rocket league on hard mode

Publisert 17. jan.. 2021
This car is super weird. It has caused me pain. But we try it. Rocket league. Thanks for watching my rocket league videos, let me know what you think :)
→Twitter: Fire_RL
→Instagram: fireisgarb
Intro song: Julian Avila - Night Boy
Ending song: Maazel - Dead Inside
I play Rocket League on PC
I use a Scuf PS4 Controller
I am 17 yrs old
I edit with Sony Vegas 16
I use Bakkesmod (a Rocket League modding program thingy) for alpha boost, the beta nugget is real doe
#ad #add #addd
Rocket League Camera Settings (I change them a lot)
Aerial 1.90, Steering 1.80
Deadzone: 0.20, 0.33
Rocket league controls are default except for air roll and powerslide
Air Roll: L1/LB
Powerslide: L1/LB
Tornado (air roll left) : L3
Scoreboard: any dpad button
I started playing Rocket League about a month after it came out in August 2015. Eventually I discovered then-called JHZER's videos and got super into learning how to freestyle. After a while I joined my first team called Hexicon as a freestyler in around July 2016 and later Pulse in September 2016. My rocket league style has changed a bunch over time, nowadays I really enjoy playing mutators along with freestyling with my friends. I'm not huge into competitive but I find that fun as well. Rocket League is a cool game.



  • Don't you mean hand mode

  • İ like your face

  • Fire you know?

  • That is literally by barcode 😂😂😂

  • Have you thought that Australians don’t care if your in winter while they are in summer

  • I feel bad for the mustard flick

  • guys how can ı add subtitles for my language ? ı want to make subtitles

  • 16:50 when he gets the musty triple

  • You need to try out the ford f150

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  • He got a sniper in the background

  • 10:39 We've all been there.

  • This man fully took up the the whole video/1hr 30mins on one shot i mean i cant say much i cant get close to a freestyle or any fancy shots but still 😂😂😂

  • He said he cant flick with this car, can he flick with the octane? Yes. He is blaming the car, they have the same hitbox.

  • Fire: this car is like octane but not at all.. Me:

  • 15:12 LOLOLOL

  • 5:46 LMAO

  • fire: *complaining about shot taking to long also fire: " wasn't clean enough for me"

  • Nice vid fam

  • Fire i am terrible.... Me that is a miracle when i do a air dribble..

  • Its a human molester with its hands Ablert ensteiin

  • what is the name of that lanctern goal explosion??

  • :) have a good day

  • It is the best car for air dribbles because the hands grab the ball as you go

  • Ever wonder how many times this man cries in these types of videos

  • It is like octane with depression

  • 13:57. PULSE FIRE has turned into a dog

  • you are the best youtuber i was laughing my face off holy frick

  • Bro how do you not have a mil

  • But fire isn’t garb

  • I had rocket league on nightmare mode

  • Fire: *Hits a double reset musty double tap* “bro I’m so trash” Me: *still can’t air dribble* “Yh that’s tru”

  • Fluid dynamics... Do... Work in air... Air is a fluid......

  • 7:54 my brain in math exams be like

  • Fire i agree with you about the fckin farmstead map

  • how do you make the ball go so fast into the net in training?

  • Bruh fire why the hell is your code fireisgarb are you saying your garbage your a legend!

  • Weird *

  • I like the writer face he makes xD

  • Daniels name is gizmo

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  • 15:36 perfectly cut scream

  • Those Apple Jacks had to be getting soggy

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  • Great tip: If you are bad at things get good at them 🙄🙄

  • How many times do you reckon fire jumps around in his chair???

  • I love how fire just stayed in school hee gonna be big brain 🧠

  • This guy is so funny 😂

  • So we are just going to ignore the fact that he has a nerf gun, in the back.

  • 21:31 What is the plugin to do that ?

  • 22:02 your welcome

  • Who just steered at the chat saying “hI yT

  • He got an Ohm symbol on his chair Pog

  • i cant tell if you just became my favrite youtuber or if your just the funniest rocket leuge player


  • This vid went from shots to shot

  • i hit it 14 degrees 2 down- albert einstein

  • I liked the part when he whiffed

  • Fire: WHY AM I SO WORRIED ABOUT IT!?!?? His next shot: (20:37) Fire: gets a 170 pinch The AFK ARENA AD: THUNDER (23:00)

  • Did everyone see fires nerf gun in the background

  • “Yo they never said that shit” -George Washington

  • Pulse misses shot *instantly falls asleep*

  • “In the northern direction” don’t u mean up.....

  • but it is summer in the winter!

  • “Cat water”

  • "Why is there so many quotes?" The geneva convention

  • Air dribble pancake into musty for next?

  • i love the thing he does with his hands when he says "welcome back to the channel"

  • how did he make the ball go fast like that (ik its bakkesmod but how?) 19:10

  • *Nobody:* *My dog when someone’s at the door: **13:58*

  • 20:14 look at the comments

  • need a zsr vid....

  • If he likes in 10 minutes ill use code fireisgarb

  • This car is not bad pulse also pulse this car is garb

  • What about shots with the breakout 😳👊

  • Try a double mustard flick

  • That was my main car for a month before I didn’t know I can’t trade in items

  • 7:15 when the flu shot gives you autism 12:55 the cheerleaders when the star player has a tumor the size of the football

  • I love how everybody in the game get their rocket credits easily, We get our credits from

  • I love how everybody in the game get their rocket credits easily, We get our credits from

  • Love you, you make me laugh all the time

  • U may or may not see this I dunno but u know what is ur mic cause I want mic for cheap and if ur mic is no for cheap I still wanna know what it is cause it’s C0000L

  • 3:10 Athena flick

  • Only thing I can pay attention too in this vid was the nerf sniper rifle in the background

  • Oh no I ment 16:07

  • Me watching at 16:00 also me is this whole video gonna be shot 1

  • “Quote” - quoter man or woman

  • Anyone notice his room and his camera looks better :I

  • Please fix a better camera, no hate just a suggestion :)

  • 14:05 **Sighs** aggressively eats mac n cheese

  • I Bet U cant do a simple airdribble without airrolling all time Bro, U Just cant xD

  • I love how everybody in the game get their rocket credits easily, We get our credits from

  • I'm curious how everybody on Rocket League get their Credits easily, and i get my Credits from

  • Can you do car series

  • I am in summer in the winter -DaBaby

  • You're like the pewdiepie of rocket league

  • What rank are fire

  • Quickest ad I’ve seen