Publisert 21. feb.. 2021
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  • You’re not the strongest Minecraft player Mr. dream and techno blade like beat the ender dragon like50 Times you can’t beat that

  • Jelly do you want to explode slogos house here i will make you one one dispenser in the back and two to the left and right and flase a water in the middle and trap door in the Forward and flase a dispenser in the top put redstone and plase redstone torch and the last one put tnt😎😎😎

  • Hay jelly craner has a secret in his mine

  • Jelly slogo has made a 🏰

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  • But be careful if troll him if u troll she will troll u

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  • jelly is a noob Minecraft player


  • Why do they not use the diamonds?

  • jelly,the cannon was too far from slogo's house and why are you keep firing the cannon after you saw the tnt blew up in mid-air

  • Slogo put tnt in your hq

  • moove out ugh

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  • I like your video

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  • Jelly you have hunky eye brows 💋💋👄❤❤👅👅👀👣👣

  • Hi

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  • Those diamonds I think we're crainer josh stole them

  • Jelly it's called new cow now

  • do you know that i havent play minecraft

  • Sluggo man built like destroyed thousands of under Dragon’s

  • jelly you forgot to build an eltrya

  • A big fan of you jelly

  • actually I know that was Crainer

  • Jelly come to my house I'll show you the picture

  • JELLy troll slogoman

  • Maybe jelly's TNT cannon isn't working because it's too far away from slogs house

  • Hi Jelly. I am a big fan of all of your videos I subscribe to all of your videos. I love you 😍

    • You are so so so amazing and I love you so so much. I think you should build a bedrock box over someone’s house. I love you 😘

  • me: I'M THE ONE OF THE MOST BIGGEST FAN OF YOURS!!!!!!!!! my brother: seriously......... =( (he's one of ur biggest fans)

  • Jelly slogo took your diamonds

  • jelly i killd 20 ender dragon i tingk it was a glich.

  • Jelly is a noob

  • No need war yes need mine diamonds

  • Yo jelly try playing with mrbeast

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  • Jelly slogo build house

  • Lol dident even do anything

  • Can you get the elytra

  • Go blow up dresses house

  • Jelly, you are the best.. I have been inspired by you to create a channel!

  • Slogo: *I have outsmarted you* Jelly: *You may have outsmarted me, but I have outsmarted your outsmarting*

  • A slogo is my favorite, I really jelly

  • that was on accident he accidentally set off a tnt

  • i will tell slogo about you

  • Crainer has been doing that and blaming slogo

  • Crainer was the one who was snooping

  • A

  • it was slogo

  • jelly u tried to blow up slogos base up and then he found out and then u troll him? really dumb fat jelly?

  • You should troll crainer by saying to the builder man build him a dirt house

  • Slogs mans diamonds are behind the panting in the little steer case

  • No jelly

  • Hi

  • Soooo josh stole your diamonds in crainers chest

  • Jelly i am just now watching this and I love you and your vids you and your videos are the best also this is my first time commenting. ps pls respond pls pls

  • Dear Jelly, i have the greatest idea ever, you had an iron factory in pig town...remember, but Crainer blows it up. Why you don' t rebuild it in Turtle Town/New Cow Town!

  • Noob

  • Pre recorded

  • i unsubscribed

  • Hi jelly love ur vids plz carry on in TURTLE TOWN

  • Weren’t you going to Get The elaytra?

  • Image you cool base geting...... Josh: calls scpf Josh: scp 682. Has been breached Scpf:...... OMEGA WAR HEAD HAS BEEN ACTIVATED.. TNT: sike.....

  • Crairner has secrect dimonds under a lamp by the entrace to cow town

  • Crair tried to troll you with creppers

  • Why is slogo is have a dirt house

  • Please make a longer vidio

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  • When r u going to upload new vid.vid vid vid vid vid

  • jelly craner has trolled you go look

  • Trainer store your diamonds paid for your builder

  • I knew jelly's cannon will fail


  • Hi jelly Josh and Crainer have better houses then you because your air 51 is not a house love you bye shut up jelly

  • Hiii

  • u should troll cranier and change his home into green wool

  • jelly next to cranes house there is a pole on the right there under it diamonds

  • Jelly crainer has stole some of you diamonds there in cow town some where in a barrel that's just a clue

  • It’s the yellow one

  • Pls no

  • Imagine getting jelly’s based gets trolled hard by josh haha

  • So funny video

  • I don't have a bank account

  • I trying go my house say I know you Prince William and stinky basketball my house Pathfinder sign

  • Why did God do I need why you been romantic raining again and go and tell the is war I put the beds Fall Away Abel Caine prank you

  • One Moment by Kenny

  • Literally the builder actually called him Mr. smart person so that means you’re a loser and dumb well you already were

  • Uh jelly I gotta snitch on slogo he has 2 diamonds in his furnace

  • Jelly I like green colour too

  • Jelly thinks that beating the dragon of ender makes him the strongest minecraft player (no)

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  • Slogo hid dimimons in his fornis