What If You Detonated a Nuclear Bomb In The Marianas Trench? (Science not Fantasy)

Publisert 22. juli. 2018
Did you ever wonder what happened if you detonated a nuclear bomb in the Marianas Trench? No? We neither! Let us find out together!
This video was inspired by xkcd and a video that shall remain unnamed.
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  • just like a grenade, wouldnt the shockwave kill a huge amount of fish and maybe even divers in the area that its detonated? or are nukes too different from grenades to do that

  • 5:07 thank me later...

  • "Pretty much nothing" The thousands, if not millions of animals that would die: excuse me?

  • Wait dosent the the bomb gonna be squash because of the presure

  • Tactical nuke running turn the key

  • I been watching you vids for ever to learn stuff!

  • Nooooo spongebob!!!

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  • Save the trench. Drop it on DC

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  • Thanks for the info, but I want to test it out in real life. Expect some "mild" earthquakes soon.

  • frieza; mwhahahaha, i have a plan to get rid of the saiyans, planet and all leader of north korea-hold my bear

  • 4:02 then Godzilla emerges if Godzilla exists Godzilla would wake up and come out of the ocean when a nucular bomb would be set of in the Marianas trench kind of like in the movies

  • 4:04 B R U H M O M E N T

  • What the *** was riddle smoking?

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  • Fish are unlucky in general .. Like, worst luck .. You dont need a fucken nuke to be a very unlucky fish

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  • Who else noticed SpongeBob's house?

  • Rip

  • I’m curious to know if we mined every bit of uranium on the planet and made it into nuclear bombs and detonated it at the bottom of the marianas trench it could actually rip earth apart. In the other video about all nuclear weapons it said that the worst recorded earthquakes in history would happen if we did this on the surface so I’m curious to know if it could actually rip an entire planet apart

  • he sounds like Dr glen pierce from superliminal

  • oh

  • Why would we ever create this?

  • Hey i really wanted to support and have my own bird and have a cool death but i dont have enought money so i will like your video to support you

  • the only bad effect is, we just pollute the trench with radioactive waste

  • *biggest bomb ever created explodes* Earth: *scratches little itch on forehead and goes back to spinning*

  • Let’s not do it anyway ok?

  • look at the birds face during the countdown, he knows hes gonna die

  • One of the rare what if videos with a happy ending


  • 14mil subs is taking a visit.

  • Kinda edgy

  • indeed, very important scientific question

  • After watching this: FERB, I KNOW WHAT WHERE GOING TO DO TODAY

  • Didn't they find a plastic bag at the lowest point?

  • human booms to earth: meh natural booms to earth: OH FUUUU

  • This video was something that had never occurred to me, yet as soon as I saw the thumbnail I knew my curiosity wouldn't let it go.


  • I just realized how most of this channel’s content contains killing birds.

  • i saw SpongeBob's pineapple

  • Why you use pilipins

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  • nothing? what about the widely dead deep sea creatures and ruining a whole lot of marine ecosystem

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  • Do a video on the Fibonacci sequence

  • Can u do a video called: what if we exploded 10 tsar bombas at the same time

  • I absolutely love this channel 💗

  • 1:09 interesting...

  • Yyyeeeeesssss

  • I got the 60 seconds reference Little boy, fat man, tsar bomba (which I didn’t know was real)

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  • but what happens if you do the same thing, just the bomb is times 1 million as powerful?

  • 5:31 and you want it to die a gruesome gruesome death

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  • Detonate a antimatter bomb in Mariana Trench

  • I still won't recommend it

  • But the raidioactive rain would cause leukemia to those people living in the nearby islands

  • We must try that...

  • 5:53 What kind of bird is that (right)

  • "It's a relatively pristine environment thanks to the absence of humans." LOOKS LIKE A GOOD PLACE TO BLOW UP A NUKE

  • 4:57 you made a video about a black hole bomb?

  • Why was thanos's Q ship under that lake?

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  • 5:05 Got that sharknado ref 🤣

  • I think you guys should make a vid about: What happens if we drop the world’s strongest nuclear weapon into a volcano

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  • I love the Loch Ness monster reference! here 1:29

  • Nuclear & Hydrogen bomb is not match for nature's force. The power of nature.

  • Wichs program do you use to make those animations?

  • Why is this video so fuckin ugly?

  • I love your birds 🐦 😘 💕.... I even feel sad when they die accidentally.... Then what will feel like if this world's beautiful creations of God will parish.... I can't think off....I love nature..... They teach us how beautifur thar Creator is ....

  • this is zodiac war

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  • 4:20 the great bikini bottom bombing of 1967 colourised

  • How long is the lethal part of the shockwave in that

  • Interesting how they said that they consult experts to fact check their video...they said the oceans would be a radioactive soup but in reality, the tsar bomba was one of the cleanest thermonuclear weapons ever detonated. 97% percent of the explosive yield was produced by the fusion stage because they swapped out a uranium component with a lead one in essence preventing the 3rd fission stage from detonating. In other words, the yield was cut in half on purpose to avoid radiological contamination for the testing.... Just fyi 😉

  • Sharknado reference at 5:00

  • Is nobody going to acknowledge the fact that the bird murdered spongebob at 4:19?

  • Kurzgesagt stop giving ideas to humanity to destroy the most untouched parts of the nature challenge

  • What about ten billion Hiroshima nuclear bombs in the ocean?

  • What happens when humanity detonates its biggest and most dangerous weapon in the deepest known point of the earth? Humans: Complete destruction of the planet, tsunamis, earthquakes, change in orbit!! Earth: Who farted?