George And Will Watch Cool Cat (2015)

Publisert 4. mai. 2021
Today WillNE and I sit down and watch Cool Cat Saves The Kids, the best film ever made.
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  • literally morgs

  • Cool cat would be deadly on the streets of London

  • as a credit and editor this is $h/=

  • Fun fact: Those kids at the Hollywood thing weren’t actors. There was a Cool Cat book series and I guess many fans loved it.

  • I want that fursuit so bad

  • When she saids shes home alone: 13:35

  • i started watching this after the dhar mann video and forgot it was a different video

  • 9:13 lol

  • It shocks me that Will doesn't know about Cool Cat since clearly he was one of the kids who was rescued

  • The guy who opens the door looks like prince andrew 😂😂😂😂😂

  • At least that this channel is better than morgz

  • This movie confuses me What kind of drugs i must inhale to understand this?

  • that is the single worst fursuit i think I've ever seen

  • there is a " Cool Cat fights Coronavirus". wtf

  • Imagine your having a great day, your taking a beautiful walk. You look to your left. A FURRY IN A CAT COSTUME TELLING LITTLE KIDS THAT THEY LOOK SUPER PRETTY

  • i have been scouring the internet for the full movie, where the hell did you watch this

  • George and Will should watch CATS the musical

  • cool cat sounded like Steve O

  • Make a pert 2 but show the whole thing

  • Oh no...What have you done? It'll be IHE all over again.

  • In case anyone didn't know the police officer is a porn star. Saw that on someone else's review for this film

  • there’s also one called *”cool cat finds a gun”* and *”cool cat fights coronavirus”*

  • They don't know night rider. I'm offended lol

  • hes a cat cuz hes a furry

  • george is a furry

  • "We're both big fans of bullying" deffo commentary NOlongrs

  • Darth Vader or the bully

  • Alt title:a furry tries to stop anti-furries from raiding furry discord servers

  • Is that Pyro?

  • I would like this better if it cool monke man

  • Just like how gg and ez cancel each other out, healthy and tasty do the same

  • Pls watch the cats film holy moly

  • The bully looks like he should be bullied

  • Cool cat sounds like rock lee

  • Yasssss we need more of the inspirational Cool Cat...

  • 911 theres a cat predator

  • You should buy all his merchandise like cool cat says `it’s groooovy’. I want to die after saying that 😂

  • This is so among us

  • very good


  • Ngl this a Memeulous video at its finest

  • The bully looks like lil esco 28 if he had blond hair

  • As someone who gets bullied I can say I found this very funny

  • 0:00 just wait till you watch "What's Up: Balloon to the Rescue!"

  • "A bully just took my candy and he's right there!" *Literally right across the street*

  • 11:09 casting couch

  • Cool cat solves Africa food and water problems

  • Cool cat is a wrongun

  • cool cat was a map before Twitter furries made it popular

  • I wouldn't mind if it was like the early 21st century but it's bloody 2015, the quality is poor for when it was released.

  • I’m not convinced George isn’t a furry at this point

  • I tought I was bullied in 2016&2017&2018 but now I realised they were just trying to became friends with me

  • Cool cat is a Mary Sue

  • 6:13 I would reply with "No u"

  • I only have one thing to say: NEIL BREEN

  • When the cat is a pedophile

  • Im too sober to watch this

  • Next time on George and Will watching a bad movie: Trolls World Tour Note: I love this movie so much

  • I hope everyone has seen Derek Savages latest movie, “Cool Cat Fights Coronavirus.

  • This is after Vivica A. Fox was in Kill Bill btw

  • Back in the day there was a big fight going on between George Savage and and a NOlongr known as I hate everything this fight was huge even the odd ones out found it George Savage was like the old vegan teacher

  • Hahaha

  • You can see the reflection of the cameraman and crew in cool cat’s eyes

  • disclaimer i asked my nan which video i should watch between the furry and gordon and she choose the furry

  • kid took other kid candy police: put your hands behind your back.

  • I want to bully cool cat

  • Check out the conflict with Alex from I Hate Everything.

  • oh no a nine-millimeter Gunn!!! what do we do!??

  • The first school shooting😂😂😂

  • Kwel kat

  • god i'm really realizing how Cool Cat sounds so much like Billy,,,,,, The Exterminator holyfuck lmaooo

  • You should make a 'I love being a bully!' T-Shirt

  • 11:07 it's literally the morgz family

  • My life will be complete whenever George Memeulous violently cyber bullies me

  • He sounds like dar Mann lol


  • 15:12 *pumped up kicks intensifies*

  • I need more.

  • Everyone needs to see the ihe cool cat saga

  • "i love cats" shane dawson appears

  • Now we know what memeulous’s fursona is

  • the cat looks like hes not running to protecting kids he's only stopping kidnappers from kidnapping his victims

  • I’ve seen Cool Cat & seen many many reviews on it but nothing was better than watching Will in physical pain

  • Let's see you do some graph

  • Yo. A sequel would be fire

  • Kool Kat= BiG nOnCe

  • ಠ⌣ಠ

  • 10:05 I got a notification listening to this my notification sound is the sun from Rick and Morty screaming

  • Plot twist: Cool Cat is Fred under the mask and Momma Cat is John Cena under her mask

  • why does cool cat sound like pee wee herman

  • Read the google reviews on this movie, trust me you won’t regret it

  • Sure that’s derick all I see is Shane Dawson

  • HOW TO BEcome a furry 101 or How to become A NONCE 101

  • “I just got an email from a Jon Doe!” Jon Doe is a term used to identify unknown bodies

  • Please watch cool cat fights the corona virus

  • 15:19 All the other kids with the pumped up kicks

  • 7:50 wow 😯 did he say the N word 😬

  • furries against bullying

  • This is the most bizarre crossover I’ve ever seen in my life. George and Cool Cat?! Edit: You missed the guy in the background slowly backing back into his house at 4:45.

  • Next movie cool cat stops September 11