Specialist Reacts to Madison Beer's Morning Skin Care Routine

Publisert 15. april. 2021
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  • Omg im dead "i was in a mental hospital" hahahahha

  • honestly thank you hyram bc the Niacinamide serum from the ordinary really saved my skin, thank you

  • not me searching up her skincare routine because i want skin like her but then seeing this

  • Deling with all over to red skin,do to stress, depresjon and angst. Hos do i make IT better?

  • Hyram lmao luv you bc you have changed my skin

  • If you keep on pulling those faces for your thumbnails it'll stay like that LOL

  • Wait did Hyram just say he's NOT a fan of Drunk Elephant?????? Did I miss something??

  • Hyram‘s face when he‘s seeing the la mer eye cream ingredient list: 👁 👁 O

  • I love you and Madison Beer is my goddess. So stoked for these reactions haha. And re: overthinking the stressor of having perfect skin as a celeb with so much media presence, I truly think youre just so empathetic that those obstacles people face are something you take into consideration and really feel in your heart, so I don't feel that you're going too deep about it, but it's absolutely amazing that you can be so immersive and considerate of thats truggle; it tells me that you're just very in touch with people and their emotional well being. We need more people like you.

  • Just so yall know i don't know believe every brand he recommends brands that are paying him to say these things but he doesn't flat out say its sponsored so he's a salesman not a specialist but if you like to keep watching him please do and don't hate but don't praise his reviews cause their probably sponsored :)

  • Hey Hryam !! I love your vidoes so much and I have learned so much from them ! I am 11 years old and I love skincare ! I have a question for you if you don't mind answering so , my fave cleanser is the Cetaphil cleanser but , I also have a grapefruit acne scrub and I was just wondering if you think that is safe for my skin !! Hope you can answer my question if not then that's all right have a good day and keep up the awesome helpful skincare tips ! 🤩😊

  • hate it when we glorify rich ppl (22 yr old or otherwise) for success when lots of it was luck, being white, skinny and attractive. tons of singers in this country. most of them don't have 24 million followers. either way, love u Hyram!

  • Most of these routines happen at home so it makes sense for people not to use sunscreen. I never use it when I stay inside.

  • Hyram: “you don’t need a beauty fridge for your face roller” Me: *listening as my phone is currently resting on the beauty fridge I don’t use* ....my face roller is in my actual fridge 🙃

  • every time when Hyram says something that complements his audience does anyone blush and compliment him back even though he wont hear it or is that just me... :>

  • "oh! i was in a mental hospital" nearly choaked on my pasta!!! so muvh love for you hyram!! xxx

  • i really dislike how you use the title specialist as a way to mislead your audience into thinking you have some form of education regarding skincare and skin health. you arent a dermatologist!!! you literally just work selling YTTP products and call yourself a specialist lmao???

  • ❤️🖤

  • i love how he like connects and talks to her tru the camera 🤍

  • React the Olivia Rodrigo skin care routine

  • Haya, I’m new here 🙂 would you advise please what type of certificates do you hold? Many thanks


  • That burp scared me 😭😭

  • Omg you’re glowingg!! Love u

  • Can you do a minimalist skin care routine? I’m just starting out but there’s so many steps and products I’m like whaaat???

  • what are your thoughts about the glossier sunscreen?

  • Please stop calling yourself a specialist when you literally have zero qualifications to claim that. The word 'specialist' implies to people that you have some sort of certification in dermatology or biochemistry when you do not. It's just like how someone working at Home Depot doesn't make them a structural engineer. If you want to watch an actual 'specialist' head over to Dr Dray's channel, she is a board certified dermatologist with a PhD.

  • pls react to Olivia Rodrigos skincare routine on vogue :)

  • "What was I doing at 22, oh yeah, I was in a mental hospital" Lol that me but make it 14 twinsies

  • 13:25 I’m really scared 😭💀

  • this man has saved my face- love you hyram😘

  • Maybe her make up has sunscreen? Hahah

  • yo i swear after watching you hyram my skin has CHANGED like i tell my siblings everything like I walked into my bathroom and saw makeup wipes and I almost screameddddd

  • Watching these skincare videos,is self are for me!

  • “Eff him and his nycinamide” had be dyingggg hahaha Hyram is the best!

  • can you do a video on drink elephant PLSSS

  • Hyram: Sunscreen???? Madison: La Mer eye cream Hyram: 👀

  • could you tell us something about sunscreens?

  • Hi! loved this video! I need HELP, my skin is having a allergic reaction to a peel of face mask! What do I do? Please respond😭😭😭

  • I wonder how they all got such clear skin. I tried Niacinamide, Retinoids, Tea tree oil, Benzoyl Peroxide and nothing worked. Literally used Cerave, La Roche Posay, The Ordinary and everything makes my acne worse over the course of months. I got sensitive skin and even a mild moisturiser makes my skin burn and red💀 Help me please

  • hey hyram can you please suggest skincare for indian skin please coz i love your idea of skincare but all brands u suggest are not available here...

  • Omg I love you! Too funny

  • Hyram! Please react to Heart Evangelista's skin care routine. 🤯

  • Hi Hyeam, I have a question; how do you wash pr clean the jade roller? or anyone who knows haha


  • Omg I watched the Madison Beer skincare routine the other day and when she didn’t apply sunscreen I could literally feel Hyram’s presence hahaha. Hyram’s the best

  • hyram, thank you for teaching me that using a moisturizer and a sunscreen don't make my skin worse!! I am new to skincare but my skin is already SO much better and I have you to thank for that :). Much love and thanks again!

  • What makes you a "specialist"? I checked a few of your other videos that also had "specialist" in the title but you didn't mention it in those videos either. Just wondering so I know what your credentials are before I make purchasing decisions based on your advice or take anything you say more seriously than I would a normal NOlongr who isn't an actual "specialist." I've never come across a legitimate specialist or professional who doesn't give at least a little one-liner explaining who they are and what makes them a professional.

    • He is not any kind of specialist or dermatologist, its what they called him when he worked for the brand youth to the people and now he uses it for views.

  • 2:42 “wowww 22? i forget she’s so young. i mean, like, i’m 24, but still” 🤣🤣🥲

  • 13:11


  • Hyram: wow, what am I doing with my life, I’m not successful! Also hyram: has over 4 million subs

  • hey hyram i know this is very off topic but do you think you could adjust the comment filters a bit? I’ve seen a **lot** of comments on your channel recently from bots advertising some.... *very adult* websites. anyways love your content and keep it up!! ETA: I’d probably filter out the website domain name as opposed to just regular words. They’ve used odd capitalization, periods, spaces, etc. to mitigate the algorithm but the only thing that remains unaltered is the domain name

  • I don't know what's wrong with this video but wait till i notice hyram wearing a shirt instead of t-shirt like the button up one lmao. now am i the only one who like had a weird felling towards it😂

  • can you do a review of "danish skin care"? its got really good reviews and i want to know what you think:))

  • You should do a review on Tiege Hanley, and Lumin

  • As a Teen I started with Acne it was never that crazy tbh, also got treatment pills (which I can’t take anymore cause alcohol 😂😂) still have acne issues but still moderate and not as huge as when i was a teen

  • Hi I know hyram is probably not going to reply but any help would really be good. I’m not sure what my skin type is but I have a dry forehead and greasy nose and cheeks. I have really large pores and blackhead. My skin is kinda red and it is very red. I have no idea what my skin type I thought it was combination but people tell me that’s when your forehead is greasy and cheeks are dry. Does anyone know what my skin type could be or maybe what products I could use? X

  • Have you gotten recommendations to review Truly? If not this is your first recommendation to do Truly beauty. I wanna try their products because they are ALL OVER, but need your opinion first.

  • why is he so nice 😭😭😭 i love this guy!!!!

  • Can you rate ELF skin care PLEASEEEEEEEEEE

  • 3:03 I know I shouldn’t have laughed as hard as I did

  • Instead of the Caudalie spray she could have done another layer of Laneige Cream Skin Refiner it's such a versatile product and can fit into so many different parts of your skincare routine.

  • When Hyram sees Drunk elephant, his face looks like he is seeing an ex that he never wants to mention anymore. 😅

    • @Not ur b*tch nolong.info/show/gtqjZ2tmpaeDqWg/video.html Here, this explains everything

    • Why tho i dont get it why most skin care specialist like him doesnt mention anything about the brand drunk elephant can someone explain it to me😭😞


  • do nina dobrev pls

  • do nina dobrev

  • Hyram! Thoughts on Gua Sha?❤️

  • Happy birthday hyram !

  • similar content to Cassandra Banks!

  • do gua shas work

  • THE BURPPP omg i wasn't expecting that 😭😂

  • can you please do a video of good skin care to use that is cruelty free!! ❤️❤️

  • 9:39 ye !!!

  • 9:31 ily too 😌🤝

  • 4:30 AGREED ive been thinking bout this too

  • Can you react to minimalist skin care plss

  • I have VERY dark circles around my eyes and my skin is very light. What should I do about this? It aint puffiness it is hyperpigmentation and it makes me so insecure. I wont go out without concealer but that wont even cover it... :(

  • I rllyrlly hope one day he ciuld react to my skincareeee


  • Do a video on what skincare product to get from boxy charm add ons. There are some pretty good deals but don't know what to get as it's too overwhelming

  • Hyram please please react to Gwyneth Paltrow's skin care routine and also please make a video on how to get rid of stretch marks

  • I was also In a mental hospital when I was 22 ; love ya transparency hyram 💜 in this together

  • can you tell me your thoughts on murad skin care xoxox love u bb

  • please do a video on glymed!! is it a hoax?

  • I just turned 22 and I'm dealing with acne for the first time. Grateful for hyram right now ❤

  • Hey hyram ✨ you suggest so many great products, but I was wondering if you could make a video on skin care products for acne (like 2-3 because I know using a lot of products is bad for your skin) and what order it’s best to use them in ☺️❤️

  • The problem is, I’d love to follow Hyrams skin care recommendations etc. But it’s all just FAR too expensive. No hate at all, but I just could never afford anything like that! 😞 💗

  • I got a question for one of you are just staying inside since were in quarantine you don’t really need sunscreen I thought? Someone help

  • OF???? Please

  • You're not a specialist and it is very dishonest to call yourself that. You have no educational background in regards to skincare.

  • damn you look extra cute on this vid hyram

  • Is moisturising SPF as effective as applying them as two separate steps in the skincare routine? I’ve been getting recommendations to try Paulas’s Choice Moisturising SPF, however I’m worried about purchasing it only to later find that it’s not as effective as once thought? I’ve got oily, acne-prone skin, so finding an SPF that works has been hard. I am due to go on accutane, so any other recommendations would be appreciated.

  • Hi hyram please hear me out. I’m one of many many European fans that you have. I absolutely love your content and everything you stand for. I bought so many of your recommendations and am very happy with it. BUT the frustration of not getting so many of the products you speak of because of shipping issues is immense. For example I really need to buy a good sunscreen because so far I only use a cheap and probably bad one from a drugstore. So I watched your „best sunscreens of 2020“ video and there wasn’t a SINGLE ONE that I could get in my country (Austria) the products either don’t even ship to Europe or the shipping fees are unbearable. (Often the price of the actual product) If you could do a video of good products and brands available in Europe I and many more would be so grateful. Or if you could do some research if and where you can get them and maybe show alternatives when they’re not available. Nevertheless I still love your content. But please address this issue

  • PLEASE make a video on products that are cruelty-free and which test and don’t test on animals!

  • nolong.info/show/eJlrarFup5qje40/video.html yo Hyram love your videos and the way you use your platform to save planet earth. Saw this “Save Ralph” video for those who continues and support animal tested brand. Thank you, I love you!!!

  • Omggggg I can’t believe “we” made it to the end of the video and no sunscreen. What a #fail lol 👎🏼

  • 🦋Benzoyl Peroxide is great as a short term treatment but I have found your skin gets used to it so i recommend salicylic acid

  • Hyram: “That is not my journey at the moment” ... Me: but does that mean it’s a POSSIBILITY?!!! 👀

  • Can yall or Hiram please help me, so basically I’m sometimes worried to use cleansers and wash my face when I get a pimple cause I heard that u need to let ur pimples dry out no give them moisture please help