Rocket League CHAMPS vs PROS (but the pros have to get more and more drunk each game)

Publisert 5. mai. 2021
How drunk do SSLs have to be before champ 2s can beat them?

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  • Yo Sunless, so I'm in Plat and I have acid.... when's that video coming then? 🙃😵

  • Ayo polar coached me he's pretty cool

  • Bro I love leth so much legit scores a sick goal and like celebrates but still asks if he scored

  • Speed level 3 had Superman hair

  • speed looks like ninja

  • Sunless secretly getting people alcohol poisoned

  • bro is it just me or is leth a lightweight XD

  • Level 3 for the 3v3 team was light work. I can tell they’ve been hammered way worse.

  • Leth is usually PG in his videos so seeing him drunk was entertaining to say the least

  • Drunk lethamyr is the best I will find him and get him drunk

  • ayo whoever was bruce at 12:21, gm's for life bro

  • WAIT HOLD UP they a.. a... ar... ar.... ARE DRUNK DRIVING😳

  • leth drunk is the funniest thing on earth

  • 123

  • hahahaha Leth!!!

  • Leth scores : ‘ohhh , did I score that ? ‘


  • Do a vid with ssl vs every rank but the ssl are bot allowed to use ballcam

  • So ssl vs ssl

  • @SunlessKhan To be honest, every weekend my 6PM and 9PM tournies get the far side tipsy and early drunk stage. At first I thought it would really make my ability to play shiiiit, but many times I come out with the highest score between either team even when losing.. (Not to say there aren't games where I can't do shit) But to put that into perspective, my mechanical skill is gold level, my saves are on a champ level and my game sense places that in Diamond as far as my actual rank, but Even drunk I've taken tourny wins, and even gone top 4 in a champ tier tournament. Allll of this is simply to say my thought before I watch this is that they need to be pretty drunk before their muscle memory starts to fail them. I would say especially so if they are closer to professional players since they have probably fixed much of their inconsistency... now to see if my experiences will be theirs.

    • Now that I've watched it, that was about what I expected to see. Was pretty hilarious too,

  • when Leth poured the drink after saying he spilt it😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • sizz was the best candidate for this vid lol

  • At first i thought it was something with the screen but i just realized they were actualy drinking

  • “They actually played a game of chess...” 😂

  • who won the chess game tho

  • 11:36 😆😆😆

  • Drunk leth is hilarious

  • bro wheres 1 gc after wisdom tooth surgery vs 6 plats on acid WHERE IIS IT

  • Six silvers on ketamine vs 1 SSL on speed

  • Video idea you should do a repeat of the challenge but for one up the ranks the ssl have to go against and at the end of the video see witch drunk ssl team is better?

  • 1 gc after wisdom tooth surgery vs 6 plats on acid is WHAT WE NEED 😂 the gc would probably be so drugged up he’ll be holding the controller upside down and the 6 plats won’t even be able to turn on their monitors

  • Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars!

  • I like drunk Leth. He needs to do a few drinking streams if he hasn't already.

  • How much did they have to drink for each level?

  • Still looking for the GC after wisdom teeth surgery vs 6 plats on acid video 😂

  • hands down the best youtube video I have ever witnessed.

  • Why are they acting like they’re trash😂

  • This is so stupid

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  • 7:19 "thats what she said"

  • Plot twist : THE CHAMPS WERE DRUNK

  • This just makes me realize that leth is a bigger asshole than what I previously thought.

  • Shit I wanna see the 6 plat on acid game where do I find that at?

  • Watching leth mumble while asking for a new controller is kinda funny

  • Whyyy is the 3s team jus soo clapped

  • One GC after wisdom teeth surgery vs 6 platinums on acid XD I couldn't stop laughing


  • Next video: SSL running from the cops vs 5 plats freezing to death

  • Why does kash look like mini Ladd...🥴

  • please let me be the plat on acid. i was born for this role.

  • If u bring squishy ans justin playing anonymously againat the level 3 drunks that would be funny

  • Their levels of drunk are far different than mine were back in my drinking days. Level three was holding onto the grass to keep from falling off the Earth.

  • I have experienced dinosaur sounds, drunk ppl, rocket league, toxicity, chess and a lot of more stuff in this video....

  • 3:45 You:What a wheeze! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • That joke at the end was so good

  • “They actually played a game of chess....”

  • Now do heroin!

  • But I got u covered with phase 3 dom perignon

  • Leth too drunk

  • I’ve watched this 5 times now and I still laugh

  • Normal Leth when his teamates miss a goal: Nah fam we good we good I got ya! Drunk Leth when his teamates miss a goal: You Suck! Different words, same meaning.

  • 6 platinums on acid

  • i wonder how would leth be like in level 5. this is really entertaining hahaha

  • Drunk Lehr is the best

  • Guess before watching vid: the ssls will win even on level 3 drunk

  • This is like lebron being piss drunk and show to a kids basketball game and proceed to dunk his beer bottles and shatter glass on the children

  • 11:34 ''spills the drink'' ''2 seconds later pours more''

  • This video idea is straight trash rocket league ISN'T about getting drunk and playing your promoting this game to kids that may play it and think it is acceptable

  • I love drunk leth he is so funny that way

  • drunk leth really is the best, he was entertaining af to watch

  • What did they Drunk ?

  • God and Jesus are great read the Bible Jesus can come any time turn your life to God before its to late

  • do more plz

  • Id like to see the gc vs 6 platinums

  • I love how the more drunk they got the more tilted they got 😂

  • Leth was wasted. He must’ve been playing hardcore mode while everyone else was playing casual. Funniest crap ever! 😂

  • leth is the funniest drunk person here

  • Lightweight Leth

  • 7:18 Leth: w0w YoU aRe So FaSt. yeah, you see his name is *Speed*

  • lmao, leth be i spilt a drink as he is still pouring the drink on his desk

  • Open your cutains

  • Leth got murdered in that chess game haha

  • 8:30 lmaoo 6:28 lol

  • Gc post surgery v 6 tripping plats is a video that I need to watch

  • If you ever need a champ 2 on acid for a video, I volunteer as tribute 🙋‍♂️

  • I wonder what firstkiller thought when they got into that ranked match

  • bro, the ending had me dead hahahah

  • I was wondering arsenal over 18 ?

  • Leths going to ruin his new controller!!! No!

  • Let’s said did I score that

  • Leth carried the vid

  • What is that idea🤣🤣🤣?????

  • Drunk leth it’s literally the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen 😂😂

  • I call it the Elixir of Accuracy™️ Only for the first few sips

  • the ending tho LMAOOOO

  • Brb dropping down to plat so I can play that 1v6 match PUT ME IN SUNLESS, I'M READY TO PLAY

  • If only Arsenal could legally drink

  • Now do it with mushrooms. Make em take a heroic dose n let’s see what happens. I’ll pay for this content.

  • I played comps with a friend and for every goal we had to take a sip and for every loose 5 and we played in plat so the matches were funny af I just can recommend that