Popular Songs vs Their Glee Versions #2

Publisert 16. jan.. 2021
More Glee covers are facing off against the originals! Who will win?
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Edited by Jiva Brown


  • To make glee not look absolutely awful the songs picked out were definatly the cringiest and worst songs from the show

  • 👏We’re👏is👏Santana👏Lopez👏

  • honestly these are the worst glee covers, there are so many that are literally insane

  • When my choir teacher made us smile while singing Mean by taylor swift


  • I kinda hate Glee song versions, this versions could be very nice in a real school show context, but trying to imitate that feeling in a very produced show kills it to me

  • Can someone give him a better compilation to react to

  • But his guest doesn’t remember the good songs or the story with them??

  • these are the worst glee covers, please can you make a video of you reacting to Santana Lopez's covers. thx for a great video

  • Can youuu pleaaseee do top 100 glee songs, because these songs are so bad and I think glee deserves better

  • the man on the glee alvin and the chipmunks song looks like he's on drugs.

  • No Roomie, Glee’s “Friday” was so much better 👁👄👁

  • Give your heart a break and cough syrup) I Just love these song because of glee

  • I liked smooth criminal glee because the flash sang it lul. Michael's version is still better.

  • If you want a good glee song, La Isla Bonita is one of my favorites. Also Valerie, and Hand In My Pocket/I Feel the Earth Move

  • Still waiting for Joel to come over here

  • you should do another one and include the scientist, valerie, cough syrup, somewhere only we know, and the season 4 version of teenage dream

  • We gotta talk about that shirt. Was he Pugsley for Halloween or smth?

  • 7:13 Did anyone notice that's the exact same font as candy crush XD


  • Okay, Super Bass (The Glee Version) wasn’t suppose to be good. Sometimes they do more of what I would call a spoof of the song. To bring in some comedy.

  • I'm disappointed that they didnt do Mercedes version of "I'll bust the windows out your car"

  • Y'all getting so pressed in the comments. I'm pretty sure they chose these songs on purpose guys, relax! XD

  • them: accusing roomie and the producer for choosing the worst cover of songs, me: *just vibing*

  • Love how they purposely pick the lesser songs in both videos just to trash it, honestly tho the original is great but glee is just glee and they just don’t get it it’s not meant to be amazing or as good as the original and they are not gonna give the same vibe to the original because they are not aiming for that🤷‍♂️

  • After this compilation, i literally hate you dude! There are a lot awesomes covers on glee, and you chose these??? Shame of you

  • Okay, i actually enjoyed Glee when younger and i still found it cringe AF but also...fun But there were so many better songs than the one's chosen, for example: "Waiting For A Girl Like You" "Beth" "If I Die Young" "Cough Syrup" was one of the better ones tbh "Jolene" "Stereo Hearts" "Take Me To Church" was also okay

  • Is there a #3

  • okay but you can’t try to convince me that he isn’t INTENTIONALLY picking the worst glee versions he could pick. i mean what does the fox say? gangnam style? BLURRED LINES?! those are known to be the WORST songs glee has done. the show has so many great songs and he just picks the ones that make it look bad.

  • i dont even watch glee but im obsessed with their cover of dont speak by no doubt. idk if its better than the original but its also good imo

  • i hate him

  • Valerie, Paradise by the Dashboard Light, Make You Feel My Love, River Deep Mountain High, COUGH SYRUP, Edge of Glory, Constant Craving THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD ONES AND YOU LITERALLY WATCH ALL THE CRINGY ONES

  • Alright Joel, imma need you to be just a *little* more bothered by the grown man vs teenager thing. OK thank you 😅

  • Um, no what does the Fox say? It’s HEHEHEHE not ringdingding 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Amy winehouse ♥

  • you choose the worst glee songs lmao no one likes those songs either

  • You've literally just picked the worst glee songs and it's so frustrating...

  • 14:58 thats dave from boyinaband im convinced

  • I love your vids man but wow..... glee made me skip this one lol


  • You're not picking any of the best songs from Glee! The Quarterback episode was the most vocally amazing and the most emotional. Do that.

  • I'm sorry but this is ticking me off being a huge fan of music in general. GLEE IS ABOUT A SHOW CHOIR THATS WHY IT SOUNDS LIKE A SHOW CHOIR. Just putting it out there. It's supposed to be theatrical that's the point of the whole show.

  • I'm sorry but this is ticking me off being a huge fan of music in general. GLEE IS ABOUT A SHOW CHOIR THATS WHY IT SOUNDS LIKE A SHOW CHOIR. Just putting it out there. It's supposed to be theatrical that's the point of the whole show.

  • do some season 1 - 3 covers

  • do another video but with the really good covers

  • disturbingly the sound that foxes make is similar to a baby crying.


  • if you searched up worst glee covers just say that

  • “this is a grown man dancing with teens” i repeat this is a grown man dancing with teens

  • What about songs from the first three seasons?

  • Black Friday? I prefer Manic Monday!

  • Fast Forward those Cheap Monks!

  • i hate the fffffffffffooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Why did you pick the actual worst songs of glee, ugh.

  • Roomie plz do another video of this but with good songs!! I recommend a lot of Santana or Mercedes songs, also some of Rachel’s good performances. A lot of the emotional or empowering songs are much better than the ones that try to be cool or upbeat and fun.

  • Valerie, Mean, Caugh Syroup, Total Eclipse of the heart, rolling in the deep, hello, we wre young, smoothie cryminal, if i die young, back to black, girl on fire!!!!!!!

  • I would just like to point out that my dad defended Marvin for that lawsuit at 11:18

  • Why this songs? 😂😂😂 Like glee have great covers but they choose this kdndkdm

  • I'm not a big fan of glee but make the mix of covers more balanced like no roots before branches, or any songs from national or the "quarterback" episodes

  • This show was cursed.

  • I only like one glee song and that's "tellin the world"

  • I see this in other comments but I'm just gonna say i love your videos you make me giggles but you could have at least picked song that were able to compete they actually had really good covers

  • Please react to Davina Michelle please.

  • Roomie I do music me ummm ok you can't do music

  • glee fans are begging the better toxic cough syrup total eclipse of a heart we are young and im begging for if i die young or if i were a boy ot take me to curch

  • 4:05 "well you know, i do music" omd hahahahh you sounded so cute, just love you lol

  • I really think they couldn't choose worse songs...

  • I dont even like Glee, I hate musical movies and series XD why am I here ....

  • Friday will forever make me want to cry while my ears bleed. I don't care if it's supposed to be funny, ironic what ever bs they said. It hurts me so badly that I don't wanna listen to music at all! So despite hating a lot of what Glee does to music, I'll happily listen to that on repeat, if I Never have to hear the original again!

  • I want them to react to the boogie shoes, for me is better the glee version than the original

  • When I get you alone glee version is better than its original version, one of my favorite songs they ever did. Not to mention the amazing thriller/heads will roll mashup!!

  • Stop attack him for choosing terrible sóng from Glee How can he pick all of those disaster for one vid is impresive

    • Hahahahah. True but either way his editors picked the songs. So he really had no say in it I guess

  • I only finished the video for the monettization, cause those songs were a huge train wreck

  • I tried to watch glee when my sister did But I couldn’t It was too o boring


  • "Already not great"... yeah, understatement... never got around to watching glee... now I'm kinda glad... I'll stick to the "good clips" that pop up every so often... also the teachers dancing/singing blatantly suggestive songs with kids... a little nauseating... even if their voices are good.

  • Bruh. Next choose actually good songs from Glee. Like you’re just trying to frame the show as bad and they can’t sing or have good music. Glee has quite a few good songs. But you decided to use the bad songs. Like are kidding me?

  • Matthew Morrison always had to come in and make all of glee sorta creepy.

  • you're choosing shit songs, it's not Glee's fault

  • Good marker! 👏

  • Me:Cries in cough syrup

  • and then theres amazing covers like roses turn and rumor has it/someone like you but you didnt even see those T___T sad times :D

  • The seal does go ow ow ow just a bit deeper

  • Ey

  • Damn you picked the most ridiculous songs from the show. Pick better ones.

  • Why is there the worst songs??? Glee actually has great covers We need to make the list for you

  • You are so hating that point goes to glee and everyone knows it and the point that goes to glee is Friday like that was a whole lot better then that stupid original and I mean it like oh my gosh . No offense but I still will watch you but we both know that point goes to glee

  • hai preso le canzoni più brutte di glee

  • i can rap super bass

  • I need more Glee vs original content

  • You should do "we are young" "edge of glory" "it's my life/confetions" "if I die young" "pretty/unpretty" "little prayer for you" "Valarie" "rumor has it/someone like you" "everybody talks" "Me against the music" "bad" "smooth criminal" "keep holding on" "Somebody that you used to know" "Cough Syrup

  • Like a prayer, the best Glee cover

  • They picked some of the worst possible songs from Glee....there were so many other songs that were better

  • Why didn’t you do Valerie that is like one of the best songs glee has ever done you definitely should have reacted to the one by Amy Winehouse then done the Santana version of Valerie

  • No no no no no you shouldn’t have done that version of toxic you should have done the one from the unholy trinity (Quinn, Santana, and Brittany in season 5 I think)

  • Hm, I've watched the two Original-vs-Glee vids, and neither of them featured any of Mercedes's songs. I feel like maybe your editors are purposefully choosing the songs that blatantly sucked on Glee...? (PS -- I am NOT a Glee fan; couldn't make it through even the 2nd season, and I was a musical theater major.) :D

  • Why tf does he ALWAYS chooses the worst glee versions ?!!??!

  • please wtach run the wolrd on glee

  • again, who is picking the songs for these compilations? because, choices.....

  • I think my favorite cover of the show had to have been when Grant Gustin sung "Glad You Came" with The Warblers.