Lady Gaga - 911

Publisert 18. sep.. 2020
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Music video by Lady Gaga performing 911. © 2020 Interscope Records


  • no me convence

  • I AM GOING TO POST THIS ON EVERY CHROMATICA SONG. Ηow the hell Gaga doesn't promote her albums ever !? it's like she stopped trying since 2011 ! I just can't get how that mediocre Dua Lipa had 25 live performances for "don't start now", 7 videos/singles for Future Nostalgia, at least 15 more "live" performances during this outbreak and a HUGE push from everybody!! that's how she got nominated for all these awards ! Gaga had only 3 singles and ony 1, only ONE live performance this past 10 months ! AND CHROMATICA OUTSOLD Future Nostalgia ! what the hell ?? they just leave it to be a hit by it self...? No, no! This album is my EVERYTHING. It's such a shame to be overshadowed by some basic singers or by herself.

  • love this video

  • Tinistas apoyando,si pueden apoyarnos con te olvidaré,hoy estreno de tini.les agradecemos mucho.

  • alguien sintió tan real sus quejidos cuando la despiertan? no inventen se lució

  • Lady Gaga qunem lavt

  • You are a goddess

  • Reina!!

  • Кто Кто-нибудь может объяснить что произошло? Ее сбили когда она ехала? Или что??

  • Gaga queen

  • Girls don't want boys, Boys don't want girls, Boys and Girls want Sour Candy's music video.

  • İ LOVE YOU lady gaga✨

  • Song greatt 🖤✌️...

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  • Franche

  • WTF is that art style? Why are American pop songs so full of strange art? I feel a disconnect...

  • Cuando se publicó el video ponía solo Lady Gaga - 911 y después lo cambiaron y pusieron atrás (Official Music Video) y ahora lo han cambiado otra vez

  • I LOVE YOU..................I LOVE YOU



  • So cool 😎

  • Wtf did I just watch?

  • Epic

  • Love Love

  • stavo cercando di capire che messaggi ci fossero nel video e nel testo della canzone, leggendo un commento sembrerebbe tutto più chiaro... resto però smpre dell'idea, che questa grande artista, sia sfruttata dall'alto per lanciare spesso messaggi subliminali di ordine globalista.... molteplici sono i suoi video in cui questo viene espresso e sottolineato a chiari segni.... ad ogni modo, per questo video, la risposta può stare tranquillamente nell'autoanalisi del suo percorso di recupero mentale, appartenente al passato.

  • gaga is so wonderful

  • Sempre meravigliosa! Non sbaglia un colpo! 💪

  • Did this happen to her??

  • i knew the tune sound like Buttons by pussycatdolls

  • 2:25 ‘my biggest enemy is me’ this whole fucking video is about Armenia

  • Did I see the original witcher's medallion in this clip alone?

  • Esse clipe é uma obra de arte

  • 2:17 Lady Gaga gave us a hint on how the ending is going to look alike but we missed it.

  • My fav is rain on me and this song

  • Shit how did I not know there was a video for this. I’m such a bad fan 🤣

  • Hanazono Shrine 花園神社

  • I love lady gaga, very much 💕😍 she has the coolest music in the world 💖😘♥️👾

  • Oha lan 147 bin yorumun arasında tek Türkçe olan bumu

  • Best video of the year.

  • 9111111


  • Ending last seen is LG

  • thank you pls stay safe 💕

  • ❤️

  • least I have this beautiful, un-limitless talent of a goddess to me to look at.

  • I am in pain .com and it F sucks.

  • Why is Lady Gaga making music about my state of mind :'(

  • Is she doing the right thing ? Seems like exposing all the truth.. then making sure to dispell it. 👍🏻

  • Gaga's Fuckin Gorgeous. I could only be so 🍀 to meet her. ❤. Come to Boston Gaga Please

  • Soy tu fan lady gaga

  • Love this song

  • Velocidade 1,25 😱

  • Turning up emotional faders Keep repeating self-hating phrases I have heard enough of these voices Almost like I have no choice This is biological stasis My mood's shifting too manic places Wish I laughed and kept the good friendships Watch life, here I go again I can't see me cry Can't see me cry ever again (ooh) I can't see me cry Can't see me cry This is the end (ooh) My biggest enemy is me Pop a 911 My biggest enemy is me Pop a 911 My biggest enemy is me Ever since day one Pop a 911 Then pop another one Keep my dolls inside diamond boxes Save them 'til I know I'm gon' drop this Front I've built me around my oasis Paradise is in my hand Holding on so tight to this status It's not real but I'll try to grab it Keep myself in beautiful places Paradise is in my hands I can't see me cry Can't see me cry ever again (ooh) I can't see me cry Can't see me cry This is the end (ooh) My biggest enemy is me Pop a 911 My biggest enemy is me Pop a 911 My biggest enemy is me Ever since day one Pop a 911 Then pop another one P-pop another one (ooh) Pop a 911 Then pop another one (ooh) I can't see me cry Can't see me cry ever again (ooh) I can't see me cry Can't see me cry This is the end (ooh) My biggest enemy is me Pop a 911 My biggest enemy is me Pop a 911 My biggest enemy is me Ever since day one Pop a 911 Then pop another one Please patch the line Please patch the line Need a 911, can you patch the line? Please patch the line Please patch the line Need a 911, can you patch the line?

  • Sigamos reproduciendolo merece muchas mas vistas , apoyemos a nuestra Queen ✌😢

  • Se nos viene un remix el viernes.

  • Chromatica oreo. Yass

  • The ending was fucking terrifying what the fuck

  • Fortaleci com like ,ja me inscrevi Se increve no meu canal amigo 🤝👏🙏 juntos somos mais fortes

  • hola ami a miga le en canta tu música ☺️🤗

  • Love u Gaga

  • Is this from a real accident? I am not English man i am Not so i do not know.

  • Wasn't prepared for that ending!

  • I love lady gaga and the movie opera ARIA

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  • She’s such an artist

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  • Ah another dark horse .. Mi Llama esta horse y' a usted Horsy mis usan di mi lengua primera .

  • Those abs are too abs to be real



  • Did you push Lina ?

  • Assistir o vídeo pela 2 vez para entender! Amei 😍😍😍😍


  • I thought this was just a typical Gaga song that you can play in the parties or clubs.It's a very sad song, it talks about what it is like to suffer from mental illness. I play this whenever I feel anxious or blue.

  • Que legal! Achei muito bonito e criativo, visão do acidentee depois da morte.

  • Apoyando esta obra de arte

  • Don't forget to play Girl Like Me this Friday

  • Dental plan

  • NINE ONE ONE❤❤❤❤

  • Yo I’m thirsty how we get in the dessert

  • Que buena canción! Gracias Gaga

  • Being near death looks like a blast.

  • 45,257 thanks for support Shakira's vídeos Inevitable and Lo hecho está hecho

  • Всем конспирологам, аттеншэн!!! Нихрена у вас не получится! Мы, ЛЮДИ, знаем, как вы пытаетесь нами упраалять🤪 Теперь вы знаете это)


  • *Friday great PREMIERE of girl like me Shakira*

  • *Friday great PREMIERE of girl like me Shakira*

  • Lusifer satanist jood David

  • 911

  • Little mosters... Are Real Monster... Asking for a New álbum.. where Is the suport????

  • Queen

  • That's what I call talent. No copying no stealing from each other.

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  • Fascinante este video 911

  • Who’s here in December 2020?


  • hi

  • Shakifan apoyando gracias por su apoyo en #Inevitable y #Dare

  • there are hidden messages in this clip. They previously stated with secret messages that the Karabakh was taken back from the Armenians. Watch carefully, there are also symbols of Iran and Greece...

    • Thank god one smart person, people who think she sings about herself, don't know shit.