Publisert 18. sep.. 2020
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  • Noah is so much more mature and sweet the rest are so disrespectful and immature

  • ok did anyone else see the vape when josh got up?????

  • So disrespectful blake just raised his middle finger on noah while on the video lol noah got offended but still smiles periodt

  • bruuuhh blake is so annoying :) and josh.. oh n bryce lmao

  • Why and how am I here? So cringy how hard they try to be entertaining. Go buy a shirt.

  • Noah's just blushing. . . so sweet

  • Love u guys😘😘

  • The fact that Josh has a vape under him when he’s only 18and u have to be 21 lol

  • Josh seems like Blake's younger brother

  • Oof poor Noah he’s the most polite there and is definitely getting bullied

  • Biskolata reklamı çeksin bunlar ya nxhxjxjxnxbx

  • Josh: Blake your cheese didn't even melt dude. Noah: HehHEHHEHhehehe

  • I’m 9 and I can make a better grilled 🧀

  • yall should actually us mayo on the read instead of butter


  • so nobody going to talk about brice and the vape

  • you can tell how annoyed Noah is hahaha

  • the way he talked to the guy making the pizza rubbed me.. it was rude

  • are straight dudes okay

  • Me: Laughing at josh stuffing his faces with bread

  • Love how Bryce just randomly shows up in all of these 😅

  • This is the funniest and the most painful thing I have ever watched and I love it

  • they act like not knowing how to cook a grilled cheese is hot or something 😂😭

  • I see al these comments they all true

  • Why are so many people acting like fith graders, can’t Noah and Dixie just be friends. Yeah I know they’re probably together, but who cares. Everyone is just constantly bothering them about their relationship with each other. Imagine how sick they are of it.

  • Did no one see joshes vape...?

  • What was that vape

  • Josh vapes it was on his chair

  • Sorry noah it's avy that you and Dixie a thing so um...why the hell you acting like y'all not?

  • why did i think that josh was better than Noah lik tf

  • Actually I feel like Noah is a GOD in Tik Tok💞🌹

  • anyone else notice josh's puff bar 😭

  • ok this ain’t gay but since when do y’all vape💀like i want sum🥴😭

  • Noah said YAAA to Blake LMAO

  • bryce just vaped

  • There was a Vape under Josh Richards in the beginning

  • literally the only nice guy is Noah. Thank God looks won’t last forever I hope eventually people realize what kinda of human beings they are.

  • 😂😂

  • the puff bar in the beginning lmaoo...

  • This video is incredibly confusing....i like it

  • nah looks so uncomfortable lol but i still love him

  • Blake made a burnt cheese. hahaha

  • Who else wanted to see the pizza

  • So bryce is vaping

  • Can Noah please move out of the sway house and into the hype house he is so sweet

  • Noah is so sweet

  • noah is the cutest and best out of any of the sway boys. Also stop fucking yelling for everything that doesnt make you funny bruh

  • I cook mine with turkey and cheese

  • this is so weird

  • Lmfao it said “noble baker” instead of Noah beck,if you turn on your captions 🤣

  • Doesn’t this just show that Noah’s not a total assh*Le like the rest of sway house

  • Another great talent dies in a suspicious way at the age of 21

  • Josh is so cute and funny

  • remember to pray today and everyday 👍🏾❤️ God will heal you and help you through your problems!!!!!

  • Josh is actually annoying af. The way he talked to the guy on the phone. Like dont bother people.

  • Intro song anyone?

  • Anyone notice the blue vape on the chair in the beginning lol

  • Wait Bryce vapes🤔🤭😮

  • Noah's personality is everything

  • who seen josh eating the bread by its self lol

  • no Josh it's not weird that he knows her favourite colour,,, It's called paying attention to the person ur dating.

  • Blake is literally so annoying...

  • I can’t wait til Noah and Dixie star darting 😁

  • Is it just me or did I see you when he is pushing the chair when he first started he had a Vape under him

  • Okay I have no idea who’s the blond jerk on the left but man he’s a piece of trash

  • blake do u like dixie

  • Why are them whitout shirts😐😐


  • Did everyone see that Bryce hall vapes

  • Noah is the only guy with a brain

  • i want to taste the maker joke im kidding heheeh


  • Hate seeing ppl talking like that to employees who are just trynna do their job correctly and get their pay check. You know some ppls lives depend on it and y'all just make fun of the pizza guy like that...

  • Omg. Josh attitude was so disrespectful.

  • so like I struggle with eating, but this video made me feel like I needed to get up and eat. ty

  • Blake and josh were mad disrespectful

  • y'all are kind of annoying

  • i didnt know josh smokes puff bars

  • i think we can all agree on Noah being the best, Griffin being a complete disrespectful idiot, and that other guy sucks as well.

  • I hate the way josh is throwing food on the plate

  • it’s funny how josh Richards in in the sway house with all the f boys when just like 2 years ago he was one of those weird musically kids😹

  • I feel like Noah looks like Jim halpert lol

  • The small boy is really annoying

  • Yooo right in front of my salad

  • Noah is so sweet! 😍

  • 0:28 yall saw that on the chair right...? or was it just me 😂🧑‍🦯

  • I dont think that Noah is a f-boy he is cute idk

  • These dumb tokers (except Noah) need to get a life dude. Like guys pulling weights and talking rudely to everyone doesn’t fucking make you look cool. Grow up man. Bruh josh and Blake are literally so annoying it makes my blood boil.

  • noah is soo shy and respectful i’m kinda shocked

  • Popular opinion: Josh is an idiot, oh yeah, and Blake too

  • sway boys are the offbrand of nelk boys. even that seems a bit too much. they seem really tryhard.

  • Black hair one needs to know hes not cool😂😂😂hes a insecure person

  • Self absorbed simp this lad

  • I love Noah 💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️

  • Guy on the left was unbearable to watch towards the end of the video, ruined the vibes for me😬

  • Why were they so mean to Noah : (

  • I’d like to see any of these guys try to use a map

  • nobody: Josh: casually eating a piece of bread

  • I feel like high belongs with team 10

  • Wait Bryce vapes