Fortnite PREDATOR Update EXPLAINED! (New Guns & Leaks)

Publisert 13. jan.. 2021
Fortnite PREDATOR Update EXPLAINED! (New Guns & Leaks)
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  • I have made a mistake. How do you even pronounce his name!?

  • if you noticed the hand canon is on the pitcher of the floor is lava

  • Its Either My Ears Or The Video. 7:18


  • Change your name to Top Fortnite Gaming love your content😊♥️

  • predator is in the game

  • Gladiator area full of water sometimes they really did fill entire gladiator arena with water for a play about water

  • Lever Action sniper is so op!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • so is no one gonna talk about how the fishstick skin touches his eyeball at the emote? (lmfao)

  • its ok but tacy wacy is better

  • Caused

  • You swor

  • Op

  • Well you need a battle pass for the predator so it’s not really easy to get the predator

  • Video idea will mandolorian attack the predator?

  • He said sh!t

  • I meant I subd

  • I Sunday

  • clickbait

  • Wonder when it’s coming out ecause I got ps5

  • haha GREG fg

  • op

  • The lever shotgun is overpowered

  • At 5:59

  • You now cen get the new shotgun now

  • I killed rukas for a challenge and I was clueless 😂

  • One of the visitor i GOT ya buddy lexa

  • Bruh predator is already here

    • I already have predator

  • can you gift me a battle pass im gonna use code t5g user-link.migz

  • i think praditor

  • if you kill the preteter you can be invisable

  • The lever action is one of my favorite gun

  • (°𝕠°:)ᴼʰᴺᵒ

  • 3:24

  • Today my dream was that for my birthday I guessed that my dad bought me Xbox-seriesX! It was Xbox-seriesX because PS5 is out of stock.

  • Before fortnites story was just for fun but now it is serious

  • 1:20 you mean Legendary Tactical Assult Rifle and a purple Rocket Launcher? And 4:06 it’s Grefg not Gregfg. Still love your vids though!

  • mm

  • its op

  • GOOD10/10 1.25

  • Tell me or Sam I think is one of the epic games employees 😐

  • i had 4 kills with the shotgun

  • The new shotgun is amazing

  • I hate when fortnite makes the live events on school days in school time. Like the galactus event, I didn't get to participate...

  • I have the predetor skin

  • Also I think you get the predator skin in the battle pass at like five or 60 or 50

  • You guys realize you can only get the predator skin in the battle pass

  • now predator acer is now fortnite

  • Did he say lever action shotgun because that is my favorite shotgun

  • not saying travis is not coming back but mabey???

  • travis scott is not coming back proboley because agent jonesy did not come for a skin in game

  • I hate the New Shop gun its so bad

  • Op

  • Tell your grandpa to unban jarvis

  • Is The Grefg the G is Silent

  • All of those things happened

  • People allways said dont bring a knife in a gun fight!!!!

  • Can you gift me the season 5 battle pass epic name is thanos0.0

  • I can’t wait for fortnite to add the predator

  • OP

  • T5G: apparently this skin is inspired by dragonball Z Me: DRAGONBALL! I LOVE DRAGONBALLLLLL!!!!

  • K

  • “Leaver” lever

  • Give me the pack

  • I've got a xobox x uess boiiii

  • lexa

  • i have the lost twin leva

  • oh yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • 4:19 Greg fg 🤣🤣🤣

  • I just came from watching your season five explained and you said “we might be seeing the predator later on in the season”. Now What Is This Vid About! Good job.

  • anime boy anime girl????



  • I hate the fire rate of lever action shotgun

  • Can someone give me v bucks for the Battle pass

  • am I the only person that saw a person say dead game

  • P

  • O.O too much

  • Predator is my first legendary skin

  • 900000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000:)

  • WTF

  • Guys are u sure fire extinguishers are coming into the game?

  • I hate it

  • I got Battle pass and got predeter and the emote

  • i have predator

  • I'm scared of Predator

  • At 7:24 wtf is going on, listen to his voice it's like he's glitchin

  • i want lazy links back

  • the only good exotic is the hop rock duelies

  • All the thing things: predator snake eyes grefg and terminator

  • the lever action is my favorite shot gun

  • Lever is OP

  • I have made a theory that if a person goes out of the zero point they turn glowy when they die but with bunker he is a fake so when the fake is killed they glow?

  • New hunter it call snake eyes

  • have the preatator skin on my box 1

  • Any body here watching this vid after everything already happened

  • It’s been 2 weeks and then sword fight came out

  • Vi is coming

  • Lexas brother is orin

  • My opinion on lever action is really bad although it does decent damage it takes forever to reload