What If We Detonated All Nuclear Bombs at Once?

Publisert 31. mars. 2019
Sources: sites.google.com/view/sourcesallthebombs/
What happens if we make a huge pile from all 15,000 nuclear bombs and pull the trigger? And what happens if we make an even bigger pile?

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  • 5:00 mincraft players we have figured it out we can mine bedrock!!!!!

  • Kim Jong-Un: “write that down”

  • What if this has happened already thousands of years ago

  • Thank goodness humans aren't that stupid.

  • Goddamnit ALIE...

  • 4:47 BOOM.EXE

  • imagine this dude saving this thing in a safe and putting it a very safe place and its the only evidence how we existed and how we died-

  • Duck I don’t wanna be nuked! Kerzgesagt: For science! Ducks: We said no you little-💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  • Man: detonates every nuke at once Earth: 0 fps crashes

  • Proved: Dinosaurs didn't die because of a meteorite strike. They died because the smartest of them said, "Let's see what happens if we detonate all our bombs at once."

  • earth: **C O L D** All the cold countries: this is fine

  • Manhatten: Just chillin. *BANG* hatten: *boom*

  • Wht happens if u detonate all nuclear bombs together? That silent korean kid: wait for some time

  • In case you missed it, you WANT to be vaporized in the initial explosion. What comes after is far worse.

  • 2:26 look at the bottom left “Under Destruction!”

  • An easier way to say this is don’t do this, very bad.

  • 2020: hey thank im gonna add this into my bucket list

  • Maybe the billions ofmhiroshima bomb cannot be a big earthquake of valdivia chile who recorded 9.5 of magnitude in 1960s

  • Alright, someone get all the world leaders on the phone cuz I know at least one of those idiots are plotting this n I’m not having it😂

  • Ok.. but what if we mined up all the uranium AND plutonium?

  • We can now break bedrock

  • Once a country wanted to blow up the moon with nuke but I forgot the name!

  • The Matrix, anyone?

  • Asteroids release megatons of energy into the atmosphere all the time.

  • I can't wait, I can't wait!! Everyone gonna die, the survivor will only live so much to crie in pain of their melted eyes, tumors and hunger from a burning world. There is no afterlife, once you're dead you cease to exists and the nuclear weapons will whipe your particule away, so that we'll never ever be born again till times ends. Are you exited to get back to the void humanity should never have arisen ? I am.

  • May be a reasonable solution to the inbreds of ky.

  • Or I might just be dumb🤪

  • New Zealand will be okay if that happened because Nukes are not allowed in New Zealand i’m pretty sure New Zealand would be okay

  • Nice fallout reference

  • Enough to power civilization? NO MILLIONS OF NUKES

  • Quick answer death

  • I just realise once he said the first time he said how many bombs there in the world he actually messed up

  • 4:43 I hate birbs

  • 1:33 Litterally america trying to be a boss

  • Earth becomes a boomer

  • Kurzgesagt pls make a vid on orbital nukes

  • Guys save it for the alien. Dont watse it

  • Scientists:So if we mine up all the uranium in a last ditch effort, we can power the world for longer and longer World leaders:Very interesting... let’s use it to *END THE WORLD WITH NUKES*


  • This dude's voice is so calm while the whole world is ending.

  • In movies australia is never harmed. LONG LIVE THE AUSSIES

  • thats not a very good idea

  • respect for this 12000 hours

  • i know right

  • so much falout

  • vault 101 vault 101!!!!

  • power armor helmet

  • that vault looked like voult 101

  • Impossible

  • was there a sponge bob in the pile of stuff on the right at 0:40

  • Sub to Gaming_Legend_TX

  • good job with all the 3D stuff i loved it thought it needed the Tzar Bomba in it but 10's of thousands Bombs good job really good and i like how u added the birds it made me laugh sometimes and good job for all the people that help him do the stuff that he needed


  • Me: So that’s how dinos died. Everyone: He is getting it

  • Nature is still boss

  • Our souls will say ‘’How the land recovered?

  • good thing i live in asia :D

  • Third Impact

  • boom

  • :)

  • some people have too much free time

  • Hmm I wanna be an nerd again: sO iF AlL oF ThE BoMbS WErE DeToNaTeD iT WoUlD bE EqUaL tO aN AnTiMaTtEr BoMb BuT a LiTtLe MoRe WeAkEr

  • What if we did this underwater?

  • guys, i think i found the solution to our global warming crisis

  • There would probably be alot of lag

  • 0:31 I hate Russia

  • What if this was the beginning of our recorded history and our unknown-to-us ancestors just thought ‘Wonder what happens’ ... BIG BANG

  • Fallout players: Years of academy training wasted

  • I like the little reference he made in 6:03 with an power armour helmet from the fallout franchise

  • 4:47

  • So that's Elon's plan about making Mars habitable again?

  • Korea has entered the chat

  • I hope like hope no one on earth would kill humanity like this

  • Meanwhile, in the age of the new species... "Sir, ive found out why the ancients exploded every nuclear bomb in the universe!" "Excellent! Why did they?" "It was requested in a youtube video" "Fascinating"

  • “Why was there a mass extinction event” “Because they thought it was funny”

  • Ferb, I know what we're going to do

  • Notch: that still cant destroy Bedrock HAHA

  • So in the end a bird is going to destroy humanity.

  • how would you make black hole then turn it into a bomb

    • they made a video on that

  • can we just respect the research and the animation that got put into this its insane!!!!

  • So basically humans are going to make themselves go extint.

  • this would be kinda fun, why don't we strap all our little ones together and just off ourselves can we just Commit Die? that would be greaaat

  • why is my title screen tagalog ???

  • it broke bed rock now that is power

  • Everything what i see is just Death Star

  • I find it strangely comforting that even if we tried humans could not completely erradicate all life on the planet

  • Brazil is death place

    • always has been

  • hm so this is the way to actually break bedrock, alright gonna test it

  • 7:21 That bird has no authority bei g that thicc. Damn making me feel some type of way.

  • And then some last humans will go live on the Metro system

  • OMG WOW!!!!!!!!!

  • 6:40 They wouldn't have nuclear bombs atleast...


  • Rhiener has been real quiet since this came out

  • Brazil: am I a joke to you?

  • I am 6 year old

  • Greystillplays be like "ROOKIE NUMBERS!"

  • This is my favourite videos soo good and your animation is simple and I like it

  • I want to learn how to make animation like this, I Love it!

  • This channel is great!