I Survived 600 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft, In an Ocean Only World...

Publisert 1. mai. 2021
Hope you guys enjoyed this 100 days of ocean world! drop a like to tell me you guys want me to keep going to try to complete the netherite beacon!

100 days playlist! ➡ www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7u1s...

Credit to @Luke TheNotable for the original 100 day idea.

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  • Drop a like for 700 days 👀👀👀 also reply with some ideas you would want to see in 700!

    • also live

    • I did

    • 700days plese

    • Maybe make all of the color different beacons like iron, gold, diamond, etc.

    • YESSS do iron block platforms !!! it’ll be a nice contrast with blackstone

  • 14:02 for 100 days? Thats short you should atleast make it 20minutes! Even 20 minutes is really short

  • hi paul your cool :D

  • diamond

  • U know what why the people is only for the monsters. Bones u didn't feed them

  • 10:18 he said "in the end" when he was really in the nether

  • Use silk touch on gold nugget blocks and smelt them for whole gold ingots

  • Damn dude.... How many times are we gonna be asked to subscribe?!

  • Wow this montage is satisfying"i am satisfaction

  • There is no one in his phone who is talking

  • Dude why did u put a phone on the screen for no reason around 6 minutes

  • LTN: Finally! A worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!

  • Anyone else saw the creeper at 13:33 ??

  • me who started watching dope or nope and now ended up here and i’m just fine with that

  • Release him

  • Paul should get a fisherman since they sometimes buy string and if they do it's extremely cheap like 12 string for an emerald and if zombified it will be very broken since 1 string for 1 emerald

  • The smelly was like REEEEEE!

  • Me

  • Can you please give me the seed

  • Don't sub for John the traitor


  • That was animate music idiot but I do like your series

  • To l

  • Can I stole your emerald blocks ???????

  • you here a faint voice.........Pathetic said lookthenotable

  • This ain’t 100 days:(

  • Seriously, what is that montage music, I can't find it anywhere

  • 11:43 agreed best montage ever

  • Why doesn't he sees the iron again and again 😅

  • Luke the notable striped mined and “accidentally” got 2 ancient debris. Paul uses 7 stacks of tnt and only got 3 ancient debris. P.S check out Luke

  • shaut out for your editor

  • Jake, that was a beautiful montage

  • John Sean is saved

  • This is the most shortest video ever

  • you better off mining the nether gold with silk touch, it will turn each block in an ingot, while if you use fortune III it will still be nuggets

  • Yes more ores

  • Paul you didnt put 600 days and 700 days in the playlist😂😂

  • 6:35 Why is there just a phone and a voice????

  • Omg four stacks of aincent debrei

  • Post 1mil sub here is cena out of the fone yet

  • In Minecraft days he has only been in his word for 2years lol

  • Yeah do that

  • Four stacks of ancient debris " its not much really" says 'not paul

  • Congrats on 1 mil :)

  • Why did you not do diamond block and then Turn them to netherright blocks

  • you can also use beds for netheriting gettering

  • You forgot to put this and 700 in the playlist.

  • maybe you can use ores and blocks to make a pattern for the other parts of the base

  • Use diamonds for bridges.

  • Build a hidden base underwater For 700 days

  • Use silk touch to get the nether gold and smelt it to get gold ingots it’s a lot more gold


  • Plz add efficiency 5 on pickaxe. Do haste mining by making a full layer beacon underground and selected Haste 2. You don't have Speed 2 selected on beacon. Make a sand duplicator for sand.

  • Use A Fortune Pickaxe On The DIRT To Get More😇😇😇

  • John you can get out nowww!

  • That montage was god tier. Bless up jake.

  • Where’s 700 bruv

  • PaulGG: Mining for ancient debris. Duckio: Duplicating ancient debris.


  • Nice editing Jack.The montage was absolutely obserd

  • I need 700 days or I will die!!!

  • Ol

  • What do you mean? We already hit 1M subs!

  • Please bring the 700 days please

  • let him goooooooooo

  • wow I just subed forgot to sub and I watch alomst every video

  • Make a 700 Days Video

  • The ill lan accordingly look because position reciprocally visit aside a evanescent journey. fragile, enthusiastic insect

  • A nother one pls

  • 700 Days pls

  • Maybe its a cool Idea to make a wither skeleton farm or a gold farm

  • Can I get an automatic progress in the chat

  • poggers can I get a poggers in the chat 🤣

  • No not Paul GG can you make a Minecraft Video but it’s 800 days?!?!

    • You make the best videos ever!!!!

  • When he's doing 1000?

  • netheright

  • Ho else want 700

  • Gg

  • Yo u gotta finish the netherite beacon make some col.ore.ful platforms and give chickpea a soul mate

  • poor john

  • 1000???

  • I think you will need 90 stacks of ancient debris for a full netherite beacon or about 2-4% of all ancient debris found in the Nether

  • @SB737

  • Epic Montage Breh

  • i feel like jake has so much fun editing the parts where paul messes up and slurs his words.

  • Why do all minecraft youtuber like to waste them rare items ? . also jhon cina saved !!!

  • I dont know if it will work, for i think you have to tame the llamas to make them stay and not despawn. And because the scam man owns them i think you need to put a carpet on it to own it. I dont know if it will work but maybe they wont respawn

  • 700 I beg you

  • Can't wait to see 700 days

  • How do i get a ocean only world?

  • Can we just appreciate that 600 Minecraft days is exactly 200 hours

  • 700

  • You hit 1 mill well done carry on the series

  • Congratulations on 1 million subs now let John Cena free

  • Im new here soo... I have a question. How did you get a villager on an ocean only world?

  • I want to see you get enough netherite to make the floor of your house netherite blocks


  • Anyone here when he reached 1m?

  • U hit 1 million

  • Dude