Rick and Morty x Run The Jewels: Oh Mama | Adult Swim

Publisert 16. mars. 2018
Directed by Juan Meza-León. From the album Run The Jewels 3.
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Rick and Morty x Run The Jewels: Oh Mama | Adult Swim


  • What did Rick find in the box? He found TRUTH and is now more powerful for it. A holy man who recognizes his weaknesses and finds shelter in faith is 2 - 5x more powerful and intelligent than Rick Sanchez. 🙏🇺🇸🙏

  • I'm watching this while so high rn and it's so awesome to trip to

  • If this turns into a movie it would definitely dominate the box office

  • Morty where off on an *burp* adventure


  • Sobel

  • Thw directors last name was lion of course this shit was gonna bang

  • It was szechwan sauce

  • It was szechwan sauce

  • I think my sub is on fire.

  • hate the music, loved the video though.

  • That was sick a hell my man

  • Name another show that can go with RTJ and Vampire weekend

  • FUN FACT: Popular NOlongr Twistedgrim worked on this

  • Już polska lepiej zrobiła to

  • Omg how many morts does this rick have he stored in this house?

  • Which episode was this? Or was it? This is badass. The Rick and morty we all deeply desire. A bad ass

  • Sorry momma.

  • Music👌animecel👌

  • awesome video to an awesome song!

  • Sobel Impreza

  • Whats in the case? Ez The secret chickensauce recipe that the shop stoped selling!

  • Wow

  • Can we get a scene like this in an official episode? Please. Some super badass stylized moment like this would be awesome

  • Voy a ver todos los videos de "Los 100 videos musicales animados de La Zona Cero" en orden # 088

  • This would be the perfect intro scene for a live action Rick and Morty.

  • When you just earned 500 points of RESPECT 💯✅💹🌐🏙

  • Fyi: the creators of this show flew to Epstein island and it shows in the writing.

  • This song and video a classic

  • Uuuuu impreza


  • Flexing with your grandson's robot copy and rob galactic federation's gem. Classic Rick B)

  • Hey guys can we stop with all the incest and pedo references in the show?

  • Was that his szechuan sauce in that briefcase at the end?

  • Imagine if the World actually used their brains.

  • It's not real unless someone jumps out at the end and yells Pickle Rick. Word to the mother.

  • its a beer

  • Ah yes, Marcellus Wallas’ soul

  • He did all that for a box of free Nintendo games!?

  • XD

  • I got so many wallpapers idk which one to choose

  • Jon of arc

  • Rick and Morty as a two-man mafia.

  • They are just too lyrically excellent for this crap era of rap

  • Most underrated rap group around

  • Uuuu impreza

  • Jessica'll wet her pants after seeing this morty

  • Rick and Morty be like Vincent and Jules👌

  • 3:27 Sinsimito Tequila

  • Uuu impreza

  • Adult swim if this wont be in rick and morty season 5 i will come to youre house and kil everyone

  • Does anyone think that it looks similar to men in black 🤣

  • Every minute watching this show is well spent

  • I can understand what they are saying fuck mumble rap.

  • 1:25, is it a reference to Vampire Hunter D: bloodlust (Madhouse, Kawajiri, 2000)?

  • ej polacy dawajcie polubcie ten komentarz to ci za granicą będą myśleć że to coś mądrego

  • The rickist rick and the mortyest morty

  • Dragon ball intro?

  • People slobbering over Rick and Morty shorts, in my mind all I can think of is if you can make animation like this adults when why the fuck don't we have better cartoons?

  • He finally got his mulan chicken nugget sauce

  • I know what's in that box; its the briefcase from Pulp Fiction.

  • 0:56 if you pause it here best wallpaper 1:53 this 2

  • "You're acting like it's safe and the Revolution's been called off"! That's Spunky!

  • Jaki to jest odcinek ?

    • żaden, to po prostu teledysk do nuty

  • This Rick and Morty will give James Bond a run for his money. They are just so damned cool.

  • Rick y Morty para flipaos me funciona solo para un rato. A los fans nos gusta esta serie porque es inteligente.

  • Vincent, we happy?

  • If only Krombopulous Michael was there this would never had happened at all!

  • Sobel lepsza nute nagrał do tego teledysku

  • me and the boys escaping after stealling the heavy update from Valave HQ:

  • When Rick Does some mastermind mind shit... it really got me thinking like i wanna restart😐🙄

  • it's so damn cinematic

  • How to get the Krabby Patty secret formula

  • This is not music.

  • Evil morty and rick in adventure

  • the quest for the mulan schezuan sauce

  • Can we get an episode about this Rick and Morty


  • Underrated Theory: That was the treasure from Pulp Fiction

  • POV he found the sascatuan sauce

  • Rick and morty needs to come back

  • The moumountain on the beginning are kinda sus

  • Men in black

  • Leaving a comment so when someone replies I will get recommended this masterpiece of a song.

  • The best 3 minutes of my life.

  • notice me senpai

  • spoiler:its szetchuan sauce

  • Thats not the real rick cause rick never wears his seatbelt

  • Is Offical Adult Swim is way better than Cartoon Network.

  • Damn all I see's is mad drip

  • 90% RICK AND MORTY WOO! 10% run the jewels. ;)

  • is a sandwich

  • Ah, it was Morty B-392 the whole time.

  • I'm Normal Rick!! Sir.

  • Imagine that this chapter it just happened before Krombopulos Michael's death. I mentioned that because those weapons comes from him

  • what my mum thinks video games do to kids

  • Seshwan sauce

  • i think it is a sandwwich for his lunch

  • This is a masterpiece.

  • Would have been a kit better with a different song that did not ruin the video. Rap Sucks!!!

  • uuu impreza