Re-organizing my 2,000+ Nail Polishes AGAIN

Publisert 10. okt.. 2020
Do I have too much time on my hands or do I have too many bottles of nail polish?
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And no, I did not count how many nail polishes I own because that would take me another 3 days. But it's definitely over 2,000🤡
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  • I'm so glad I saw both versions when I did! I have just purchased some shelving for my nearly 400 bottles (with room for growth). I, too, thought the rainbow would look best until I saw yours. It looked so messy! The final version is definitely the way to go, and I'll be following the same plan. Thanks!

  • please tell me you threw away the moldy nail polish....

  • I like it better this way.

  • 5 cat beds....

  • I love how the argument is that you have to move all of them when you get another one.... How many more polishes can there be out there? lmao All in all though, i actually liked the way it was before the change last time. I remember watching it and thinking that it was a good idea to color code it that way, but the final result just looked like a messy bookshelf. only the colors were the same, the styles, the heights, the bottles all screwed up what wouldve been a beautiful rainbow. So I just started this, and I have no idea where it is going, but I hope it goes back to how it was before,, i think that looked really good and i regret that I thought this rainbow version was a good idea. lmao

    • oh good, you said this like 10 seconds later, awesome.

  • hey Cristine, what's that on your oThEr HaNd?

  • We need a new shelf tour!

  • Did cristine quit her job? Or did she organize her nail polish over a 3 day weekend?

    • @Kelsey oh okay thanks!

    • Yes, she still has her job. She mentioned on Instagram that she took vacation time.

  • hello, question, where can I find my own ben to have. id really like to own one I just cannot find a ben in my area.

  • The Menchie shots in this video are TOP NOTCH 🙌 Also LOL @ Ben describing Stockholm Syndrome 😂😂😂

  • Is Christine pregnant?

    • No. People really need to stop asking inappropriate questions about people they don't know personally.

  • Finna risk it all for Jen

  • When you have to stand on the couch to be the same height as your husband 😔 ⚰

  • Honestly this setup is more satisfying for me to look at. I’d have expected for the color-organized to look more satisfying, but something about the bottle sizes/shapes and lid colors being by the same sizes/shapes/colors is soooo much better 🥰

  • video idea: going through all your nail polishes to see if they even still work and throwing out the ones that don't

  • Menchi is the real star of this video😸

  • next video like this is going to be testing every single nail polish she has to see if they still work

  • PRAISE MENCHIE!! Giiiiirrrrrrlllll thank you so freaking much for doing this! 😭 I literally had to pull back from watching your vids because the polish rainbow was killing my OCD 😫 It looks amazing!! 😍

  • Ben and Christine are basically married if you think about it

  • No one: ben: what is it called wen someone kidnapped someone and they think they love them Me: why did you ask that it so random

  • Ima be 32 next month I feel ya

  • I know she will never see this, but she should make a video where she swatches all of her nail polish to help her get rid of some old crusty ones

  • mixing all your oats together

  • Everyone: ooh cool and shiny Me: why so many cat beds?

  • i like the rainbow better

  • I love how she was just like ´Be like Jen' to Ben lol

  • I thought Safiya had crazy amounts of lipstick, specifically lip stuff... until I saw this video.

  • I’m so glad you changed it back! Honestly I hated the rainbow too 😳

  • that room is one of the most flammable room their house...

  • I wonder if Beyyyn ever think about wanting to be stuck in that sister sandwich...

  • she is going to need a bigger shelf

  • the pure fear in her voice at is amazing

  • I've got nearly 2500 bottles. I did mine by brand then by rainbow order.

  • Ben.. get sofia, and a group of friends... i think its time for an intervention. She has to throw away the old crusty nail polishes

  • Meanwhile, the cats are like "where the frick did our beds go?!"

  • Simply: I want Menchi: knocks off a nail polish* Simply: Menchi! Ben: Mench

  • CristineI: "just cant bring myself to throw out anything" Me: "hmm .... I don't have nail polish at all, so what should i do" 🤔

  • i feel so much better about this

  • Peace has been restored to the universe. All is how it was. Until it gets reorganized again.

  • Oh no again 😟uh oh

  • You have a problem

  • I was sssooo excited the first time I found holo nail polish that I HAD to buy it! Since then I've had to move and am staying with my sister, I can't find any of my polish, honestly I can't remember packing my cllection, so sad :( but surely I did, can you send me some?(please?)

  • Question... do you use all this nail polish to do other peoples nails? Or do you use it for just youf own?

  • you sould paint menchies nails they have pet nail polish i used this its nontoxic

  • i can just picture her in a mansion where every wall is a nail polish shelf

  • Rainbow organizing would be good for nail salons

  • Cristine, we can't keep doing this

  • u should make a place where u just show off all of ur peelies

  • How am i both Jen and Crisitne at the same time?

  • on this new episode of hoarders...

  • How many cat beds do you have?

  • The time lapse make me feel like I'm fast forwarding my sim trying to develop some logic skill ...

  • I thought this was a year ago Old at first I was like we haven’t been in quarantine for over a year

  • 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥀🥀

  • The order is restored 😊💛🖒

  • Ben: im not doing this Also ben: keeps helping cristine

  • I love that you use cat beds for organizing XD

  • 22:43 dance party 💃🏽 🕺

  • Cristine: there is no room on the floor remember last time Ben: WeLL wE cAn mOvE tHe cAt oF tHe tAbLe

  • Jenny:F- Ben:B+ Simply:A++++

  • video idea: try to do your nails (and bens) while a little tipsy

  • Ok but when is Ben going to propose

    • Never. They don't want to get married.

  • "There's not enough room!!!" "Well we can move the cat off the table!"

  • This helped me feel better. Thank you for this video! 💿💿💿🌈🌈🌈💜💙💚💛🧡❤💖🤘✌

  • Minute 19:55 - a sudden thought crossed my mind. When both of them turn 60, Ben is still gonna introduce Cristine as his girlfriend and Cristine will still gonna introduce Ben as her boyfriend. They both gonna die as ONLY girlfriend and boyfriend without deeper connection or commitment.

  • Omg more nail polishes can’t believe it took three days!!! 🤩🤩

  • i am so glad you reorganised your polishes the other order was really annoying in the way different sized bottles were together this order is so much more pleasing

  • You need to pimp it out with led lights to brighten up ur display at dark!

  • They look like lines of stacked potions like that scene from shrek 2.

  • What if there's an earthquake?

  • Me, feeling inspired with my grand total of 19 nail polishes that all fit into one box.

  • I hope Carolyn (the world recorder nail polish collector) watched this and got in touch with you.


  • *rimAlANdAN*

  • Me: There is a brand I use!!! Also me: Its at the top.....

  • 19:55 Cristine: "I wish it didn't take so long to organise 2000 of something, know what I'm saying?" BEYYYN: {sarcastic waaaaahing} I think Ben became my new fave.

  • Much more aesthetically pleasing well done Cristine

  • The intro is still so satisfying 😯😯😯😯😯

  • Cat clock was white and red today :O

  • Quarantine led me here and yet I watched all 25 minutes. Very satisfying to watch someone organize

  • For some reason I want her to stream this live like on NOlong or Twitch etc.

  • It’s spring cleaning where I am!!!!

  • Why did this look like so much fun...? I would’ve loved to help.😂😅

  • Aaahhh, so soothing and calming with order restored ☺

  • Oh yas

  • 14:03 i thought the shelf was gonna collapse

  • So I barely have nails and don't really paint them anymore... and plus if I wanted to do them anyway it would be if I'm away from my boyfriend of something because he's sensitive to the smell of them so I can't. I also hate having long nails so would rather keep them short so it's easier to do things since I write alot and work in labs ( Marine Biology major who works/ takes classes in chemistry labs).

  • I mean, you’re never gonna use most of those polishes lol

  • love it

  • Cristine, you need one of those ladders that slides on a rail like they had in old libraries!

  • i feel like jen and ben act more like siblings than her and cristine do lmao

  • Cristine doesn't say anything.... Ben: I am not helping. (Proceeds to help a few minutes later)

  • This video made me laugh so many times, and the shelf looks sooo good now

  • The new way makes me happy for some odd reason

  • Nail polish aside, nobody owns more cat beds

  • Cristine the polish queen

  • I thought this needed to go back as soon as it was done, so I'm thriving!

  • I can't be the only one hoping for a nail polish hoarding intervention here.

  • I love your videos and p.s. I am watching this a week from when you posted it❤