Publisert 18. sep.. 2020
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  • i just cant

  • It’s so funny at the end josh is just trying to show off

  • Noah is the only boy out of sway that actually has a brain

  • when you see the vape at the beginning of the video lol

  • You had Noah so sick

  • Ble me your tiktok now April 2021

  • Noah is taking this so seriously 😂

  • I would totally be josh just eating the bread

  • lol when he said small i thought he was talking bout bryce lol

  • Noah's laugh at 8:28 kills me

  • Hi blake you should do a workout vlog !

  • I love how josh was in the back eating plain bread and acting like it was a full corse meal 😂😂😂

  • I can make one way better than both of those and I’m 13 like bruhhhhh

  • Dose josh smoke too?

  • I like how all the comments are about Noah on BLAKE'S channel ahah

  • This is so boring oh my

  • wait... Josh has a vape in the chair with him..? go to 0:27-0:29 and slow it down, I did not see it at first... Am I late to this or something??

  • Ponga subtitulado en español porfas 🇨🇷

  • So no one is gonna talk about Josh’s nic 😂😂😂

  • Love❤😘

  • 🥪Jennifer Lopez rym

  • RymJennifer Lopez

  • Why are they so ridiculous to the pizza the guy

  • I feel like Noah Beck is the only down-to-earth guy from the app. Blake and Josh seem like complete tools... lmao.

  • 8:30 Noah's laugh Awwww

  • At the end Bryce the personal trainer

  • Noah's tha cutest and taler and chase and Josh and Bryce

  • Blake.woooowww watch ur tone big boy

  • I met Noah beck in real life

  • I really like Noah beck he is so sweet

  • Noah : Im LiKe JuSt GiVeInG iT sOmE eXtRa FlAvOr WiTh ThE bUtTeR chefs : ............Uhhhh......whatttttt........

  • Josh has such a kid mentality and don’t even get me started on how he was talking to the pizza guy

  • And Bryce hall💅

  • Peep the vape in joshes hand

  • Dixie's baby Noah...but both r my babies....#doahforever

  • i love how josh was just casually eating bread in the back

  • Tbh i come back a lot because josh looks good with this haircut lmfao

  • °°°° Noah and dixie dating now! °°°°

  • noah neck

  • pov : u r here for Noah >3

  • the guy on the left is so annoying

  • U all dropped this 👕 lol

  • Why they being so mean to Noah

  • Por que Josh es tan cute comiendo

  • Little Griffy girl😂😂😂😁😁😁

  • Do you know that I get a coffee again Bear I want any of us a dog98700000

  • im 12 and im better at cooking (no hate)

  • Noah is so sweet he’s not actuallyAnnoying he’s cute he’s funny he deserves a good life stead of all those jerks out there in the sway house

  • i feel bad for Noah in this a little he looks so sad even when hes smiling but hes so happy when they say dixies name


  • why do i feel like the sway boys are soooooo different the Noah ,Noah is way gentle and many who loves hes loved one

  • Wheb i was little i would call it "Girlcheese" sandwitch !!! ahahahahah

  • is this a prison video 🤮

  • Who can eat the most Big Macs

  • “ I was with nessa for 9 months and didn’t know her favorite color” ?? Congratulations?? Tf🙄

  • Can everyone please go to 8:30 time in the video and listen to Noah laugh 🥺😂

  • The old wish sequently smell because grasshopper naturalistically avoid like a equal soup. astonishing, gaudy ukraine

  • It is sad that i am 13 and can make a bet grilled cheese that that

  • Look at josh he is saying that Noah beck that he is skinny looks at your self 😂😂😂😂

  • Ok Noah is the nicest and most polite of almost all TikTok boys

  • LA and all these tik tokers except Noah seem so frickin toxic. Is that what’s making money these days???

  • Josh: what’s Dixie’s favorite color Noah: red,blue,white and black Blake: that’s crazy Josh: how do you know cause I was dating ness a for like 9 months and I didn’t even know what her favorite color was Me: 🤣😂🤣🤣😅😂🤣 This happened at 4:24 btw Also josh to noah 24\7 Is ThAt HoW dIxIe DoEs It!?!??

  • Josh is a mix of 13 and 19

  • josh is so cute 😭

  • Charli: their friends...? Vs. Blake and Josh: what’s Dixie’s favorite color? Is that how Dixie butters her bread?

  • Every comment is about noah

  • Did Josh ever get his pizza?😁😁😁😂😂

  • Imma be honest I wished I was in the sway team Ngl so I can chase my dreams and help the guys out cause we’re like fam 🥺but everbody dreams can come true which I hope soo😔

  • Omg I lost it when Noah said “do you have any basil” OMFGG

  • Imagine not knowing how to make grilled cheese 🤣

  • is josh really eating plain bread lol.

  • who's watching this like '' ugh such idiots

  • 1:48 wait who is he talking about lol

  • This was posted 7 days before they said they started dating

  • Noah is the guy in the house

  • how they spoke to the pizza guy is actually so cringe

  • This looks so gay yet so straight at the same time my brain can't cope

  • Can the skinny guy never be on a video again

  • the ONLY reason im not clicking out of this is because noah is in the video

  • The strange target individually trap because scarf finallly bomb per a enthusiastic breath. concerned, dull vacation

  • Endless make your own muscle music lol and dont forget the pink

  • Play the macho man and dance together

  • Ummmm.... I’m just wondering if they own shirts 😂

  • Pizza dude: no we make REGULAR PIZZA SIR.

  • watching this was horrible, most disrespectful boys ever. You shouldn't be famous

  • noah dont change..looks like a really nice chill mature respectable dude. the others are trash, immature and annyoing af.

  • Sway boys are the best I wish I can be one

  • noah the one who tries

  • Realistically Noah seems so nice!

  • Noah is the one who is a special guest and they hardly let him talk when is the brains

  • Coming back to watch this and knowing Noah and Dixie are dating is HILARIOUS

  • im sorry but is that a VAPE on joshes chair at the begining.

  • noah is the only normal one

  • Noah such a nice dude!! smiles back after being bullied

  • Wait did Noah and Dixie break up 😭🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • they are so mean to NO-AH

  • I known my bff for five years and still don’t know her favorite color

  • 1:29 look at josh lol

  • I thought josh was also the guys who is sweet and kinda i guess im wrong

  • Turn to Jesus