I Made An Illegal Villager In Minecraft | E16

Publisert 3. mars. 2021
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  • Think you can beat me? My server IP address is play.loverfella.com, good luck :)

  • U should sell ur spawner

  • No you can get a lot of loot from the it

  • Sugar cane doesn’t give you that much money anymore

  • No don't sell you can invest by selling what it gives you

  • its my craft

  • mine craft

  • "Anti Village abuse" This is where i don't agree. I attack villagers every day.

  • Anti villages abuse!!

  • No

  • You did an entire video about freeing villagers and now you’re trapping them

  • Zach

  • Can you do a survival series you will get 50000 likes if you to it

  • How to join youe sever

  • The late shell topologically reply because morning assembly scorch before a windy number. cautious, quick bone

  • NUUUUU do not sell it I like the Spawner the way it is


  • I have an idea: instead of having hidden diamonds in your beacon you should sell them and replace them with iron blocks (which you can buy) and bam you have extra money😁👍

  • Don't sell your skeleton spawner it's not worth it you can make more of Bones and arrows and bows it's not worth it don't sell it.

  • Yes I think you should sell the skeleton spawner and upgrade the villagers home

  • Wow he just watches the villagers sleep😅

  • Why is ur tick time so low? For me it takes 1 hour for me to grow one suger canes

  • Sell it

  • Sell the spawner

  • no sell spawner

  • Not the skelly spawner

  • No

  • What’s da port

  • im wandering from where that money came from HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  • There is a way to get a warped forest in the overworld, get nether grass and put netherac, bone meal so it can expand Alota typos

  • You literally almost broke everything in your base lol.

  • Villagers: *make a baby* LoverFella:*plays upbeat jazz music*

  • don't forget to add beds for the villagers!

  • I Built a Theme Park That Ends Reality in Planet Coaster

  • Sell it

  • I love your videos.

  • noooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • I donttt really like villagers. :/

  • Yh sell it

  • NO

  • Your server need premium account? 😔oremium acc is my dream😔

  • I’m happy for the villagers 😘😊

  • Exactly left 710.000 subscribers to 3 million

  • You can make an auto sugar cane farm

  • Zack best advice from me is sell skeletons for like 20 k each


  • . .

  • he used crimson wood for a smoker after saying it was too expensive

  • do it the anti villiager

  • zack, if you want to make stone bricks, DO NOT WASTE 6 OF THEM TO MAKE STAIRS, USE THE STONECUTTER TO SAVE BRICKS

  • well if the thumbnail isn't illegal enough the librarian is purchasing wheat yes wheat.

  • Im shook about the thumbnail😳

  • uhhhhh where is the illegal villager????????

  • Hi good nice

  • how did you make so your villagers dont disappear

  • is the "money" real cause if it is damn i need to rethink my life

  • Sell it

  • Hey Zach just so you know fletchers are best for getting emeralds there workspace is a fletching table and one of their trades is 32 sticks for one emerald

  • Kid watching this vid lovefella saying making love them searching it up 😶

  • No keep it

  • Lord help it feels wierd saying oh yeah I need more babies!!! Lol

  • 8:26 did u just try to make a bread bowl?

  • Dude I have great eyesite lol

  • I can’t join your Minecraft server and it won’t load up discord

  • 2:51 "No no no no no get back out of here" -Loverfella

  • Sell I think

  • Can you make it that MCPE players can play too

  • What is the servers name

  • Me: You make me mad... because you had 9 MORE GOLD ... AND DIDN"T MAKE ANOTHER BLOCK.... triggering.. I know... don't make the same mistake again... (This is a joke I was kinda mad lol but don't get offended lol)

  • No

  • Build a McDonald

  • Just murder all the villagers and the kids to ...... Like the commment if u want him to do ittt

  • Hey Lover, you should keep two villagers to breed and trap the rest in their trading booths. That way, they always stay in one place and are easily accessible

  • *execute order 26*

  • Why is the dirt floating the dirt is lefetading

  • . Great job surprised you got to the end

  • what is in the secret door

  • What version mine is 1.16.1

  • Hey zach, I know you're probably not going to see this, but I just wanted to say that I love your vids and am really appreciative that you take the time to make one every day. I also have a question: How do you play Minecraft every day and not get burned out doing the same thing every day?

  • Why is the 🪓 axe or something say Zaddy lol

  • Tip: villagers can't open gates

  • 3:45 says hes 1 shy 3:47 heeeey what do I see in the upper left corner

  • No

  • 2017- stop child abuse 2020 - stop villager abuse

  • 11:24 its a good veiw

  • dont sell the spawner

  • Once,I saw loverfella in a server and he is in my friend list!!!

  • No not the spawner

  • No

  • The warped doors look great

  • Villagers can’t open gates and trapdoors

  • 8:26 bread bucket

  • 5:39 did he just grow up before our eyes?.?

  • my favourite youtuber and my one sidded friend is trending OOOOo yeah

  • We'll trap them together for eternity Just to be safe **sad season 1 eren noises**

  • sell the spawner

  • Zach should make a farm if animals and crops near the villager breeding/selling area so that the farming villagers have a place to Rome and so dash would have animals!


  • 8:23 "...best way to reproduce is bread" the bread recipe. bReAD BUCkET

  • a small tip: jumping and killing helps killing mobs quicker