Wormholes Explained - Breaking Spacetime

Publisert 12. aug.. 2018
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Are wormholes real or are they just magic disguised as physics and maths? And if they are real how do they work and where can we find them?
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Wormholes Explained - Breaking Spacetime


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    • Wormholes only work in the subjective world possibly

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    • I hate videos like this that LIE! THERE ARE WORM HOLES! ALSO. WHY ALL THE FUCKING Explanations about something that could be fake?! SO why even have video? Fucking waste Of time. Your a fuckin fool. Do some REAL FACT WORK! 100% FACTS! ALL THESE LIES AND THEORY SHT

    • @Kevin Vejar Fuck off, 6 year old.

    • Ok

  • This is brilliant and ridiculous all at the same time. These geniuses that contemplate the univers just made me feel better about doing manual labor for a living. I’m essential, not theoretical.

  • I saw the TARDIS

  • Black holes used to also only exist in theory too, never stop hoping y'all!

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  • I wonder what all the spirits will see happen in the future from heaven

  • u say exotic matter i call it crack energy

  • When NOlong teaches you more than school

  • But if you get enough exotic matter to push the gravity away then how will you travel through wormhole? Wouldn't you get repelled harder than a neutron star attracts you?

  • i slept through this video 3 times. each time never able to finish watching the video. maybe from the beginning itbis so out of touch. i hope to be able to watch the vid till the emd one day

  • Stargates! Those were definitely stargate

  • 7:25 Tardis

  • why is channel's name kurzgesagt?

    • It´s German for In a Nutshell

  • I mean, that journey in time is impossible. Time can go slow or speed, but we can't travel to future or to past, because if we can travel in time, there may be some paradoxes, like meet yourself. And also, if travelling in time was possible, we'll could meet people travelling from the future. I really think we'll never craft a time machine.

  • And wormholes can only be small for now

  • Wormholes can be a thing because space is endless and in order to teleport something has to be endless and wormholes can exist then

  • Wormholes are very real, we are living in a multiverse, a series of matrixes nested one in each other, just like our body (our mind/ego gives us the illusion we are only our body and emotions while we are all divine multidimensional beings) ... anything that is matter cannot go through (as an engineer having studied quantum physics with a teacher who was had a PhD and made his thesis on he subject of dark matter and black holes) since our Soul is our enlightened body and has no weight, it is the only way to travel through spacetime and only the shamans can do this... when you look at a person's body, it can be seen as a Thor, (when you include the subtle bodies, that only the shamans, mediums, psychics can see with their eyes), and in the same way when you modelize wormholes they look like a Thor too, each human is a microcosm at the image of the macrocosm of the multiverse. shamans reach hightened states of consciousness either by using psychedelics masterplants (for those who come from latin america or with advanced breathing, like kevala kumbhaka or with the vibrations of the drum), only those who meditate for several years can become shamans (the good news is anyone can do it). Once you develop extra sensory perceptions (by letting go when you meditate), you receive information from the quantum field (that the shamans call the Nagual, where everything is possible, where our Soul which is immortal resides) via our perceptions (clearaudiance, for those who receive visual information), clear audiance for those who receive information through their ears, kinesthetic for those who can feel, cleargustiance for those who receive inforamtion through their taste, clear sentience through the smell ... at the other side of theis bridge a cave made of quartz can be found with a Council of Light with 13 Beings of Light and the purpose of life is to reach this place (our Soul is reincarnating in a cycle of 108 incarnations, once we reach this place and reach self-realization by raising our Kundalini energy along our central energy channel in our body - meaning along our chakras, endocrine glands where the energy is coming from in our body) ... shamans are humans who have the ability to make their 3rd eye (Pineal Gland - portal to other dimensions) and all the other endocrine glands vibrate at the quantic resonance frequency to raise the Kundalini energy ... scientists should open their mind, start to meditate to become shamans and act to heal the world and every human one by one spiritually ... stay safe and secure, for those who would like to live their healthiest & happiest life they can practice some Soma breathwork energized meditation ... anything that is natural is good for you : fruits and vegetables which are alcaline, bretahing doing sports to be fit, intermittent fasting and even long term fasting by drinking water, which helps to clean the body from the unnecessary cells, lose weight and negatie thoughts ... we live in a Supernature our breath can set us free ... Einstein's Quote : The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift ... Love & Light to all Human Beings

  • Are this things even real or it's just fiction

  • This is how they made the portal games

  • If a wormhole is something that is faster than the speed of light or can appear anywhere, then could it be possible to get into the event horizon of a white hole or used to get out of the event horizon of a black hole

  • 6:15 is helium in a balloon not negative mass, if not then magnets could also push other objects away

  • wow!

  • But woudn't exotic matter be impossible to see? Since to observe something you use light and light would simply go around the exotic matter. I'm saying this because if this is true then exotic matter might not just be true but actually exist in our universe and we're just unable to see it

  • that sounds easy huh

  • Elon Musk needs to see this!!

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  • Whats up with that 80s mall music in the background xD

  • Wormholes are cool 😎

  • nobody, litterally nobody: me at 3 AM: cool wormholes!

  • At last I would like to conclude that we can't make a wormhole now.......or till the next 100 years......or till infinitive time ..

  • snazzy

  • NOlong in 3020, How to build a black hole in 5 minutes. Copied

  • In a few billion years." Mom I need to go back to earth for a sec"

  • if these are wormholes, I'd hate to see the Worm.

  • I want to believe! This is so cool!

  • "Nobody can understand me and that's their fault" - Albert Einstein

  • 7:25 telephone booth? again?

  • I 😍 Kurzgesagt

  • Gametheory matpat looked at portals from the game portal he said you would be crushed if you ho in there but now just use anti mad

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  • I like your funny words magic man.

  • I N T E R S T E L L A R

  • but wouldn't the exotic matter push you away when you enter the wormhole?

  • Is it possible to create a portal gun?

  • who came here after watch interstellar say Hi

  • You said that Exotic Matter has -m, and -m is repulsive, so wouldn't the worm hole just get bigger and bigger and bigger?

    • Theoretically, we would be able to find an equilibrium between the force of gravity and the forces opposing it.

  • Really dig the Retrowave/synthwave vibes in this video. You should do that more often.

  • Тут выход сознания из сказки✓! Насколько вы, доверяете системе и знаете ли вы, что это такое на самом деле? Ты хомосапиенс, и ты не можешь родить ребёнка дома самостоятельно? Это программа, в которой мы живём и думаем, что эволюционируем и развиваемся впервые!Насколько хорошо, вы, изучили своё тело на протяжении своей жизни, если вам конечно интересно это всё? ✓Прививки и Радиоимпланты✓! Пока вы тут тратите время, на просмотры всякой, всячины, вот, что происходит вокруг! Если, прижмурясь смотреть на свет и фокусироваться как можно ближе, можно увидеть мир клеток оболочки глаза! Это очень интересно!) Если вы не знаете этой информации, то на вас распространяется поговорка✓Век живи, век учись и дураком помрёшь✓Внутренний голос (Подставные чувства, подставные мысли, ведёшся или не ведёшся!) Оказывается это не естественно для человека.Внутренний голос это радио импланты в теле! Работают, спецслужбы! Кремль гадает лучше чем Цыгане на привокзальной! Привет, из роддома! 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  • humanity have made a black hoke which means wormholes may be possible

    • Humanity didnt create black holes

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  • Maybe we're inside a black hole type things.

  • NOlong in future be like: Building a wormhole in 10 minutes! (GONE WRONG)

  • I think I need to watch it more than once coz I'm overwhelmed by animations that I forgot to listen 😂 and I guess I need to keep notes of it 😍

  • 💥 The Conglomerate of Universes - Universe Creation Theory 💥 combining GOD/Nature, ancient religions/Bible prophecy, astronomy, cosmology, fined-tuned laws of physics/general relativity/quantum mechanics, chaos theory/fractals, laws of biology & chemistry, programming the universes/GOD=7_4 or FOD=6_4 theory, linguistics/code-breaking, intelligent design, mysticism, and philosophy/biocentric-anthropic principle "Energy can’t be created or destroyed, only transformed/transferred in an isolated system." General relativity's singularities: black holes, white holes and Big Bang + wormholes. ‘The BIG Bang-Bit Bang’ inflation/expansion of energy₇₄ and information into the void 13.8 billion years ago was a supermassive white hole spawned by a supermassive black hole at the heart of a galaxy in our ‘parent₇₄ universe’. This duality combines general relativity’s singularity point₇₄s of infinite density breaking through spacetime in ‘Cosmic Egg hatchings’ of all created universes within ‘The Conglomerate’: multiverse with no random quantum fluctuation bubble universes, no parallel universes or parallel worlds, and all universes have similar physical laws. Our Universe is 1-in-2 trillion ‘self-similar offspring’ each with alike inherited traits/‘DNA’. “In the beginning”, the Planck density of the core of a SBH is a birth canal. ‘Quantum bounce SBH-SWH seed transitions’ are ‘quantum tunneling umbilical wormholes’ with energy-matter and data transformed/ transferred, albeit scrambled and encoded. The ubiquitous cause-and-effect ‘circle of life cycle’: birth-life-death-transformation-rebirth explains infinite space and eternity - a necessity. Reproduction is GOD/Nature’s plan for greatly spreading life from cells to universes. GOD=7_4 or FOD=6_4 is the number 1₇₄ program₇₄/law/initial₇₄ condition (see Seal #2). Why does this Universe exist? It’s our playground (god + run = ground₆₄). - This is Seal @/1a of the @t . Only the returned Christ & Einstein reincarnated could produce this - it's triggered The Apocalypse/ Revelation which is NOT the 'end of the world'. COVID-19 is part of Seal #4: S=19 (18.6) Theory.

  • Why am I watching this at 2am lol

    • Fuck sleeping! Who needs sleep

  • damn imagine if we have floating fucking portals orbiting us and it leads us to mars so we could colonize it, yet that alone is still so hard since the fucking portal is as high as the satellite and its probably like a one way trip cause once you land its gonna take 10billion dollars to go back up or not at all

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  • 1:34 Flat earthers : *unzip pants*

  • exotic matter was made in 2019

  • Does space have end?

    • We still dont know, but you can reference something called, expansion

  • yeah all bs theories waste of relative time....when the cult of science will learn that "wormholes" are completely mundane and that the only worm holes they'll experience with their bodies are the ones turning there bodies back into dirt.When compared to understanding the human paradigm of how all reality is vibrational and that the subtle difference in harmonic scale actually defines dimension. Then this idea of wormholes will seem like a joke. One must understand that this perception of our vibratory state can literally be tuned to higher or lower frequencies internally and externally. The conundrum is the idea that the human body or vehicle/avatar is the actual "self"...when proven for thousands of known human evolution that its clearly not the case. The proverbial "lightbody" can and has been able to travel large distances through solar "windows" past the event horizon through "what esoterically is called the Holy cup or grail" to the other side or another space time continuum. In simple terms.....if you take your body and can resonate your whole being to its proper frequency of 528hz then up the frequency of factors of 9 to higher frequencies or our dimension of a base rate 7.23cm wave length and change it to another then dimensional travel is possible. Then what is this need for worm holes? If you want to make a worm hole or portal .....one must reflect light to a state of feedback....but what will come through is highly questionable and can be very vey dangerous and hard to close....trust had to flee my last house. wormholes......lol

    • Why would you need to be sensitive about that?

    • Wormholes are just a theory, lol.

  • this is proof that the life is a simulation because its a glitch

    • @Dash Reid chill out kid

    • @Dash Reid its a fukin joke

    • if you are even remotely serious about what you just put into public... how many times did your parents drop you down the stairs as a child

  • My problem with this, is it's too convenient. I would be more willing to think "wormholes" connected different galaxies, over points in determined points in space time or different universes. And quasar/pulsar/etc are the "white holes"

  • People looking back at this in the future: This person has the brain of a baby

  • All I heard was “portal gun in real life”

  • There are a lot of captions in this vidoe, but the fun fact in 5th largest language (Bengali) is unavailable!!!!!!!

  • .

  • Exotic matter would be the matter a black hole turns into when it turns into a white hole... But that's just a theory!

  • Now I need a wormhole from my bedroom to the kitchen

  • Jesus loves you

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  • 0:37 Don't You Hate When The Moon Becomes The Brilliant Logo?

  • If we could make our own wormholes, it would be a viable way to actually traverse space, and thus be able to find a habitable planet or aliens.

  • is there a possibility that i can have the subtitles, its for my professor

  • If the supermassive black hole at the centre of a Galaxy is a wormhole, then there's an easy way to find out. With how dense the stars are packed together around the centre, eventually, something's going to crash into something, watch for stars falling into the black hole. If it is actually a wormhole we should see stars or objects coming back out of it. For the record though, I don't think it is a wormhole

    • When you see pictures of galaxies, the stars around the black hole ARE densely packed... but only on the cosmic scale. There are multiple light years between them. (not trying to be a butthole by doing this, just for educational purposes)

  • Some believe we have already fallen into a reality warp during the 2016 US election.

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  • cant we send a robot in a blackhole to see if its a wormhole

  • 7:23 These are defintely based off of the wormhole devices ("stargates") from Stargate SG-1...

  • kurzgesagt: smort me: ;-;

  • Kids in 22020: Mom, can i go to kepler B to buy exotic matter? Iwanna makes homemade wormhole

  • Kurzegsagt, pls makes game about universe Pllss. Or makes game about civilatitaon

  • I was said boys list to the Indians .

  • 1:04 This hurts my eyes, idk if its inside or outside

  • We already made it ...think about it when we share informations on internet in just blink of the second i can get dozen of info on google whatever i search for... but it has been hiding from us

  • Super cool retro wave touch!

  • Einstein Rozen bridges are not only impossible that they close in the middle, if they wouldn't do that, reversed time could like, bring us inside and, we are stuck inside.