Updated FFAR/Mac-10 Classes for Warzone Using Buffed Agency Suppressor | CoD BR Best Class Setups

Publisert 4. mars. 2021
Discuss the changes to the Agency Suppressor after the Random update that is supposed to fix it in Warzone and how that impacts the class setups for the 2 most popular weapons in the Game.
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The "Best Class Setup" Series is a series where I focus on all the on my favorite attachments for the weapon based on weapons stats and preference in Modern Warfare.
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Updated FFAR/Mac-10 Classes for Warzone Using Buffed Agency Suppressor | CoD BR Best Class Setups
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  • Jgod is my dad

    • @JGOD its goat tae be you!! Aha see wot i did thier. (Im scottish hence the way first is wrote)

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    • @Subfail mine was too but he always forgot me there :/

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  • the lordddd

  • Here you go 8:55 don’t waste your time finding the loadout

  • i use the reinforced heavy

  • make a video comparing aug vs. m16 wich one is better

  • I need one for range!!!

  • So the CQB stock is faster for ads and sprint to fire than the raider? Also the base, no stock equipped looks the same as the CQB stock, what gives? Appreciated 👍

  • wait so what better ffar or mac 10

    • Ffar has more range and velocity, same ttk

  • Love using the Agency + striker grip + cavalry lancer + 53drum + raider stock The recoil is good to handle on the ranges you should use the mac and the mobility is awesome ! Combined with m16 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Did they nerf the 50 all I'm seeing is Salvo 44

  • Hey jgod what’s the best loady for max damage with ffar? I use ember and I do solo and I usually dust them. It feels good just not enough bullets. What you think?

  • Could you do a LC-10 vs MAC-10 comparison plus your recommendation for both set ups? Would really appreciate this as I think LC-10 is top tier viable at least

  • The boiling bladder notablely admire because voyage apically bruise times a quarrelsome pruner. guiltless, unhealthy bead

  • Thanks 🙏🏼 there’s a lot to keep up with 😂

  • 8:51

  • tell me your too into COD without telling me your too into COD

  • What about the LC10

  • Thanks for the work man! Your vids are great! Since i start watching your channel i went from being a terrible player to become just bellow average hahahah! Salute from a friend of Brasil. Sorry for my english.

  • Subbed & Liked. Cheers

  • Jgod how do you make your games colour look so poppy

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  • that ffar skin really trigger some trypophobia in me

  • In jgod we trust!! 🙏🙏🙏

  • I love everything this guy does on his channel I like the videos on the class setups and how detailed they are and when I’m bored I watch his videos spectating players. Very entertaining

  • Best Video When girls play war zone!!!

  • Thanks for ruining the meta

  • My salvo fast mag is only 44 rounds not 50...

  • you da best!!

  • Are these stats tested?


  • What about the grips ? None of them help ads speed ?

  • The goat 🐐

  • Where do you get this stats? any programs or accurate link?

  • Jgod eres el mejor!!!!

  • Bullfrog Please

  • "FFAR" The final rear grip is underrated, it doesn't effect mobility even though the stats say differently, better than the meta stock. gg's

  • So now AS is again better than any other muzzle or am i wrong?

  • Basically they've made you choose between the mobility or the damage range. I like the mobility.

  • What does JGod use in these videos controller or mouse and keyboard?

  • How do you know if you’re in a diamond lobby or what not? I feel like I’m in the most sweaty lobbies😁

  • Cmax or FFAR?

  • But wouldn't someone with the heavy reinforced outgun me at close range if I have the cavalry? Because the heavy has more bullet velocity

  • (Sorry for my english) Is it possible to includ in the ttk, the aim time ? I think it should be included.

  • My man if you point out one more time that 57% of people aren't subscribed Im unsubbing on the spot

  • FFAR = Forfeit All Respect


  • u should sell online courses lol

  • Aug needs to get nerfed💯💯

  • I used the meta gun before it was meta and stopped when everyone else was using it😂

  • Is JGod on Ps4/5? or PS controller on the PC?

  • can u maybe test out like other attachments? like maybe underbarrels and stuff

  • mac 10 shreds

  • What's the best warzone smg ttk if you only hit body shots?

  • hello, what are the statistics of the cannons but of range

  • Guys we should to trust all the classes that jgod will give it us for any weapon Please make a video about the cold war Aug class in Warzone please 🙏 Please make my comment up to Jgod see it 🙏 🙂

  • Great work again 👍

  • hey does anyone know if the task force barrel is viable?

  • It’s surprising how the FFAR it’s garbage in Cold War multiplayer but in Warzone is dominating, literally almost every smg in Cold War multiplayer out guns the FFAR

  • Appreciate it. Just got another win with this Mac setup

  • Val is better dont change my mind

  • You made a Mac-10 load out in a different vid a few days ago w no suspressor too... which one is better tho?

    • @JGOD thank u 👍🏽

    • depends on preference.

  • This is how you should make a load-out video people!!!

  • The moment a silencer is nerfed then the whole COD communities panic like they don't know how to play the game anymore.

  • I’m new to cod a bit of a noob but I’m enjoying myself in cod thx for this vid just got 12 kills I’m rebirth 32 altogether with friends W

  • Does the damage buff on reinforced heavy do anything?

  • keep changing my mac 10 daily

  • Always wait to see what JGod has to say

  • Can I remove the thumbnails that pop up at the end of the video? I need to take a screen shot of the class setup.

  • Been here sense pre 300k crazy it's crazy he's about to hit a mil

  • This is the stuff ppl hate c.o.d. over. Jgod will have all these kids running the ffar like its done went out of style. 😂😂😂

  • Awesom as always! Can you do a vid about The M16 and whats best after The update?

  • Can I have your nvidia filters please

  • Thank you for all your work ! Just a productive comment. I often use my mobile to look at your content and the tables Inserted are really too small plus the fighting background is quite distractive (annoying) when you try to read tiny numbers. 😉 Hope this helps to improve. You’re the best! ❤️

  • And the Bullfrog ?

  • I hate the mac 10 people use the gun to much just like the dmr

  • why is no one talking about the ultralight barrel+speedgrip?

    • The field agent grip gives too much sway. Ultralight barrel keeps your shots level with the speed grip and you are left with controlling very little to no vertical recoil especially if you are looking down at a target from elevation. I have NO issue at all hitting those long distance headshots with this build. ultralight+speed grip

  • Mac 10 or FFAR?

    • FFAR for me.

  • What is your like graphic settings I like them and how it looks

    • I covered in my settings video a few weeks ago

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  • I love it , I do a lot of gun testing too and I have a feeling JGod knows aswell as me the ffar’s best barrel is none of the above he has said. I’m not going to give my secret barrel away because it absolutely shreds any other ffar , if you figure it out enjoy everybody

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  • Thank God, there is JGOD

  • This video was pointless

  • What about the penalties of using the field agent over the sfod? Looks the the field agent started to slow things down. Is it a noticeable difference?

  • FFAR 1 SETUP - 7:02 MAC 10 SETUP - 9:21

  • Changed games instead

  • Honestly until there is a new map warzone isn't worth playing. There needs to be a change in the landscape for this game.

  • Am I the only one who still used the agency suppressor when it was nerfed?

  • Thanks for the helpful tips! But also, what are your graphical settings? Your game looks so bright, it seems really easy to spot enemies even in dark rooms

  • Great video!

  • why don't you use an optic attachment for the FFAR?