I Ranked *EVERY* Fortnite Collab! (Tier List)

Publisert 7. mai. 2021
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  • I seen the thumbnail and immediately haha'd as I clicked to watch XD

  • Cable is from Deadpool 2 the movie

  • "I loved playing halo when I was a teenager" Respect.

  • Taskmaster is a assassin

  • Neymar skin gets zero cause there is no dive emote

  • 4:14 you sure we don't

  • does he know that robby amell is steven amell brother and steven is the actor that plays the arrow. lol

  • Psycho bandit please come back

  • I would kill to see some of the concept art

  • Me still wanting the wildcat skin but the nintendo for it is to expensive😔

  • Doesn’t play as much as he does these days -Lachlan Power 2021

  • 21:29 it was actually Brutu's pickaxe and backbling.

  • Cable is THICC -Lachy

  • Do a tier list of all pic axes!

  • Wel now we do have super man

  • People asking why Batman is s tier? Batman:because I’m Batman!!!

  • Imagine aot in fortnite it would ruin the anime but it would be cool to have eren as a skin

  • Taskmaster analyzes peoples fighting styles and find the weakness and uses it against them. That is what he does

  • I hope they add pokemon

  • What about the Galaxy skin It's with Samsung

  • I want to see ash skin

  • He put flash and green arrow that low. He just lost a subscriber

  • Watch stranger thibgs

  • Did he say nikee NO

  • 11:00

  • Yet he predicted we did have Superman then 2 weeks season 7 started and Superman is the secret skin now waiting Wrote this at 10:09 June 15 2021

  • You literally knew nothing about most of what these collabs are from.

  • You forgot to put rick

  • Funnest

  • Star Wars is the best

  • Cable is from x-men

  • Cable is the grapes actor

  • Psycho bandit personally is my favorite I love the border lands games and have every single game

  • Sorry for what I said about your skin your skin is dope but not as good as the flash

  • Scroo you your skin is ass compared to the flash

  • Listen here you are my favorite fortnite youtuber but dont disrespect my flash I've been watching the show since day 1 and he is WAY better than your skin infact 100 times better

  • Bliss is a skin?

  • Pp bad vido

  • Was vibing to the Rocket League theme song at the beginning!

  • Bro I should watch the arrow

  • Since you don’t know about taskmaster he will be in the black widow movie

  • Cable is from Deadpool 2

  • Let’s me guess favorite is Lachlan skin

  • I guess I stopped playing when ant man came out

  • I'm so sad. You did that to the flash. Mmmmm no

  • We don’t have super man yet, me: well we do now

  • Who is here wen super man exixt

  • 4:16 oh really

  • Dose he just put all the NOlongrs just to not pis them off

  • Where is the normal Harley quin?

  • Fortnite x Dora

  • Fortnite x Rick and morty

  • Ant man is actually an underrated skin

    • @MZC Plays 1. It’s not thick 2. The color patterns are pretty well 3. It goes well with ice breaker and the red and silver go together great. Once you actually play with it it’s good

    • disagree

  • “We don’t have Superman yet” :) just you wait a month

  • Cable is from deadpool 2

  • 14:16 we don’t have Superman yet, season 7:here’s your Superman

  • Only if I could play fortnite I would buy your skin but hopefully 1 more year then I can cause I might get my Nintendo Switch

  • “We don’t have Superman yet”

  • Kraros on dope and master chief pretty much two tiers above..... ok

  • Kind of sus

  • How did he not know cable was from dead pool 2

  • Whos in her is Fortnite season 7 chapter 2 what do you mean Lachlan he’s in Fortnite bassicaly

  • I watched Stranger things and btw Hopper is amazing

  • Τηατ τηορ ισ ψομιψ βοοκ τηορ

  • Task master has photographic memory so he can pretty much watch Rambo and John wick and be the most dangerous man in the universe

  • In my opinion daimond hanz is not cool at all

  • Thats a good list

  • 16:39 HAKEYE WTH

  • We have superman now 😂

  • Damn have you watch any shows in your life

  • I'm confused did he forget beast boy

  • All of them are shit

  • Cable is from Deadpool he's the enemy in Deadpool 2

  • cabels from deadpool

  • We dont have superman Lachy-2021

  • we have superman soon

  • Do you have no child hood

  • Who misses when Lachlan but the dolphin noises when he cursed


  • Cable actually plays thanos in end game and infinity war

    • Of course you but the Lachlan skin in My Favorite 🙄

  • Dude taskmaster is a black widow villain and he has a ability that let's him copy his opponent's moves so he makes people do tasks and learns from them and after fights them

  • Lachlan in season seven teen super man will be getting added.😀

  • Ok but his skin is dope tho not gonna lie I was grounded when it came out

  • What website or app do you use for this?

  • I love you,

  • The pronunciation of Aloy hurt my soul

  • Me watching dis in chapter2 season 7

  • Yes Lachlan ghost rider is one of the most powerful marvel characters

  • I don’t say that’s dope I say that’s sick

  • Stonksss

  • And now there’s Rick and Superman

  • Cable is from deadpool

  • Astro Jack is 100% in my opinion s tier

  • I love Lachlan but it’s funny that he doesn’t think playing video games all day isn’t a vacation

  • 7:58 is that why though

  • U broke me

  • U put The joker in dope but Green Arrow minor yikes

    • Because he doesnt look that good

  • you can get superman now as well

  • They all suck