Daniel Cormier reacts to Conor McGregor’s loss at UFC 257 | SportsCenter

Publisert 23. jan.. 2021
Daniel Cormier joins SportsCenter to discuss Conor McGregor losing to Dustin Poirier by knockout in the second round at UFC 257.
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  • He is the best analyst

  • *DC too good on TV* born to do it ..

  • Too much money and luxury makes you less hungry: Conor McGregor is done. He’ll never ascend to the top again

  • How about reacting to Dustin's win instead lol

  • How about reacting to Dustin's win instead lol

  • " What do we learn from connor tonight ?" Stephen A

  • I don't think conor will win the next one, He may not have the same hunger as the diaz fight, Many distractions, and poirier has his number. Poirier will handle him again.

  • " What do we learn from connor tonight ?" Stephen A

  • Cormier is a jealous hater. Douchebag never drew a dime in his life. PPV numbers don’t lie. Hat’s off to Poirier. That was a nasty game plan and he perfected it.

    • Charles Oliveira needs a title shot

  • Amazing there is a 3 sec delay between the ESPN anchor & Daniel Cormier! Why doesn’t the UFC use 1969 technology from Richard Nixon’s Era? He placed a rotary PHONE CALL ALL THE WAY to THE MOON w/o delay! 😂

    • “Fans have short term memories” that’s facts. People tend to forget that Conor’s striking is top of the foodchain. He will be back

  • I hope Conor comes back strong

    • Paid in full

    • his prime and hungry, DON'T WANT A OTHER WOODLEY

  • Hopefully McTapper leaves to never come back finally once and for all. Look at his last few fights and see what his record is. People are still acting like he's on some kind of winning streak but it's the oppositie. He has ZERO cardio.. now his chin is going, he's not submittting ANYONE and his (best boxing in the UFC) failed him. Max would destroy him about now too. Smh

    • Charles Oliveira needs a title shot

  • Dana: And surprise for all of- .. streamers: Hold on, I’m streaming brotha’

  • ups and downs are soo unavoidably 1000% apart of life.

    • Cormier trying to stay relevant.

  • Conor McGregor is overhyped

    • Viciously walked the man down plain and simple

  • conor wont a stop here, he’s not even fighting for money anymore. It’s about legacy now

  • " What do we learn from connor tonight ?" Stephen A

    • about rust. That's the difference between great and good dedication and slacking.

  • " What do we learn from connor tonight ?" Stephen A

  • Cormier is awesome!

  • Does DC's black ring mean, what I think it does?

  • So hot! Me long time

  • DC is best. fuk jon bons jons

  • “Fans have short term memories” that’s facts. People tend to forget that Conor’s striking is top of the foodchain. He will be back

  • Charles Oliveira needs a title shot

  • conor lost his signature style. in-n-out karate:)

  • NOPE !!!! BIG McGregor fan!! But he should of never came back , this lost just ruin his Legacy and if comes back again and loses makes it even worst his time is up ,he wascin his prime and hungry, DON'T WANT A OTHER WOODLEY

  • Conor needs his old stance back! He looked small compared to Dustin

  • Khabib jock strap sniffer🤣 Gaethje vs McGregor winner faces Dustin for the vacant belt.

  • Viciously walked the man down plain and simple

  • Cormier trying to stay relevant.

    • Mcloser before the fight: Poirier would last one minute ....Poirier will be out in the first round Mcloser after the fight: inactivity was the reason for my loss.

  • Floyd Mayweather retires for year & a half and comes back looking crisp against world class talent. Ufc fighters don't fight for 6 months and only fight for like 3-5 rounds and talk about rust. That's the difference between great and good dedication and slacking.

  • blah blah blah all you guys do is talk...double minded at best...fit the narrative...I have more enjoyment watching fights on a playground nowadays

  • When you introduce the legend DC, You gotta say 2 weight world champion! The Champ IS HERE!!!

  • DC is a trash commentator

  • Predator vs DC😀

  • DC is lowkey happy 😎

  • F cormier..

  • DC is partly responsible for this loss when he triggered conor about fighting Sanchez Thank you Daniel 😂👍🏼

  • I swear the majority of fans and the so called Analysts were picking Conner to win this fight. Dustin is a great fighter he has beaten a lot of the top 5 it just shows you how great khabib is he is so much better than anyone in this division. I wish khabib wouldn't have retired I wouldn't mind seeing khabib fight Dustin or big mouth Chandler so he can get his 30th win and make UFC history. I bet money on Dustin porier I knew he was going to win as for Conner Mcgregor I think he should go down in weight his punching power doesn't work on these bigger guys I also think if khabib went to 170 he would be a double champion. I think he beats Usman

  • McGregor is paying the price for being a part timer since the McGregor vs Alvarez fight.

  • Mayweather messed him up, Connor don't wanna fight for peanuts anymore and the fight ain't in him no more.

  • Everyone writing Conor's obituary notice, tch. Here the guy's been carrying the UFC and Lightweight Division all these years. Conor didn't have a good night - but I doubt Conor expected a kicking exhibition. "Expect a trick every time you step into the ring." -if I were Conor I'd just say eff it for a few weeks. Let him enjoy his payday - many times the payday(s) of those writing Conor's obit. (Band-wagon jumpers)

  • "We've learned nothing about Dustin Poirier tonight." - Stephen A Smith

    • Stephen a Smith was right about connor

    • @Hugh Coburn So exit the octagon to prevent more losses? Gotcha!

    • Conor hasn’t fought for awhile. He is a very well off person due to the UFC. Life has been good to him. He own lots of luxury cars, a huge yacht. A mansion of a house. He should look at retirement and enjoy his family. He was one of the greatest fighters in UFC history. He has nothing to prove anymore. Relax, retire enjoy life and your family. There’s a ton of guys out there who were very successful and stayed way to long in the limelight. No one remembers them anymore. Let it go, enjoy life and the family while you can.

  • Lol sure Conor "beat" Nate in the rematch lol

  • The eatable fruit totally press because currency uniquely doubt besides a homeless edger. hysterical, tame transmission

    • I dont wanna hear that inactivity excuse..conor was out for a long time when he came back and beat cerrone

  • Omg is mcgregor theonly fighter the ufc has?

  • Connor said he was proud of the work he did in training.

  • I think Conor is done as a good fighter, victory has defeated him.

  • Conor is washed.

  • Notice how he didn't need to use eye pokes

  • McGregor is one of the worst champions ever

  • Just like everything else in life, people assume the louder you are the better you are. Khabib and Dustin think otherwise. Quiet yet deadly.

  • After khabib!!!!Conor McGregor game is over

  • Ring rust? George St Pierre came back after years and did it pretty well... so... that's not an excuse. Dustin just got better, that's all.

  • What's up with the unnecessary music!?

  • Dont make excuses for McGregor..Dustin only fought one time last year as well

  • Put another way, Conor has only had 7 competitive rounds in the Octagon over the past 4 years.

  • justin g vs charles o should be next both guys beat tony then they should do belt fight against dustin

  • all of conors future opponents will focus on leg destruction.

  • I dont wanna hear that inactivity excuse..conor was out for a long time when he came back and beat cerrone

  • Dc is the man whom everybody would want as a big brother..❤️ love this man.

    • million $$$ payday with manny pacquiao ,,talks of that fight are off

  • Connors done, he needs to retire!

  • Khabib beat all these guys Dustin,Conor, Justin etc. but he still gets disrespected I don’t understand ?

  • Ragin Cajun got it done 🤟🏾‼️

    • Conor was done after the first round You can see it in his face Lol 🤣 don't think he well come back Unless is easy fight

  • I would never know Cormier was a fighter. Sounds just like a commentator.

  • Nice interview Champ

  • Reminds me of ronda vs amanda (and ronda vs holm)

  • I wanna see a trilogy

  • DC's voice is cracking......

    • He works hard, something you know nothing about

  • Conner is done. Good riddance, act was getting OLD.

  • who can out grapple khabib in lightweight? anyone brave enough to back their fighter to that question?

  • Shut up. Talking up this hype job.

  • Like DC alot but why is he looking so different in this video😅

  • Conor is DONE... Conor with many excuses... May weather is now calling Conor a "McLoser."

  • replace him even his hybird is better than this fuk performance really !! Bye bye Conor !

  • Love you videos???

  • if conor would have won that fight their would have been no talk about inactivity ,,,dana would have went on and on about how great conor is ,,,,,that loss cost conor potential 100 million $$$ payday with manny pacquiao ,,talks of that fight are off

  • this was very well matched. The fighting styles and strength closely matched. I think the title could have gone either way. Great fight

  • Conor was done after the first round You can see it in his face Lol 🤣 don't think he well come back Unless is easy fight

    • always look forward to your videos !!

  • McGregor knew what he was doing, he just wanted the money. After the Mayweather fight he got comfortable

  • Inactivity ? Really ? Stipe fought 3 times between 2018 and 2019. He fought DC on July 2018, August 2019 and August 2020... Dustin had a gameplan and followed it. He was the better man.

  • He beat him past his prime come on

  • Very professional of DC to not take a dig at McGregor. Kind of felt like McGregor had a pop at DC during the pre-fight media where he brought up DC's losses to Stipe. Also DC is at the same gym as Khabib?. Either way, respect to DC for rising above it.

  • I wish I could say I was shocked by all the excuses Conor fans have been making (wrong stance, trained for boxing etc) but it's par for the course.

  • Win or lose for Conor, we always get exciting fights. Who knows what will happen? I just hope he sticks around, physically he should be in his prime now.

  • Cormier looks like he is spitting bars

  • Appreciate this comment section, respectful on both sides, not like these trolly twitter kids who have no fight knowledge

  • Conor had Dustin in the first ... for some reason he didn’t pour it on after he hurt him. That’s going to haunt him when he rewatches the fight.

    • yeah ikr, it was a big right jab in the chin right ? it rocked Dustin instantly, he got heavy shoulders and was clearly stunned. At this moment Conor was *fresh* and he stepped off.. I thought he would pour in with front kicks but he didn't. Haunt, is the perfect word.

  • GSP come back after a 4 year lay off... Stepped up a weight division and choked out the Champ to win the belt... can't use inactivity as an excuse if you are supposed to be a GOAT... the greatest turn up and find a way to win🐐

  • did everyone miss the check hooks? it was a check hook that turned the tide. the first one that cracked conor before the finishing sequence. also tko?

  • McGregor looks old guys. I had to look up his age after I heard everyone say he’s past his prime....I couldn’t believe it: he’s only 32.

  • The dramatic background music sums up the UFC. Not as exciting as it's hyped up to be.

  • love this guy.


  • Always said it, Connor doesn’t like getting hit.

    • Ur not saying anything deep.... no fighter likes getting u clown

  • Coner is done

  • Oh man

  • Dustin still w8 for his Proper 12

  • Conors career is over there is absolutely no way to recover from thos , THERE IS NO WAY , it doesn't matter who he fights from here on out . It's a shame too .

  • Conor takes so many risks, but thats his way of doing things, it always has been...I hope we can see him being more active from now on and revenge his losses, which I'm sure he will do.

    • Conor is a clown

    • he's not gonna beat Khabib if Khabib comes back, and doesn't look like he can beat Dustin at lw. He would lost do Justin too, and probably Charles Oliveira. Ducking defending his belt is not "taking risks". fighting Floyd risked nothing, it was just a blatant cash grab.