HOW TO GET HAIR LIKE A MALE MODEL | Jeff's Barbershop ft. Neels Visser

Publisert 28. juni. 2019
On this episode we talk Old Spice Pomade with Neels Visser. After digging into his fancy summer plans, we share how Pomade provides moderate hold and low shine finish for hair that’s reworkable again and again and again and again. Which way to the beach? #SponsoredObviously #JeffsbarbershopWithOldSpice
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People in this vid:
Neels Visser
Joe Vulpis
Nathan Speicer
Oscar Blackwashed
Jair rojas


  • tanks for wasnh.. I haven't been sleepin much latley but leav a like on this vid because two more barbershops coming this week!

    • Jeff Wittek hi Jeff! Binge washin your content man,as it'd Corona Virus.🙋🏼😷😷

    • So uhh..what's next for you

    • O you're hairs are so beautiful

    • Hi Jeff if you've read this I want to say that I love you're allllllllllllllllllllll videos mannnnnn you're so handsome I start watching David's vlogs because you were there and than when I saw you're channel I was shock and sooo excited make more love from Pakistan:)))

    • I wondering why you hold your shears like that? 🤔 does it make it more comfortable or easier to cut?

  • jeff acting like he’s not one of the best looking guys ever

  • This is the most light hearted and least chaotic episode lol

  • if a normal person sees this then he wouldn't know how to react about this video lmao. He thought that he get a normal haircut video and then boom he gets Jeff's huomur and barbershop lmao lol lmfao.

  • When the barber is slightly better looking then the model....😪🥰

  • did anyone listen to that episode of Sexy Unique Podcast where ed droste talked about getting in a conflict with Neels in first class over a vape?

  • I love it ... your are amazing 👍🏽👍🏽💜

  • -You're perfect -No, YOU'RE perfect -No, no, no, YOU'RE perfect! -No, no, no, no, no....

  • Why does he look like Paul Walker

  • Jeff is literally better looking than the guest

  • jeff looking into the camera waiting to see if he’ll budge is my fav part

  • this is really just another episode of scared straight

  • jeff cutting PAUL WALKERS hair hahah

  • His face is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus

  • Wow he’s really handsome

  • Why so depressed Jeff? is it the younger Male model in ur barber chair? what do they say about comparing urself to others? this kid held his own, props to him tho.

  • They look like brothers

  • He looks like a blonde bill Skarsgård

  • I know Neels sister lol

  • His face he was so scareddd 4:35 and 6:06😂😂😭💀💀😂

  • There laugh is the same wtf

  • I love Jeff’s laugh

  • Jeff comes out of closet.... but then Neells comes out of closet aswell🤔

  • This guys looks like 2001 Paul Walker

  • He should be in a disney movie

  • Shoulda trimmed up the back a little bit more

  • He should shave Neels' head completely bald. All that beautiful hair. A whole new image.

  • Its the Eric Andre show, but for haircuts

  • This guy should join the chainsmokers

  • I'm not gay. But for him I would be

  • kinda binge watching some of jeff's videos again. and i gotta say this guy is just soooo down to earth man. I wish him more success and happiness in life.

  • the fact that jeff looks cooler and better looking than a male model tho.. 😆

  • Kinda looks like Kurt cobain 😂

  • Jesus Christ!

  • Who else was lighting up as they said “definitely don’t smoke cigarettes” 🤣 Also, Jeff’s crazy hands are the best!

  • Jeff’s a good lookin guy, for sure. However, when he has more weight on him, he’s even hotter!! Flashback to Episode 1- SoundCloud Rapper Lil Flip Flop 😂

  • 8:05 best part

  • I fucking love Jeff’s humor I honestly think he’s the funniest person on the internet. He’s a genius

  • This guy reminds me of Brett maverick

  • stfu jeff! you are the most good looking man i know.

  • This is whats going on in your crush's mind when shes ignoring your texts 8:09

  • his sense of humor is dry af

  • why did even jeff ask heels if he can be a model like ummm u are the model-

  • Is he the won from fast and firouse

  • Cody is a beautiful beefcake

  • I love him so much 😂😂

  • Damn if only we could see Paul walker get a haircut by Jeff 😞

  • Biebs

  • Both you guys is handsome 8:17 lol 8:46

  • So nobody is gon talk about how Jeff handles that pomade?! 7:16

  • why is no one talking about the clip of jeff dipping his fingers into the old spice jar... hehe

  • His jawbones could hold a bridge up

  • Why do I only know his name from Logan’s song in 2017 😂

  • Who else thinks vinny from jersey shore should be on Jeff’s Barbour shop.

  • idk to which one I am more attracted to jeff or neels.

  • I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like he has the face of a god but the body of a chicken

  • Holy shit when Cody came through with the prison style cleaning I almost cried

  • Forget the model We want to know how you style yow hair

  • Lol this was all I needed I couldn't sleep tonight either and this made my night a little better Jeff you have a good heart and keep people smiling and laughing and that's something to be proud of. And your personality is everything I love u💘

  • Jeff’s voice has such a calm tone, it could bring me out of a whole ass panic attack

  • He lowkey looks like young Paul walker mixed with older Paul walker... so just Paul walker

  • Two good looking dudes is probably more rare than seeing hot females at once

  • Jeff is ripped in this

  • Is he Paul walkers son

  • The dude looks like PAUL WALKER

  • Jeff my albums coming out ok when im famous im emailing you

  • cool

  • Jeff was literally just brushing his hair the whole time

  • I love Jeff

  • yo he kinda looks like Jamie from The Sinner season 3

  • I swear to god I love this channel I want so much more content. I could vibe with Jeff so well. Love it. What a blessing that I found this.

  • Still can’t believe that Neels was one of the first original members in Team 10...

  • 8:59 that voice lmao

  • Is all of Jeff’s friends from prison??

  • Jeff's way more handsome than this dude

  • That 'thank you' from jeff was so soft😂

  • Nice.

  • We neeed a famous sports sensation on this channel ASAP

  • Crazy no one else thinks he looks like Paul Walker?

  • This is how Rome fell...

  • Jeff is the best!

  • I think the room must be too HOT😊

  • He looks so much like Brian O’Connor from fast and the furious

  • Bro Jeff’s laugh is on point

  • Like if Jeff is cuter than him

  • Edward scissor hands guy has my last name and we are both Colombian

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  • He looks like the dude from that movie Airborne

  • Paul Walkers younger brother from California is that you?

  • The awkwardness in this show is what makes it so good 😂😂😂

  • what hair product does jeff use himself

  • i would collapse into a fog of smoke being in that room full of hot men 😭😭😍‼️

  • I wanted jonah in this ep

  • Paul walker

  • If pewDiePie was good looking.

  • “How’d you get your start” one of the most iconic things Jeff has ever said💀

  • Why does this feel like an Eric Andre interview?

  • Jeff should honestly be a model

  • Jeff is so nonchalant and the Capricorn in me LOVES IT

  • bro he looks like paul walker rip🙏🏽