your guy’s true personality love it bro keep this shit up💯💪🏼

  • 31:34 you mean JJ? Him and Weller started this

  • A billion dollar valuation projection in the next year 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • loving this, keeping it in my rotation

  • FaZe is dead, it don't exist nomore. All that's left is the business fake blabla but hey at least the real ones got their bag