Room Raiders was MTV's Grossest Dating Show

Publisert 4. mai. 2021
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Out of all the weird early 2000's dating shows that MTV produced, Room Raiders was by far the grossest. I talk about it!







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  • Omg this youtuber is cringy entitled

    • @Meghana AP Eng right lol if it didnt get pinned, immediate cryin

    • @pinny domo and I am glad you tried to be polite even if it was a bit scattered

    • @pinny domo I disagree but I am glad that this conversation has ended

    • @pinny domo i sure do love making now and having a brunch of kids

    • Get rekt my man.

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  • Omg weezeer

  • Kurtis Kenneth Connor? You’re one letter away from some very unfortunate initials😂

  • I'm pretty sure some episodes let the raiders use a blacklight but I think they could only use it for 1 room like all the other "gadgets".

  • This video made me find out that "how often do couples have sex" is a frequent search according to Google Trends

  • Im sorry fucking FRED made a video on it?

  • the way that my dad has the exact same shirt as Kenneth and only wears it for special occasions.. like anniversaries and birthdays...

  • Idk why but this 20:29 gave me a flash back I jojo's bizarre adventures part 4 when Kira ran into a dude stealing his female neighbor underwear off a clothes drying rack outside her yard, so Kira killed the dude for doing that. Even a serial killer from 1999 thinks it's weird 😭😭😭

  • Did you say "one of my middle names"? How many middle names do you have??

  • *how old is Harrison Ford*

  • So jealous of Kurtis' knife skills in the Hello Fresh ad reads, pls drop cooking tutorials Mr Mayor

  • Bro shave the mustache


  • One of my best friends' parents started this show lol

  • She obviously used the magnifying glass because she’s just going along with the show and trying to use the tools bc they asked her to for fun

  • "Fifteen years later." What..?

  • Kurtis Kenneth _____ Conner?

  • ok sara is literally so nice but like: "im sorry but i like clean guys" kenneth: literally doesnt clean a retainer which youre supposed to clean everyday in 4 MONTHS

  • Dude Kenneth out here calling girls out for having padded bras when that’s all bras really are

  • Room raider? I barely know her

    • @Inouye 😭😭😭 u make me insucure and sad. Take it back... Take it back! You owe me two compliments...😭😫

    • Hardly *

  • This show seems incredibly memeable

  • Room raiders? Hardly know her.

  • thats there sign to go back to music videos mtv 🤦

  • #notallkenneths

  • The 653 dislikes are because you didn’t say ‘makin’ it stinky’ when you talked about her sniffing the retainer

  • kurtis: announces he just made mile high club up mtv: write it down WRITE IT DOWN

  • It sounds like you’re saying “hella fresh” instead of “hello fresh”...

  • Ok he just made me clean my room

  • ... when this stuff was on TV I used to have more refined tastes. 😬

  • "I went to a party, YOU ALREADY KNOOWWWWW it was a pantie RAVE"

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  • roomraiders looks like an enemies to lovers type of show, and I bet the straight wattpad readers would love that

  • not vp joe rogan 🤣💀

  • Wait, how many middle names does Kurtis have? 😂

  • I also smell weird things and if it smells gross, I will smell it again because something is fucking wrong with my head. 😂

    • Also, room raiders, next, parental control, literally every single show on mtv in early 2000s was my shit. I love that Kurtis also watched this super cringe shows. I thought they were AMAZING when I was a preteen 😂

  • I feel so unwell from the retainer thing lol also ONE of your middle names Kurtis? lol

  • I gurgled at the bodily fluids part and he spun around

  • Your skits are as good or even better than Danny's

  • 12:37 full volume

  • BRING OUT THAT BLACKLIGHT!! That was an amazing show! It was so horribly disturbing! I loved it! LOL. Blind Date, Fifth Wheel, Next... all great shows that were very entertaining!

  • As someone with a retainer, I'm just wondering: has that man not brushed his teeth in 4 months either?? Because like you literally just brush it the same way you brush your teeth, it takes like 20 extra seconds-

  • Even as a tween watching this show when it first aired, I thought it was stupid and gross. And I watched all kinds of trash reality TV. I'm talking Flavor or Love, Rock of Love, The Surreal Life - all that terrible VH1 shit, lol.

  • Why does sarah sounds like mabel from gravity falls😂

  • 5:44 dude, tell me that doesn’t sound exactly like the “I’m Jared I’m 19, and I never learned how to read” vine. Holy crap even the music yo

  • Thanks a lot Zooey!

  • Wow this is fucking incredible. From your skits to personality, fuck yeah

  • Hi I’m kenneth and I like grass… alot

  • Oh my god im dying 😂😂😂

  • You should do a video on MTV's silent library

  • you can’t possibly understand how upset i am that mile high club isn’t a thing

  • Fuck bro....why are all the things u say are so life for me

  • why are you my transition goals

  • Freaking looooooved mtv dating shows. Beauty and the geeks was my favorite, followed quickly by next. Fucking incredible stuff.

  • 12:37 is killing me

  • Something in your brain is so good

  • Blind Date episode vampire date

  • i can always count on kurtis’s editing to absolutely make me lose my mind

  • I need that fake mile high club show to b very real


  • Some good laughs great job

  • If by Lord of the Rings, you mean dressing up like a Hobbit and pretending it was an accident, then yes. Yes I will Lord of the Rings.

  • We can "lord of the rings" HAHAHAHAAH!

  • Here from 2061. Can’t believe he predicted president Bezos 😂

    • 😔 he got assassinated by the goo goo gang

  • Petition for Netflix to pick up Mile High Club

  • Are you telling me that his name is Kurtis Kenneth Conner...

  • i was literally about to go look up mile high club and watch it and honestly i’m upset it doesn’t exist it’s the only dating show i would watch

  • pls the lotr guy

  • 8:06 omg he watches Jake and Amir

  • MTV rn: ✍️ mile ✍️ high ✍️ club ✍️

  • My favorite Spanish word is w. Sounds like dobleoo.

  • I'm still trying to figure out what species of bird the foot is from. I've checked native birds of prey to CA, and some types of grouse. The feathers extending to the foot are a specific trait. Any other birders have thoughts?

  • swirlies?! is that how you get your hair so perfect?

  • #KeepZooeyDeschanelSinging

  • 11:14 😂 make it stop

  • I laughed so hard I was wheezing and my eyes watered. The editing done for the comedic effect is fantastic.

  • Kenneth is just Gibby

  • Old Kurtis looks like Kurt Vonnegut

  • This fully explains why we are so fucked lmao, I watched so much of this crap no doubt I am fucked

  • i legit thought the start of the description was for a vpn not the show!

  • "one of my middle names" ??? Kurtis Kenneth Judicious Alberto Conner the Third

  • Sarah doesn’t like cowboys, she just likes hicks

  • hot digity damn... nah I’m sticking to yolo

  • No reference to that kickass Against Me shirt? Best band, that dude was cool (until he put her bra on his head)

  • Pardon? Kurtis Kenneth Conner

  • kurtis kenneth connor... huh

  • I thought your pitch for Room Raiders was a VPN ad...

  • 12:09 I don't usually laugh at Kurtis's content, but that was funny lmao

  • My girlfriend texted me just to tell me that I remind her of Caleb, and I’m unsure if that’s good or bad


  • *I think MTV's Next was one of the most aggressive speed dating shows I've seen*

  • Did they not use a blue light? Why do I remember them using a blue light??

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  • It's drew on the phone haha

  • lmao my retainer prob hasn’t been washed in over a year

  • wow Paul McCartney really let himself go

  • oh no the intros are moving from chaotic good to chaotic evil u ok kurtis

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  • I actually watched this episode a month ago, glad someone else saw how awful Kenneth