I became the worst doctor ever in Bitlife

Publisert 20. april. 2021
Bitlife but I become the worst doctor ever. Let's face it, I should be the patient here.
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Or will you make choices that horrify your parents? You could descend into a life of crime, start prison riots, smuggle duffle bags, and cheat on your spouse. It's all up to you...
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Weed addicted fish


  • Being a doctor, he never worked as one.

  • He waiting for patients yet Kevin Jr and Jim are calmly sitting there Kevin Jr hasn't healed from the awful da- I... mean... the accident

  • Kevin if you read children's books at a young age it will boost your intelligence tremendously

  • Keep up the good videos kevin

  • I wonder if Kevin knows he can join the Irish mob in game

  • Yo kevin, ur videos r cure to depression. What's the name of the music that's been played through the entire video tho ?! If anyone knows, please reply and lemme kno

  • I'm sat here drinking alone watch g this

  • Kevin your wife is cheating on you and with some smartmandude.

  • all this from just reading the dictionary

  • intelligence goes from 3% to 26%.. "it nearly tripled" lmao

  • Kevin actually swearing is the funniest shit to me don’t ask me why because I don’t know why

  • You should try putting all your stats to 0 and get them all to a hundred

  • Thanks for the advice, Kevin. I'm becoming a doctor

  • This means that his Dr. Name would be: Dr. Dr Smartmandude.

  • My brain cells are dying

  • I love how Kevin gave this dude a perfect life and then flipped to make him an asshole

  • Can't go one playthrough without murder.

  • I got an ad break right as Kevin said he’d be back in 4 months and he’d see ya soon. If that wasn’t the best time skip, book reading montage I’ve ever seen, I’ll be very surprised.

  • Wait. Was that actually irish? How do you spell what he said?

  • the thumbnail looks like an asmr roleplay video lol

  • I really hope you play with the Royalty feature us Android plebians finally got a while back, I love your Bitlife videos!

  • 1:43 Honestly, reminds me of Daithi.

  • Who was Janice?

  • nolong.info/show/mLNminCihNuKinU/video.html

  • I like this, his characters a,asking because he’s pretty much doing nothing. It’s only when he tries that his life goes awful XD

  • Also let the record show that Kevin did "work with dog about their behavior"

  • 5:55 you know Kevin is surprised when he says "what the fuck" and not "what the feck"

  • Hey Kevin, next Bitlife video you make you should try out being royalty and see if you'd make a good king.

  • is it your squirrel, Monkey Cat? or your squirrel monkey, Cat? or your squirrel monkey cat? hmmm

  • I feel ever so slightly concerned about the age gap between Donald and Jada Smartmandude. Don’t gaps of 28 years tend to cause birth defects?

  • When I saw "Married to CallMeKevin" I lost it lmao

  • First time hearing Kevin say fuck

  • Everyone's day is lighten up when kevin uploads

  • Youchtube

  • 5:55 Kevin is truly shocked hahahahaha

  • 17:20 Dr. Fish was your doctor for almost 90 years. You led a great life, but Dr. Fish is the real hero of this episode.

  • yay

  • Fun fact 😊 my 3rd cousin wrote the Divorce song you played in the background. I never hear his music as much.

  • The one time Kevin is successful everyone dies on him

  • You had an awful lot of patience XD

  • All my adverts are cringy Bitlife ones 🤔

  • 4:07 "The Giving Tree" is the best book to give smarts it tends to fill up the whole bar.

  • This was your most productive Bitlife run yet.

  • Wait, he turned himself into a pickle? FUNNIEST SHIT I HAVE EVER SEEN

  • In the thumbnail... why are you listening to your own heartbeat? Are you checking to see if you’re still alive or something?

  • Doctor: you have pink eye Kevin: noo Doctor:understandable have a great day

  • It's scary you know when kevin has a another channel he called it "docter mike"

  • 5:55 why is this the first time I’ve heard Kevin say “fuck” properly?😂

  • Kevin is really stepping up his production 😂

  • Hearing Kevin saying my name so much, and so aggressively, is making me feel very strange. I hardly ever hear anyone say my name and it's even spelled correctly?? Wth is happening??

  • "No I'm not a trouble maker!" Who are you and what have you done with Kevin? Edit: Nevermind I take back everything I said. This is definitely Kevin.

  • Kevins reaction to seeing his teacher is married to call me kevin. Real life kevin: wtf

  • I love that this video went from being a doctor to being a gambling addict

  • *Rich parent simulator*

  • Hes a Gemini, i dont trust this doctor.

  • the hood coming from under the doctor's coat looked like hair for a second and now I desperately want Kevin to grow a mullet

  • Why is he. Holding a pill with his thumb and pinky?

  • Honestly, I had expected any Kevin character who is a psychologist to at least convert all his patients to the worship of the cult of Great Cthulhu. ;-)

  • Alternate title: CallMeKevin plays _Midlife Crisis: The Game_ ... for 119 years. I think I've never seen a Bitlife character of Kevin's before who had maxed out 100% in all four stats? That character survived that long out of sheer spite.

  • I never heard kevin actually say fuck and not feck

  • The lesson here is completely clear. Money can’t buy happiness (Duh)

  • this episode really is the epitome of "you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain"

  • kevin!!!!!!! stylish.. 😏😏😏😏

  • It comes to show that if you cure someone, good karma comes and you may even live longer.

  • RIP Dr Smartmandude's cat, Abby Smartmandude, loving pet and family member...

  • Can we just appreciate how long it took him to read that dictionary 🥺✋

  • That intro was gold lmao

  • This mans health was amazing even at 105 wtf

  • 'Smartmandude' sounds like somebody trying to remember the name of Nepal's capital city

  • Just the thought of Kevin sitting there convincing himself that the gag was worth the trouble of trying to find that Rick and Morty clip made this video for me

  • You know it’s bad if your doctor is labeled as a surgeon simulator.

  • Genuinely Kevin's most successful life

  • No matter what life path Kevin chooses, he always ends up murdering someone.

  • The Dictionary made him all 100% on everything

  • Missed a opportunity to say I don't have the patients for this job in the intro 😕

  • The only person Kevin can't kill intentionally

  • 😭😂 Gave me such a good laugh

  • Minecraft does have an education mode so you know

  • I hate how the thumbnail looks like a classic Jesus pose but Kevinified

  • (DUB) HIGH SCHOOL DXD HERO (DUB) EPISODE 3 nolong.info/show/n6l6aWhnhJeHbYk/video.html

  • the mom and I have the same name :o

  • "I don't understand, how this person is amazing without me doing anything." That's the point Kevin.

  • Kevin is as much of a doctor as most doctors on tv

  • Kevin is such a good doctor he revived bitlife

  • I feel like there was really a missed opportunity there to make a joke about being patient for the patients 😂

  • This was obviously sponsored and you didn't make it clear. This is what's wrong with the internet

  • You sure do like playing bitlife don't you?

  • Let's play "is your accent extremely attractive more so than any Irishman alive or have I just been in lockdown for 380 days"

  • Kevin: "I want to be a doctor now" Dr. Now: "You have one munt to lose turdy pounds"

  • This is the first time i ever heard in my 1 and a half years of watching him say fuck ans not feck

  • what a wild fuckin' ride. fucking kaylee, she really was the catalyst wasn't she!

  • You rewarded that butt-spanking monkey, didn't you? C'mon Kevin, we know you did it!

  • The whole game is a Medical School Ad

  • The way kevin says "smartmandude" makes me laugh every time🤣🤣🤣!

  • I am the only one who’s commented about the fact Kevin is holding the pill with his thumb and pinky in his thumbnail..(no pun intended)

  • These intros are getting more elaborate and I’m here for it 😂

  • Why does kevin look younger the bigger his hair is

  • Call me Bitlife Kevin

  • ‘I don’t understand why this person is amazing without me doing anything!’ Kevin, you know it’s because you’re not doing anything.

  • Awesome