Minecraft, But Structures Are Random...

Publisert 8. mai. 2021
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In this Minecraft video I play on a hardcore world, but structures randomly spawn everywhere! This makes playing Minecraft a completely different experience!

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  • All you have to do is click all of them all three levers down and there's don't be a block moved on top so you can go in and get the chest for desert temples

  • Jus break into the chest in the jungle temple

  • Also am I the only one who noticed the floating tree at 12:39?

  • 4:23 SB has turned MrBeast...

  • 10:20 what the hack circle in minecraft naturlaly spawned?!

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  • Me too


  • i have a huge lego minecraft world where i put almost every set together and this is pretty much how it looks🤣

  • me seeing the villagers have water in the nether:wait thats illegal

  • Sky’s the limit before stone age

  • What’s the seed for this?

  • Is anyone else triggered because he had 16 obsidian and he made a portal with a lava pool I’m so triggered

  • 24:25 wait why is there is a netherite block in bottom left. idk

  • Sb is a great helper

  • I subscribed to you like 8 minutes ago 😋

  • Him:guys I am borrowing it Him a second later:FREE FOOD

  • 15:05 water in the nether!

  • 18:18 imagine it had a notch

  • He got “Hidden in the depths” before “Stone age” he is so good

  • The ambitious whale really mug because rose additionaly sack under a needy hedge. ludicrous, youthful library

  • finds a gold block " i cant mine this gold block " but he has a iron pik?

  • Can we realize that sb found an end city and got an elytra before he whacked wood and made a WOOD pickaxe?

  • There was water in the nether

  • Wisp vs Silver vs Sb737 when they have 3 hearts.Wisp:AHHHHHH!!!Silver:NoNoNo!Sb737:*keeps calm and eats a notch apple

  • a woodland mansion next to an ocean monument next to an end city.

  • Looting Forever lol

  • Can you tell me how you can do this challenges ??

  • No matter which video no matter which cloth no matter which UHC Expression is always same

  • 15:04 how is there wate- you know what, im not gonna question it.

  • PLES

  • Hi missed a woodland mansion

  • More alternative title: Minecraft, but the world is op

  • U are the best youtuber even better then pewdiepie

  • Nice

  • Imagine getting end portal in the end

  • i subed to you my fave youtuber

  • ok did anyone see that in the 2nd end city there was a end ship but this idiot talked about getting an elytra 3 minuets after that end city

  • Mad boy

  • Water in nether

  • Bruh I've been subed why can't I have the money now ????

  • If i could play on this mod i would loot a ton of end cities

  • 20:08 he missed the gapple

  • beat minecraft and defeat the witherstorm

  • Grade

  • i download this package

  • Imagine the temple he made explode had a enchanted golden apple

  • I just tried right now I get $1000

  • Hi daddy😏

  • snow on a end city...hmmmmmmm...doesn't sound quite right for some reason LOL

  • you can't die from poison in minecraft I'm ur biggest fan by the way can I have a shoutout pls???

  • did enyone realise that there was water in the nether?

  • He literally said he cant take the gold from a ruined portal when he had an iron pic

  • Is it just me that can see that structure behind the monument

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  • Try tradeng op

  • Wait he’s like Mr best

  • Your videos are great tips for beating MC without mining😂

  • I subscribed liked and post notifications on I di

  • they were already random

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  • Can we all appreciate the fact that this village has a literal fountain of *water* flowing in the Nether

  • “Let’s fix our elytra” Puts max elytra with broken elytra making him lose durability

  • Will you play with me?

  • 10:19 does anyone notice the perfect circle lake?

  • Guys you were talking about village shipwreck but there was literally water in nether

  • So no one is going to say that there is water in the nether

  • This dataoack is insane

  • He can get the gold

  • He completely ignored water which was in the nether village 😂😂😂

  • The water sbawn on the top of the nether in vellege

  • 15:03 Wat, Why’s there water in there

  • Done

  • And u said I’ll get 1 more blaze rod and u had 8-11 thats3 not 1

  • Play minecraft but structures are super awe full

  • I like your videos

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    • How to play split screen

  • I subscribed

  • SB737 pouvez-vous parler français ou espagnol? Quoi qu'il en soit, vous êtes le meilleur youtubeur de tous les temps! Bonne journée.

  • There was water on top of the nether in the village

  • imagine getting the end

  • I liked and subscribed

  • This seed is insane

  • And it’s bc I live in Belfast 🤣🤣🤣

  • I started to laugh when you said you said “I will give 1000 dollars to some random subscriber” I use pounds no dollars 🤣

  • Did anyone notice that there was water in the nether?

  • subbed

  • Did what was that

  • Did what was that

  • 7:18 😶

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  • Did I win it

  • Why did he just ignore that there was water in the nether from the village

  • The fotress in the snow was soo op

  • Imagine if you wanted to kill a elder guard thing and then instead of the monument you find a village on the ocean lol

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  • I subbed

  • 15:04 are we all gonna ignore that water in the nether?

  • Your the best

  • Nah its not random thing he just has the best seed ever