I accept my job is under threat! | Arsenal 0-0 Villarreal | Mikel Arteta press conference

Publisert 6. mai. 2021
0:00 - Intro
0:01 - Tonight’s elimination is a huge blow
1:05 - We have to start delivering on the pitch
1:55 - Laca was only available to play 10/15 minutes maximum
2:30 - I’ll leave to you guys to speak about progress
2:57 - We have to put the ball in the net!
3:17 - Every job is under scrutiny
3:30 - I still have faith in my ability
3:45 - Emery has always been nice to me
3:59 - We had no choice but to play Tierney
4:20 - I wouldn’t be sitting here if I couldn’t turn things around

Mikel Arteta admits his job is under threat after Arsenal are eliminated from the Europa League, following a goalless draw against Villarreal.

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  • Sack him today! #ARTETAOUT!!!

  • The process is working well Arteta, take over a top club and make them utterly useless. Duncan's questions was spot on need more journalist like him

  • #KROENKEOUT #VINIAOUT #EDUOUT #ARTETAOUT i really want these man out now

  • He dazzled us in his first press conference has Arsenal manager. But deep down we all knew this day would come. But we so thirsty for hope we allowed this nonsense to continue with the hashtags like "Be Excited" & 'Trust the process". Can't wait to hear next season's hashtag of dreams.

  • What can say now

  • Leave now

  • Not like wenger n unai era... This is world records arsenal on mid table no champion league dumb parking bus formation..

  • I'm a Chelsea fan. It's sad to see the arsenal struggling so much I hope you improve next season. We need help stopping man City from dominating for the next 3 seasons

  • We can only hope that next season we have a similar season to Chelsea 2016/17 when they didn't have Europe. If he stays we have to get top 4 with no excuses now and/or win something

  • He'll have to go back to flying Thunderbird 1.

  • arsenal themselves are responsible for this bad day and people angry , using bad words , actions reactions .

  • Why am I not seeing his luggages behind him

  • Zero qualifications for the job, a master of piffle

  • sari the new manager ?

  • Must you wait until half time to make a tactical input in a game? You clearly do not have the charisma to lead this team. You've done your best but it isn't enough for this club.

  • Arsenal board are very stupid for still keeping arteta up to now

  • Just leave Arteta you ain’t good enough, taking Auba off just proves you’re clueless. I was behind you all year and since you’ve joined. We’ve supported you, we’ve been patient but wtf was these two performances vs Villarreal??? Clearly you’re not up for this job, thanks for the work but goodbye

  • Arteta just needs to go period...!!!!!!!!!

  • He needs to be sacked. Stuck up for him, but it's time to sack him now. İt is worse than watching a Jose Mourinho team playing right now. No more questions, he needs sacking pronto!

  • Actually it's not your fault Mikel. You did what you could with all your miserable amount of experience. As I told always there is a bunch of parasites which called "board" that facilitating Kroenke's indifference and just stealing money from his pocket. It's just enough to look at their faces and you can see how they care about Arsenal. And all Wenger haters probably have realized now how big Arsen was and how much he did for making Arsenal top club.

  • Where are those fans who wanted Wenger out now? You got what you asked for.

  • Why do you look at me?

  • He Always brings Excuses and this is A Sign of a Man without Character and when you manage a Prestigious Team Like Arsenal this is Not Good Enough. ADIOS Son.

  • Sorry to be an arsenal fan 🙏 enough is enough 💔

  • Poor Arteta, he is absolutely devastated

  • Players aren't distraught

  • Conte in

  • Kroenke out. Edu out. Vinai out . Arteta out. How does bellering keep getting played (favoritism) Where is cedric ? (Our most consistent full back) What's this nonsense of two left footed c.b cannot be done ? (Gabriel & Mari) Why does willy keep getting played ?

  • “Arteta has to go, it’s as simple as that. He’s failed like Lampard." Look where chelsea are now.

  • Players didn't have the hunger. I never see the urgency in arsenal players that we had years ago. Defence is miserable,attacking players are good but don't know how to score😭

  • I am with michel

  • Good job @HaytersTV not replying 👍

  • I don't care what anyone says. I don't want to change manager. I like artera, I trust him to turn it around, these players are the problem.

  • He needs to go to the second league for practice. Bring in thiery Henry

  • Taking off auba 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Why is this guy still in is job all we here is excuses he got to go the players need a manager who can give them courage arteta not that guy he’s dole and boring the team boring if they sick with him they only get worse this job is way too big for him every one can see it he’s go to go and sooner than later

  • I don’t think the players want to play for the coach

  • You have ruined this club

  • I like Duncans question, it made him sit on the edge of his seat. I think there is no progress.

  • Arteta IN still for me but Kroenke OUT!

  • keep arteta ..the new owner will bring the legends to help him to be invisible loser :P haha

  • na boi mikel u make the team come out but hope u get the tree point on epl good luck

  • 😂😂😂Arteta has finished Arsenal😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • You're good.. Just ARSENAL IS TOO BIG FOR YOU..

  • well gooners and goonerettes stop to lamentations. Was a horrible seasson but it's a time to wake up and work hardest with seryous actions possitive attitudes the defeat hurt's but the defeats make us strongests. I percibe the good 9f this defeat in the next seasson will prepair us so mutch better,mister Mikel Arteta deserve's one opportunity under preasure like mister Stan Kroenke to stop the pesimism and begin to make inversions

  • When you are not talented you must have desire. The team had none. To take Auba out ( the only goal threat) was the dumbest decision i ve seen all season. 🤨

  • I ve always backed this manager but this was the last straw. The game plan the subtitution he does not have a clue. Thanks Mikel but it s time to go.

    • Who do you want as next manager?

  • So hurtful watching this. I don't recognise my club anymore and we have definitely REGRESSED - I see no sign of progression. 1 step forward 10 steps backwards. I don't blame arteta I blame the Incompetent people who hired a rookie manager to a big club like Arsenal. THINGS MUST CHANGE. Perfect time to tear up the script and build again. #Kroenkeout #Ekin #Artetaout

    • @HaytersTV Claudio Ranieri, Erik Ten Hag , Bielsa. Any of those 3 experienced managers will do...But we NEED an experienced manager not just a promising one.

    • Who do you want as next manager?

  • I'm pretty sure Arteta has said "it's not about talking it's about showing it on the pitch" so many times now yet he has yet to show it on the pitch. That's one of his favorites catch phrases yet he literally is all talk.

  • I still have faith in Arteta even though we drop out

  • Its time to go

  • I’m just wondering if Arteta knows what insipid means tbh :(

  • Let’s take off the main man on the team who hit the post twice 🤡

  • His tactics suck, he’s too rigid, it’s so obvious what his ideas are. All they did was overload the wings and cross it in the whole match. Partey all alone was horrible, he was getting 3-manned press and struggled to find a pass. The team passes slow as hell. Odegaard and ESR have no chemistry. And the team doesn’t even utilize the half-space at all.

  • I think it's great we are not in Europe-I would be we will make the top 4 now- we can prepare-and we can win- come on everyone

    • Like your positivity 👍

  • Arsenal fans have to be the dumbest football fans on earth (coming from an arsenal fan) from the start of this season it was clear that arteta isnt good enough, but yet week after week especially on this channel arsenal fans consistantly backed arteta repeating "trust the process" time and time again, when there was clearly no progress at all, and you see teams like chelsea who are currently champions league finalists, and look at there process didnt take years just a new manager and tatics. But we as fans have accepted lower standards and i knew the fans will finally turn on arteta when we have nothing left to play for it took you moths to see that it wasnt going anywhere, everyone is too reactional no wisdom just react to each game cant see where its going.

    • @HaytersTV Well it's obvious a good start will be to get rid of kronke but who knows of that will happen. Arteta needs to leave, he's too inexperienced he's unable to play to the players strengths he more or less forces them into his pattern of play and the players are uncomfortable in doing that, thus a lack of chemistry and causes arteta to constantly change the starting line up. He wasn't building a team but a group of invidual players that play to his demands not a functioning team of talented players. Arsenal do not need to spend any money on new players maybe just a CAM on a longer contract but we already have players that can easily fill that position. arsenal need a new defensive coach that trains the defenders to go and reach into tackles rather than letting people in, and a new manager that works with his players strengths and builds them up with confidence. For example Chelsea they already had the players and watching them the other day I saw the difference between them now under their current manger and opposed to lampard and that is that they have confidence they go into games believing they will win the players are hungry and this all stems from the manager it's not invidual players fault, as people like to blame arsenals problem on the players. Cause if u look at it logically how can willian go to one of Chelsea's best players to one of arsenals worse, how can Abu go from our best attacker to one of our worse, how did pepe go from smashing it in France to flopping at arsenal? Why is arsenal killing talent? It's the higher ups and managers that feed this mentality to these players through their ethos and if the players are not mentally strong but are suggestable they will fold and give in thus restricting their talent. Football is more mental than it is physical, higher ups are to be blamed when a group of talented players are rubbish that's it.

    • Where do we go from here?


    • @HaytersTV he's messed up so bad anyone will do

    • Who next?

  • Be gone already man. Why is he still in his job, he has failed. He had two bites at the semi and failed miserably both times. One shot on target in the second leg is unforgivable. Arsenal are an absolute joke, I won’t watch another game this season with this man in charge

    • @HaytersTV Rafa Benitez. A man with experience. Knows the English game, would definitely get a lot more out of this squad than clueless Arteta

    • Who would you like to see as the next manager?

  • This man is so Arrogant!!

  • Arteta In I trust the process

  • Full of crap. "You will see it." We seen you all season, and you are rubbish.

  • I've been backing Arteta since the beginning but that was just pathetic.

  • Banter FC😭😭

  • This is so difficult to watch.

  • Still waiting for the sack news

    • @HaytersTV Hasenhutle or Graham potter they play good attractive football and with our squad right now I think they get something out of it and also it would be the realistic options to consider with no European football next season

    • Who would you like to see as the next manager?

  • Only thing I want to be hearing from arsenal bot now that will make me happy as an arsenal fans is sack Mike

    • Who would you like to see as the next manager?

  • Arteta blaming the players when his tactics are all wrong is just disgraceful

    • He has to face the music...

  • He doesn’t like Charles!

  • Fire this guy already enough is enough ... he has done enough dame .. what more can he do? out of champions league, out of Europa league next year Arsenal will play in the relegation zone if this guys stays .. stupid management.

  • The cockney guy asked the best questions

  • Sweet talker, #getoutofourclub😡😡😡

  • The Kroenke's are going to sack him to save their face. Its the only card left for them to play. They all including Arteta has to go. Pathetic!

    • @HaytersTV Well the obvious - MASSIMILIANO ALLEGRI. If not, Spurs or Real Madrid would take him and Arsenal will be left with this 'Yes' man.

    • Who would you like to see as the next manager?

  • Bye Arteta

    • @HaytersTV allergi blad

    • who next?

  • Resign do us all a favour

    • @HaytersTV I’d like to of seen Thomas Tuchel but a bigger better and ambitious club acquired his services

    • Who would you like to see as the next manager?

  • arteta and kroenke must go!!!!

  • Looks like a school kid in charge of ex big club

  • End of the road Please leave

    • @HaytersTV Allegri, maybe, even Bielsa is a better option than Arteta

    • who next?

  • Not acceptable, go now, you are a disgrace, your tactics are shit and you haven't got a clue, completely out of your depth. Arteta OUT NOW

  • Time to build your team mr coach the pressure is off

  • Arteta took of Aubameyang when we needed a goal... that says it all really... this man is clueless and should no longer be the main man at the club

  • Mike should do the honourable thing by excusing himself from the Arsenal job. The task is greater than him.

  • Both Arteta and Edu, the technical director are sinking our beloved football club. They are both below the level we want to reach. Sack them ASAP before Arsenal becomes a mid table team like Newcastle

  • Let us not only crisize him because of the negative results he has a process is working on and somethings still he need to reach where the club was, thanks Mikel and keep on that positive response, attitude and mind 👆👏👏🙏

  • arteta just uses pep's tactical at arsenal!!!!

  • Arteta still to take on Arsenal 👆💪🙏🙏👏👏

  • He's finished 😂

  • Since kronke took over and said we will get better do better we’ve dropped out the top 4 then championship league then top 6 and now europa and now top 10 arsenal are no longer a top 6 team

  • You should resign honorably... Get out!

  • Loyalty Kills People 💔😔

  • Get this fraud out of my club.... #ArtetaOUT ASAP

  • Excuses excuses

  • Mikel , Personally I'm thankful for what you have done for Arsenal, & your Efforts . But your simply not Experienced enough for A Huge Club as Arsenal Football club. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

  • Arteta out

  • Now at least hoping a good performance for next season

  • FO

  • Arsenal has been wasteful the whole season . Cannot believe to see this team out of the european competition but the results reflects on their performance .For me ,not only the players are the causes but some other part in the organisation are to be blame

  • This guy is a clown 🤡

  • Only Arsène can fix this sh*t.

  • He should resign straight away. What a fool

  • Sack arteta bring Brendan rogers