Publisert 5. feb.. 2021
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  • It's always tuff when your best customer dissappears

  • Is this shit real

  • still disgusting you let him make FAKE ALLEGATIONS on something that is very serious. You can go on saying its all a joke and its all made up and yet i still dont find anything to laugh about. Not only do mainly men get falsely accused but they also pay the price while theres actual sickos out there who actually deserve it

  • Please Bradley make more content with Stevewilldoit! Your probably the only true friend that cares about Steve and his health. im a big fan when you both guys make videos together! Nelk boys could care less about Steve

  • 🐐🔥🔥😈😈

  • Fucking lame!

  • Addiction is no joke and it gets the best of us! And the only way to fix it is for him go want to fix it himself! I'll keep him in my prayers!

  • i thought steve was just playing a character

  • The one thing annoying about brad and Steve is all the arguments are scripted. Anybody with common sense and sat down and watched one of Steve and brads videos entirely can tell that its all pre planned. But they need to keep putting out funny content to get views cause that's what prays the bills. Money makes the world go round

  • Is this legit ? I can’t tell lol.

  • This song is even sadder tribute to Steve and Bradley then it was for Paul Walker..😪😭😭😭😢😢 yep I am officially crying but not like a little bitch but more like a sad little boy who lost his puppy..💯💯

  • Yo it's okay bro ik you didn't do it ik he didn't infact steve said he made most of it up

  • Get it together, they toy with you for comedy. I know you are not that smart Brad and down to earth, but come on! Steve does have the swollen red nose meaning he is a full fledged alcoholic. The kind where you get sick if you don’t drink. I seen my brother piss away his football career over liquor. Bad things to come for Steve, Brad,,,you have no fuckin clout yo!

  • Steve is aight. We need dom back.

  • Another billshit video.

  • Oh yea. Steve is that dude who downs 5th of jack like it’s nothing for a living. I had forgot about that drunk

  • Couple weeks later drops losing 50k w/ Steve 😭😂

  • The GUICE cause the hair loss , the black tar heroine is why Steve left brad

  • Steve really just needs to stop using meth and he will be fine

  • 💀

  • SOOOOO glad you got that kid away from you. You only see the best in people Brad. You are a true leader, roll model and an inspiration. That kid never took anything seriously.

  • Bradley doin the right thing once the funy ran out, commendable but holdin onto that holmby hills attitude, big respect. Need more sober heroes

  • Says he loves him but his problems are to personal for me? You gotta be there

  • Yeah looks like its all a prank from brad and nelk

  • Two sides. 1. He’s a rich ass dude from it and looks like he’d live till at least 70s😭🤷‍♂️. 2. Don’t leave him at his hardest moments. That’s when friends are needed most

  • In one year Steve looks 10 years older, however this is clearly a business ploy. You're a good man Bradley. Anyone who calls you a friend is blessed...

  • Quit the fake beef lol

  • He’s tryna be funny bro and also can y’all not talk deep y’all jug filming buddy’s like so your a shit friend or y’all just wasn’t never close fr ?

  • Its al funny.. drinking smoking doing stupid shit HA-HA... NO its not funny anymore.... its NOT for video's anymore.. steve is doing it on and off camera he drinks all day everyday... you see his face is different now from all the drinking..

  • What boxing match Steve would get crushed in 2 seconds.

  • I feel like this is a troll

  • If this isn’t a set up or click bait bs. I feel you because my sister was a heroin addict and I had to deal with it. With the first time I met her she almost died in front of me 😔. I am a nicotine addict and I smoke weed now. My sister was same way she started with nicotine and then weed then heroine. I’m probably going down the same route 😔.

  • Brad always so negative man head up you'll get through this😄

  • LMAO

  • Lol the fuckin slow piano music

  • F u Brad for this fake crap, lost a fan

  • Why dont film with your big brother Dom anymore?

  • Like this for brad to drop the fake weights

  • He let them move in cause he wanted the publicity & make money! Fraud!!

  • Man, I can tell you guys all had some fun in the videos, whether or not it pissed ya off at the time. It's sad but some people are so stubborn and stuck in their ways, they fuck good relationships up. Aka Steve fucking the relationship up. He's a good dude but he's a wild card.

  • What’s wrong with weird porn ? You kept bringing it up likes it’s a problem ..👌👈

  • What is he talking about? Steve looks fine fine from what is have seen. In both of their current form Steve looks physically superior to Bradley and personality wise he seems to be just fine. I think Bradley just needs some estrogen blocker!

  • steve was like a smaller small son to him ✊😳

  • Steve is really addicted to drugs.

  • I don't know much about these guys, but it seems staged? Yea or Nah?

  • Month later you're still making videos with that loser!

  • Shut up brad you can’t lie we all know you’re a massive heroin dealer and the fake weights . You can’t trust anything someone says who lifts fake weights

  • Y’all clearly don’t know nelks humor

  • yeah when steve said "ive never smoked crack until i started hanging with brad" in his video that was it for me lmfaooooo

  • Who cares.....

  • Steve has been partying since day 1. Nelk just hopped onto it when Steve came along. They saw the views poppin and decided to add it to the video schedule. Nothing wrong with what they are doing, they just need to work out so they don’t get super unhealthy. As for the gambling, that shit is a little fucked ngl. Steve for real throws his cash down the drain. But such is life and you can’t make the decisions for him

  • 😂

  • What kind of weird porn is steve addicted to? lmao

  • that sucks man

  • The sad thing is it’s all a joke but Steve needs help like he does hella drugs and needs to chill

  • I see Brad liking every female influencer pics on Instagram 😂😂

  • He never looked at the camera he for sure is lying for a big thing coming up but hes right tho i dont watch Nelk anymore its just partys after party’s with the dude fucking these fat girls ahaha but its not good anymore pranks were the fucking shit and i feel like they sorta destroyed the thing that got them famous, now its just booze drugs girls and partying:/

  • Love these 2

  • The tables has turned 🤣

  • Although this may be a settup for a later video. EVERYTHING brad is saying is legit fact. and also seems somewhat genuine.

  • #savesteave

  • Fake weights

  • He is in his video from Kirk two days ago😂😂got 20k in cigs😂😂

  • You look like an absolute joke with earnings haha a bald man trying to take attention of you're non existent hair haha

  • Advanced sarcasm maxxx

  • Larry Wheeels went almost broke from porn and admitted it😂😂 could be hinting about that 😂😂

  • NELK followers dumb enough to think this is a joke

  • Come on 1 million i remember wen he was justbstarting this channel ggs

  • Now I believe best friendship can turn to hate.

  • Where is it gym at in la

  • But if it is true what he is saying how comes you flirt with your best friend’s sister

  • You never Break a Bong Kid......

  • This acting is on par with a good porn

  • This guy has me laughing he just can’t act or lie for shit 😂😂

  • #savesteve

  • Sry for your loss man. You guys seem close. steven has joined the darkside

  • Clout chasing Olympics

  • Now you filmed with him

  • Yeah I can’t tell if this is a joke or not

  • Where the drugs at Bradley

  • Oh and I forgot to mention don’t try for an acting career. Move to the Midwest and work at a trailer factory where you belong

  • A gym bro story line lmao

  • Brad's a simp for cloud

  • Lmao he’s joking but at the same time these are all facts

  • Killed this joke now - it’s dead they needa move on

  • You just say sorry and end the video you bald disgrace

    • It’s really bad because you don’t realize how much pain you are inflicting on others. Very concerning. Go away. Never come back .

  • Drug dealers are the best manipulators😳

  • Damn maybe brads a good person

  • Why you touch his little sister though

  • Bro you gotta stop selling him all that black tarrr

  • I like how he's doing better than you

  • It was funny when he did it. Not you

  • Bruh I’m Dieing the shirts😂

  • Bradley can i re-up on my pound of kush? down to meet at the same spot and time if anything

  • “ like a son..... like a small son “

  • Ok I generally thought this might be real reading the comments, and then I watched it.... 😂🤣 Yall slow if you think this is real fucking hell 💀

  • Real question. Why’d he stop filming with Dom??

  • Osama bin Bradley got ditched

  • Why don’t you stop selling weed and hitting on minors