Publisert 15. okt.. 2020
dang. tasty!

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  • they both thicc tho so aint no difference i see

  • ;-;

  • hey what animation program do you use

  • The 132 dislikes are the people who thought he was gonna eat the burger

  • foodtastic

  • Why he Eats burger but. Burger is Dont Get eated *S T O N K S*

  • This ppl that disliked were probably eaten by that berd.

  • omg man 😔 this is so deep 😭

  • Everybody talking how they say its his leg... I thought it was his p-

  • Aw man. The blue berd was gonna eat that 😔😔

  • Haha cannibalism

  • His jokes are dumb however direct

  • He broke out of jail! I have to tell mother

  • me when hungry

  • travis scott burger

  • 5 second rule part 2?

  • Cannibalism!

  • Just realised, this channel had major asdfmovies vibes. Love it.

  • He’s the imposter in flashgitz among us

  • what are berds

  • that burger genuinely looks pretty smackin

  • Yummy

  • Can we get an episode with a skinny berd

  • can i have the burger then

  • how calm the berd is after getting chomped is the best part

  • Oh, I thought you meant the cheeseburger.

  • Oh god I didn't know NOlong allowed Vore on their platform

  • At first I thought he ate the other Berds but ._.

  • Can I have the cheeseburger?

  • I’m just impressed on how clean that bite was

  • At least he's not a Cheeseburgler

    • dislike cause it's a big mac :C NOT HAPPY!

  • Legend says he started bleeding out 3 years later

  • so can you customize the color of your berd in this universe or are you born with it

  • 0:00: Berd Speak:Hey Man Are You Going to Eat This Cheeseburguer

  • He Didn't want to eat The🍔🍔🍔🍔 Cheeseburguer He Wanted To Eat The Piece Of Berd

  • What My God He Eat The Berd I LIKE BERD:D:D:D:D:) 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔 X-burguer He Not

  • Hi🥺

  • Oh no! anyway

  • I've seen enough videos of berd eating other berds so I automatically knew what you meant

  • You fool, you forgot he evolved the "cannibal" trait.

  • That was hist good leg to!

  • Yo can I use one of your videos for an animation

  • Yum my

  • Berd can i have the chez burger

  • dislike cause it's a big mac :C NOT HAPPY!

  • Hmm no one has ever eaten part of a human before? Well you just aren’t normal

  • this was posted on my birthday.

  • we all make mistakes in the heat of passion jimbo

  • nice my dude

  • Took "You a snack" to another level

  • When youtube notifications are 3 days late

  • "oh..."

  • Hey man are you going to eat that nah help yourself oh I Thought you ment the cheeseburger 😂

  • @berd, Can I ask what animation software you use? I plan to make a simple animation for school purposes, thanks!

  • Why do I feel like this is cursed?

  • Berd is better at removing fat than sonobello.

  • What do you mean my travis scott burger does not actually cintain travis scott?

  • I just hope the blue bird wasn’t gonna eat that instead

  • if berd had a turbo scrub:

  • Poor berd lost his “have kids” privileges

  • Chicken leg *hahahahahahahahhaah*

  • Don't you just hate it when your friend eats you, so relatable

  • "oh i thought you meant the cheeseburger" calmst

  • New age of asdf

  • This should be in best of Berd ngl


    • Love hows completely unfazed and thought it was just a mild innconvenience

  • You forgot your cheese

  • Oh

  • Berdtastic

  • Doctor: Alright your leg surgery was a success, here's the bill. My card: *Declines* Doctor: 0:07

  • Relatable

  • Maybe if it was The Travis Scott burger, things would have gone a bit more differently

  • Birthday party clowns when a kid has a prosthetic leg:

  • *that twist made me go 180 degrees*

  • *c o n s u m e t h e b e r d*

  • the people who dislike this will be eated by the pink berd

  • He's not even mad or in pain, just surprised that he was actually picked.

  • Berd is hungry but when he eats that cheeseburger he gonna take a big ****

  • Love hows completely unfazed and thought it was just a mild innconvenience


  • The way he said cheeseburger is.. Just... It makes me feel complete

  • Berd was an impostor 1 impostor remains

  • MmMmMmMmM free burbur.

  • l e g

  • This is literally an ASDF short.

  • this humor is so pure

  • And Berd is the best channel on NOlong lol

  • It’s my birthday today

  • I could eat an Octorok!

  • *I AM your sandwich*

  • Get a soylent burger next time

  • ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ

  • "Oh, I thought you meant the cheeseburger" Pretty much sums up cannibalism.

  • This is a cheap way to neuter a cat. Thanks for the guide!

  • I love your vid’s and they are so stupid to what the hell

  • Where is skunk episode 11

  • *Pink was the imposter*

  • N0M

  • Somebody call the ASMR police!

  • I can't imagine someone disliking a berd video unironically