Trisha & Ethan Have a Huge Fight & She Storms Out - Frenemies #5

Publisert 13. okt.. 2020
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  • guys i’m pretty sure this was staged.

  • She literally said she was a psycho and then became a psycho idk gotta respect the honesty but damn if she watched this video she’d understand herself so much more

  • Has this become Trisha's 2nd channel?

  • 13:34 That joke has me dying! 😂😂💀 That's so F**ked!

  • Ethan is a snake, always has been

  • Ethan held his own so admirably omg. Made me think of my brother when I’m going off for no reason lol I hope Trisha gets better

  • She’s a disgusting person and always has been. Ethan told her something in private, just for her to turn it around and use it on her. Then she proceeds to talk about his family and how his channel in dying, when in reality HER channel is dying. When Ethan was talking about his guests / upcoming guests , she was literally so negative. Every two seconds , “you’re misogynistic” All she cares about is her nonexistent “highlights” Please do not give her another platform. Let her channel die, we are all better off without her and her negative energy. She also better pay Ethan that 25,000 🥴

  • i literally cant with her. i actually cant anymore

  • I was just starting to like Trisha. Nope, she's as horrible as I always thought.

  • Yikes how am I JUST NOW finding out about this??

  • 6:23 That laugh with his makeup is everything! 😂😂💀

  • Trisha is completely in the wrong, she is back tracking and dodging shit. He told her she was crazier than he was, and that’s when she brought up the fact he did some pills and she is saying that he is shaming her for not taking medication. WHERE DID HE SAY THAT?! She did weaponize that information against him, everything Ethan makes sense and is logical. Trisha just doesn’t like that, what a gross human. I think Trisha is either a real narc or has BPD. Seriously.

  • Literally all he did was homely call her crazy and she was like oh my god I’m off my pills so I need to say Ethan said that and publicize his business.. wow, she’s toxic af. How does she not see it! She just said he gaslit her when she’s in the act of gaslighting him!

  • Ayyyy Moses on the cam tho ✌️ whasup

  • Like 3% of what she said was good points (at least kinda) and I think that makes it a lot harder for her to realize the parts that aren't okay.

  • I cant keep up with how fast Trisha talks. I almost need a pen and paper to write down her points that she is making to break it down, to argue back lol

  • Plain and simple just don’t like her

  • She talked about his pill days like she didn’t do meth

  • I . Love . This . Dynamic. 👁👄👁

  • 1:05:58 Where it all went downhill.

  • Why does she always wanna be the victim lmao

  • I've said before that I think Trisha has bpd (cuz I have it) and I'm pretty sure she was having an episode. You can suffer from black and white thinking and can disassociate. . I don't think there was anything Ethan should have said differently. . It's hard to deal with a bpd person cuz they get triggered, but I don't think you should. . Coddle that kind of behavior cuz it's not very acceptable to act like that. She just needs therapy to teach her how to deal with things that trigger her

  • That’s really fucked up Mr. man condition out but he can’t take it that’s BS

  • Trisha cares wayyyy too much about drama and speaking ill of others but is the first to cry when it happens to her. Her lack of common sense is just mind numbing. A house is a bigger commitment than a child??? Omfg!! Ethan could try to explain the obvious until the cows come home and Trisha would not understand....

  • This is her relationship with Jason all over again. talking about marriage too soon, having kids, wanting to destroy the relationship of people around him, bringing up all the shit they told in private... I know it’s Bc shes a women she gets excused for the abusive behavior she showed toward Moses and Jason. If a man were to take someone’s car keys away or sit in front of the door with a knife to stop there significant other from leaving everyone would automatically think he’s an abuser. But since it’s trisha it’s just her quirky personality

  • Trisha LITERALLY reminds me of my aunt. Like they’re exactly the same. Look the same, talk the same.. EVERYTHING. & I can’t stand either one of them. 😂☠️

  • i have also stood up for trish and never again. she has a mean spirit when she is hurt. she needs serious help. i love her and care for her but she needs to be held accountable. this was great insight into her relationships.

  • He did take accountability he just apologized for calling you crazy gesh you make yourself look crazy when you act like that!

  • This beginning of this episode sucked. It was one long Trisha rant, like her typical boring videos of her sitting on her kitchen floor going off about things no one but her cares about. Ethan do not let her rant like this again, it’s so bad. I just got to the end and watched the fight and wow Trisha really couldn’t stop herself if she wanted to, it sad. She was behaving like a mental patient on a downward spiral. I hope she gets the help she clearly needs

  • This episode was just 😦😧😟

  • I hope “frenemies“ isn’t over . Liked the combo ... but Trisha is all over the place !!! One week she is basically trying to jump Ethan . The next week she is so insulting and at his throat . Like jeeeze !!!

  • Shes just a terrible person. She gives me a headache But it's like watching a car accident, hard to look away 😅

  • 48:46 lol

  • I thought megan fox's jennifers body character was a succubus. because she mainly attacked men in the movie? I don't know I haven't watched it in years.

  • Aside from the fact that Trisha is insane and that this was her being in denial, Ethan I love your makeup lol. It's really cool and you really look like Uncle Fester.

  • Ethan looks like sanjay dutt from agneepath 🤣🤣

  • lowkey.. I like how ethan is calling trisha out. Someone needed to call her out.

  • he’s a weird vibe

  • Wtf she really can't stop acting like a child.

  • she kept saying weaponize and not knowing what it meant

  • She’s so mean 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Trish is a horrible person. She makes no sense. She is vile.

  • there was some deep tension that has been shoved out because its been stored up for so long jeez

    • they're comparing themselves all the time

    • this is a super toxic industry and platform to work on. You've got two people with very strong personalities giving each other insults all the time, fighting for success, with money and happiness. they need a break

  • How many episodes have they been fighting in? Trisha is jealous she can't be in a happy and truthful relationship like Ethan. "I can see why you've been with the same person for 12 years, you have no other options." That is just disgusting to say especially when that week Ethan was planning to expand his family life with Hila. When can someone take Trisha off her "white pony"?

  • When he was trying to move on from her bickering and she kept going... 🙄🙄🙄

  • i mean its not like there are years and years of proof of trisha being a crazy selfish person, but she was still put on the podcast?

  • Trisha is so mean. “No wonder you’ve been in a relationship for 12 years” that’s cause he’s a loyal person, he dosent end a relationship in a months and quickly moves on. 🙄 she need to get her shit straight.

  • Wasn’t Trisha the one who called and made fun of someone else calling them crazy to the point where they had a mental breakdown and had to leave the platform? But now she wants to act the victim??


  • So is this podcast over? Or have they made up yet?

  • She’s literally got her eyed glued on herself in the monitor Jesus 😂

  • She is absolutely ridiculous.

  • um what is wrong w her

  • 1:14:29 almost said "you're also racist" so shes a racist?

  • LOL Eric Andre is just an uncomfortable human in general it’s not in relation to anyone else its just him.

  • I put off watching this in my feed but I heard how much shit hate talk trish says ,she literally comes for the whole beauty community but bet everyone of there views beats any of your views trish like so jealous its childish ,not to mention she dont even know her own mental state n still talks shit ,girl you are a straight Narcissist

  • Ethan why do you do this to yourself lol

  • This is extra sad because Ethan seems to be one of the few people in her life who genuinely cares about her enough to be brutally honest and isn’t just using her and she can’t handle it and has to push him away. 😞

  • Wow im surprised ethan was willing to have trish like, IN his life. Hahaha damn man i mean wow

  • Trisha is a Rolodex of hate

  • This just proves that she’s crazy 💀

  • I love how you're progressing happiness wise, Trisha! basically ppl in the interNets are dumb

  • Trisha needs a lot of help... this was like watching a korean family drama. God help us

  • Wow, Trisha.. you've even called yourself crazy trillions of times. That was absolutely horrible of you.

  • Such a shame the episode ended on this note :/ I feel like they were having a good time before the fight broke out.

  • I've been waiting for trish to actually go to therapy and do the work and improve herself and now I see what happens when being confronted in real time with her crappy behavior. You can do better than this, Trish. Get some help.

  • Trisha is crazy! She is obsessed with Jews but didn't know about ww2 or the holocaust. I can't believe there are people like her in the world 😳😓😱

  • Okay but like are we going to ignore the fact that she didnt even know who won ww2?

  • She's pissed because Ethan really called her out better then anyone ever!!

  • The way I personally would have slapped the paint off her lips for being so vile. Bringing up pills, talking about my wife and family. Trisha shoulda got the shit slapped out of her. She calls herself crazy & get mad that people call her crazy. She made herself look crazy. She literally started saying he said things he NEVER said. She put his personal info out. Jeffree Star unfollowing her wasn’t weaponizing her. She said he unfollowed her. Tf. Nobody knew about his pills. She IS crazy. She spiraled into volcanic projection.

  • She thanked Christopher Columbus for finding America...

  • Why did she go after Jacksfilms? 😂😂 and I’m sorry but if I was Moses I could NOT be with someone that spoke to any of my family like that, in law or blood. So nasty for no reason.

  • You can tell Ethan tries full force to deal with Trisha.. I see the fumes come out of his ears 🤣

  • the amount of times she interrupted him made me wanna slap her

  • Ethan you have nothing to apologize for. You should feel happy and relieved that she left.

  • Im actually really hurt how she talked about ethan and hila

  • i’ve watched this a couple times since it has come out. honestly it’s pretty sad that trisha’s so defensive. she’s inhibited from being self aware out of insecurity n that’s a pretty shitty existence.

  • Trish is crazy but both are manipulating and gaslighting

  • ethans eyebrow lifts looks so awkward with the makeup its killing me lmao

  • i’ve never seen her split like this.. that was so bad. she’s a walking personification of BPD and it’s so clear. you can see the exact moment the trigger happens is when she talks about her parents and the divorce. everything went downhill. it wasn’t when ethan called called her crazy. she had zero self awareness. but that’s hard with BPD. she said the worst imaginable things. ethan handled this really well. trisha is really sick. she needs to heal. it’s simply how her brain works she can’t control it. ethan is a good friend

  • Damn another thing that makes Trisha look bad. She’s really not a good person.

  • i honestly cant stand trish sorry ethan

  • She’s terrible

  • he is sitting there being condescending to her, what do you guys expect? her to be a woman and shut up and take it?

  • Lmaoo I love Ethan's cool .. lol It's pissing her off that he's not getting mad lmfao 😆☠️

  • lol the captions translated "you're addicted to pills" to "you're addicted to pizza"

  • That's rude trisha. To continue to call him miserable after he apologized.

  • God Trish...the jealousy about Ethan having a beautiful committed relationship, babies, happy family and success by just being himself...this is really brutal to watch Trisha act like this

  • This is the worst Podcast you guys have done is so f****** annoying again I'm repeating myself because once again you guys b******* about money it's not interesting it's so f****** annoying I watch your Podcast because I want to take my mind after drudgery of mine for f****** life not to listen to rich famous people b**** about 45 versus 5% of f****** Podcast in govan

  • What I’m gathering from these comments is that our generation only cares about mental health when it’s well packaged. But when someone who openly talks about trying to kill themselves (among other struggles) has a breakdown- y’all are ready to crucify her. This is the reality of what personality disorders look like. Some days she wins the battle and this day- she lost. I applauded Ethan for trying to deescalate once he realized what was happening. Idk so many things to process in these episodes but it bums me out to see so many people feeding into her demons with negative comments. Do we respect mental health or not? Make it make sense.

  • I feel bad for her

  • She is such a child.

  • Trisha roasting Ethan for being in a long term relationship with a sucessful podcast, kid and another possibly on the way. As if eating fast food everyday and fucking 24/7 is a million times better 😂 She thinks she's so happy and yet her version of happiness is perhaps the saddest thing I've ever heard.

  • Trisha thinks it’s cute and quirky to not know about the Holocaust. She’s pathetic and insensitive!

  • Trisha is reeeeeaching for anything just to fight because she got triggered

  • How can someone be friends with this horrible woman? She doesnt care for anyone's feelings but hers. She said that the mantis joke was about of her being fat! She needs to fit everything into her narrative even if it doesnt make sense. She twist it until she is 'right'. My god

  • This actually made me sad and I really want Trisha to let Ethan and his family in..they’re genuine people and I think it could help heal her sm

  • I wish Trisha would get the help she needs.. she’s so broken and only hurts herself.. everyone is trying to give her chances and help her but she’s self sabotages everything.. idk where it all started but I hope she can figure it out and make peace with herself cause this was hard to watch.. ethen, you took that “weaponizing” much better than I would have! Hope you enjoy your lovely weekend with your beautiful wife:)

  • I wish I have a gun that fires and never jams like trishas mouth

  • I've never taken a liking to Ethan but damn the way Ethan kept his cool and was so mature about Trishas Bipolar episode she was definitely having there, I respect more now than ever. Might actually subscribe on that alone. I hope they make up because he's kind of people Trisha needs in her life.