Breakfast On A Wednesday

Publisert 25. okt.. 2020
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  • Bro this is deep😳

  • People look at the thumbnail The People HOLY SHIT! WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM

  • This is not just supposed to be funny, this is supposed to be reality......

  • The rice krispy guys would be very scary.

  • That made me so uncomfortable when he said" bring it up to those lucius lips" I think there's something else going on other than cereal😂😭

  • im so lonely that i wouldn't be bothered to have a friendly imaginary bud, to tell me "don't cry"

  • I was hoping he'd punch the shit out of the tiger and it would be a gore mess, but the ending was good nonetheless

  • This video ruined cereal for me, thanks for a better lifestyle meat canyon

  • Man, you never know what you’re gonna get with meatcanyon... one week it’s a serious video about addiction, the next it’s a video about the magic school bus kids entering Mrs. Frizzle’s “Sandbox”

  • show like this are always disturbing.

  • The scary part about this is the fact that addiction is really like this. The qoute " I'll do it tomorrow " Has a deeper meaning.

  • I want to see stranger things next or Tom and jerry

  • I actually do that to my girlfriend. 😂 Rub her shoulders, kiss her neck, "C'mere".

  • wanna hear the background music:

  • "Are you losing, son?" "Not anymore, Tony."

  • Imagine if this was a sleep pralines deamon

  • Why does this hit home

  • this is really scary

  • this is dark and depressing, makes me feel bad about fat people...

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  • My first time watching him and I’m genuinely scared of the faces

  • This was so disturbing and entertaining

  • Its

  • I think I got a competeter for meat canyon called hey kids

  • This is a sad video to be honest

  • dude this is to real

  • I start up a video about a depressed man trying to make healthy changes in his life but is having a struggle fighting his sugar addiction... And I get a Hershey's chocolate ad before it even starts. Lol

  • It really do be like that though😔🥲LOL🤣😂😅🥲😔

  • He didn't even add milk. He's being forced to eat dry cereal. Poor guy.

  • I was gonna say something abt how I want tony to raw my ass but. . . CwC. . . nvm

  • That Tiger sounds gay

  • I can't, even Tony propouncing, "Joshua" is.. kdnsjdjdjsksjjdid

  • comere comere

  • He's creepy as heck

  • "n o w w h o s y o u r l i t t l e t i g e r." 𝖄𝖔𝖚 𝖆𝖗𝖊 That Scared Me.

  • this is wierd but still like it

  • This is just...weird. I expected Tony to rip apart the guy or something and kill him instantly, but instead of instantly he’s killing him slowly and sadly. Really just makes me sit there and think

  • My when this came out: ha, i act like this My after learning to bake cakes yesterday: I act like this

  • Really did my man dirty no milk

  • Thii is so creepy!

  • imagine of the owner of the cereal sees this ._.

  • Just get regular corn flakes.

  • This is more sad then disturbing

  • 1:10

  • That’s how it is with fat people and hungry people and me

  • You need to make a new show with a combination animation and real life like this. It would be an instant adult swim style classic.

  • he forgot the milk

  • uncomfy my fuch .0. wasnt expecting to share this dude's name

  • All of his videos are disturbing but very funny lmao

  • This would also work for soda companies.

  • This is somewhat motivational in a terrifying way

  • I will never look at the frosted flakes commercial the same way again

  • OH MY GOD i just realised its a reverse robot and frank refrence

  • I came here for disturbing art style, not the disturbing scenario of temptation.

  • Gracias sr pelo Ahora que me acuerdo este tipo se parece a nikocado AGUACATE

  • this made my skin crawl.... and subbed

  • I'll never see my frosted flakes the same again

  • Love it

  • I’m gonna go eat some frosted flakes

  • WOW

  • He looks like your version of James corden

  • It’s the three chins for me

  • 1:30 I'm kinda scared-

  • Why does this feel so fucking sinister

  • This ruined the Frosted Flakes tiger for me

  • This is just like me trying to quit coca cola. It's true.

  • This perfectly resembles trying to lose an addiction and depression. Always your brain telling yourself thats you can always start tomorrow, or that it‘s okay and that you work hard and you deserve a break or reward.

  • Is no one gonna talk about how he just ate the cereal without milk or water

  • I can always start tomorrow

  • Damn this looks like Nikokado Avocado

  • Ok so this one is legit just sad rofl.

  • Tony is demon tiger.

  • My name is Joshua. I dont want to eat frosted flakes anymore...

  • The song in the background is literally called “breakfast on a Wednesday”

  • id rather have not bought the cereal

  • All these big mfs coming on here like “this isn’t a joke guys” lmao laugh at yourself guys, loosen up. I’m skinny as fuck and have struggled with eating enough my whole life. Anytime I see people laughing about eating disorders or something I’m not getting all serious about it

  • I literally thought Tony was going to beat the living sh*t out of Joshua at any point in this video, with zero context whatsoever. 😳

  • I think this is probably one of the animations that are wholesome and not scary and grousome

  • That was a really weird video

  • LOL

  • the tiger kinda sexy

  • bruh when he said here here come here whos your tiger my face droped yo why is this sooo funny

  • the cycle of sadness because he will do this over and over again and hate him self till the day he die's it's real horror and its terrifying

  • nicovada avacado......

  • I jumped when he said my name