NF - Therapy Session

Publisert 26. aug.. 2016
Official music video for “Therapy Session” from NF’s album, Therapy Session.
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Music video by NF performing Therapy Session. (P) (C) 2016 Capitol CMG Label Group.
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  • Nf speaks for many people

  • Be speaks for many people

  • NF is so honest, thats what i appreciate about him. he has the most awesome vibes

  • Christian isn’t the definition of perfection 👌🏻

  • im sitting in a daycare listining to this trying not to pick off my skin so i picked off keys to my keyboard and your music makes me feel much better

  • his music is therapy for me.

  • if u actually sit and listen to this it has so much meaning

  • It's 2am in South Africa and I'm up going through all Nate' s songs 😩❤ If I don't go through em I believe imma go insane ♡♡♡+ But what can i say he's the only reason I'm still in one piece 😩😣 my soul's okay for now but wait till it's morning then school; then i godda see all of em 💩💔 Then midnight comes and the scars get more ❤ but I'm okay 😣

  • honestly 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

  • In this one vid can u think how much he Had to change his clothes 🤣

  • I love your music, its meaningful. it helps alot of people cope, aswell.

  • Sounds like if eminem wasn’t good

    • @Nikki fuck no i’m not even a huge eminem fan especially his new stuff which isn’t good, but all NF songs are so dramatic, and they all sound the same. He just raps about his parents and how his life sucks. No good bars. His production is good and his energy is strong but that doesn’t make him a better rapper than eminem. NF is just corny af and makes music that could be for a batman video game

    • eminem in better and with depression

    • Your comment makes zero sense. This is nothing like eminem and he is amazing and way more creative than marshall sorry.

  • My favorite of his and also my go to song every time I’m down and out! God is with this kid!

  • My mom says 'stop listening to that depressing stuff' no mother this is relatable I can't go through life without nf Love you nate❤✌🏻

  • Nate and dark Nate, a sight I imagine every time I play Intro 3. My favorite showdown of all time.

  • I freaking love him

  • this man is 30.. i thought he was at least 23

  • People who disliked this needs another Therapy Session, XD

  • I haft to listen to NF in secret bc my parents says he’s putting me in a bad mood and the thing I think is that’s what rap suppose to do come on.

  • Not usually a fan of rap but damn...this hits me

  • mannnn he is the real deal 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Nah it ain't

  • Tiny margins, slim Under shadow

  • why is it so relatable?

  • I have never met NF But I would trust him with my life

  • "You wanna know what I'm like in person listen to my verses! This music is not just for those who sit in the pews and pray at the church's" The last time I got chills like that is when I performed in a NYS Prison (Green Haven in Stormvile New York, 2011) doing a verse for a Christian Rap performance with a very old friend I met in the church there. The quoted quoted NF line written above is eerily similar too a line I wrote in my verse. The church programs and services there had a widely diverse style of worship and with that also came diverse styles of music for the services. Rap wasn't immediately allowed though because it was considered bad taste to use rap in such a way in a setting it didn't belong in. We challenged that like crazy and we won, but it was difficult to convince the chaplain of the jail that it wasn't bad taste or disgraceful in any way towards the religion of Christianity. We blew it away in that performance!! I was released about 4 months after on my already expected release date. But that didn't change the fact that the culture and style of music I preferred wasn't very widely accepted in a lot of faiths. This line NF used is so much more real and true than a majority of people will ever under be able to understand.

  • I need this ..

  • One of the few real rappers left, no need to curse to get his point across no need to make up stuff to make good lyrics no need to use over used song content 100% real, his music hits diffrent then everyone elses

  • 👑💖🕊️🔥✨ Phoenix life🔥 ♏♏💖

  • Thx much for sharing with us Nate !!

  • If you're struggling with depression please know you're not alone. Because of this I've decided sharing my story through commenting to this particular video seemed fitting. This is my first attempt at doing so. Please read my story under the "about me" section on my channel. There is more to life than darkness. Happiness is real. We are the sum of everything that has happened to us. Don't give up.

  • I guess that you definition of violence and mine are something that we look at differently Facts

  • Nf 🙏🙏💯💯real... The day i remember I discovered nf... The best day of life

  • You have no idea how much this helps me I just got introduced to you but I can already tell you're speaking from the heart.

  • No lie... and I hope hiphop can forgive me for my sins. I never even clicked on any of NF's music because I was confused and thought he was the same artist as NEFFEX.... I am sorry. I have heard 12 and now 13 after this. He is top 5. Dont even @ me. Name 5 rappers who delivers a message with so much sense dense substance, a positive message and does not preach self destructive habits to the kids. This IS hiphop. This is what its about. The idea that drugs, girls, money and alcohol is needed to be a hiphop artist is not only damaging to the youth. It destroys the culture.

  • I'm Extremely thankful for his courage to make the music he does about his Real feeling because Mant people can relate to the situations. His music has seriously made me feel so MUCH better about everything going on in my mind and my past and that it isn't a bad thing to ask for help. 👨‍👩‍👧💪💚💚💚 I LOVE my Wife and daughter SOOOOOO damn MUCH if not for them I would NEVER had the strength to change💞

  • He's a MC

  • People who don't understand his music have seriously not gone through some hard shit in life,coz once u understand it you won't wanna be anywhere else but here😍😍😍So much love NF

  • Bro I love your music i fu**ing hate the mumble rapping I can say your better then Eminem

  • anyone cry in that speech at the end... no? just me... okay

  • If people can't respect NF, that is truly closed minded. This guy has an absolutely undeniable talent. Not just anybody can rap and rap anything or any word. And certainly not make it sounds legit in it's genre! I feel like they only listen to his tone and they relate it to gangster rap. Most people just judge all rap music by the majority of what they know of rap songs that are about money, pussy, titties, glorifying drugs, and killing people. And I myself hate most if not all of that shit. It isn't something I want to glorify for any reason in my world. For those things to be talked about like you're proud of spewing shit that in my opinion is useless or royally fu**ed up sometimes. NF is the version of "Eminem" that I can love, fully. I always liked Eminem because of his obvious brilliance and talent. But a lot of the shit he sang about was either truly dark and even evil shit. Completely pointless humor, or best of all deep honesty... real true poetry of his life. So I have always loved him for most of what he does, but more importantly his talent. Anybody who can spew words in rhymes like Eminem had to be recognized for having an immense God given or not talent! But NF walks into the light and I think...f**k! ONLY people who can go deep inside, understand deep pain: using bigger words and deep ways of expression can do what he does. None of this surface bullshit. None of this money, bitches, and hoes mediocre thought processes... shit that to me, is trashy and ghetto. He sings about shit that I feel! Like I feel it down to my soul! His words are not only poetry and his legitimate human experiences and emotion, but he has been through some shit and he sings about it, but on a highly intelligent level! Like the difference between songs I like, due to a beat or the sound, verses a song I love, due to what is being said and interpreted through this human emotional experience, is just that. Articulate words... I hear and feel good lyrics. Deep lyrics: lyrics that make you think hard. Lyrics about pain and peoples struggles, even if you feel relatively problem and pain free. Lyrics that cause your soul to quake, due to the ability to put yourself in another's shoes, or having the capacity to feel another's pain and struggles - even their trauma. It's an outlet of mass expression, to correlate a deeper more intimate way of viewing others and life. I believe full heartdly that anyone judging NF and/or his music, wouldn't sing their negative tunes about him so fast, if they only were reading his songs like poetry. If they read it and had no idea what it sounded like. I believe he would be amazing to more people than not. I love to sing. My mother says I was born singing. But I love artists of every type and genre. I literally love some of the most backwoods old-school bluegrass songs, to even some of the darkest metal songs. It just is matter of lyrics or articulated thoughts for me. What causes me to feel love and respect for any singer or song writer is WHAT ARE YOU SAYING and HOW are you saying it? WHAT IS YOUR POINT? DOES it speak to emotional baggage? Or even are you telling a story but saying it in a way that one has to really study and think about the words. Are you a superficial wanna be badass singing about drugs, titties, and porn stars? Or are you singing to what life feels like, or expressing the deepest parts of your soul on an educated level... That shit is felt so deeply by people like me, and it is so real and intimate... and worthy of a lot of respect. Agreeing upon the ideas or not.

    • 🔥🔥

  • We all want to be like him

  • Korku filmi gibi tüm kliplerin Nf.

  • Can think of some people who need a therapy session or 2!

  • I’m upset everyone been telling me to listen to NF and I was excited to hear. Lyrics are good but tbh it’s all stuff we know. Without a sick beat or at least good rhymes and metaphors it’s hard to keep actually listening. I’m here because of token and hopsin btw. Ps lost was pretty dope

    • @William Stephan yeah to me his music hits more than any artist. Like his song miss the days is one of my top NF songs. LeBron James had that playing in background on his hunger ad recently. Love that song. Goosebumps every time

    • @Nikki I just feel like his music should make me feel more than it does but I just don’t really get it. Like those songs you listed are good but idk. And yeah his collab with tech was pretty good but I listened to it right after I listened to tech and tokens song and tbh that was really up my ally so it was a weird transition I guess.

    • @William Stephan man I do not even notice the not swearing at all lol Have you heard his tech 9 collab song called trust? Or layers? If not check those out too.

    • @Nikki thanks. Will check those out next for sure. I’m not sure if I’m just not digging his voice or flow yet or what. I’m against the fact he doesn’t swear. I feel like a lot of emotion and anger is lost by not doing so

    • Listen to returns no excuses options one hundred know. Those are good hype songs.

  • 🧡

  • i want to give a like everytime i see this video or even listen to the song itself. you speak for me and many other people.

  • On the NF journey, this ride is crazy..hi NF fans 👋

  • thank for giving us a warning

  • I love your music

  • I came back four years later, and I understand this song wayyyyy more after going through it all 😔😭

  • whos an og here, ive been listening since the day mansion came out

  • Still holds me in there jus.. because it reminds me of darker times

  • I didnt know michael myers had a family

  • NF I understand what u say when these parents tell these kids that ur Music is violent I mean I have to sneak and listen to ur music but don't keep them none understanding parents because if their kids are cutting their wrist then clearly they have no idea what is going on in there child or teens life.Just keep doin what u doin

  • i've been through a lot of stuff but when I listen to music and watch tv about things i'm going through and i'm ok and NF is one of the reasons why I don't stay mad or upset or wanting revenge.Music is a huge part of my life And I thank god for people like NF not letting people get the best of him THANK GOD 🙏

  • Hard core man! 💯👍

  • Who‘re the actors?

  • Real Music. Your music is my therapy

  • NF: this is real for me ME: same and I wish I could not relate

  • Damn he speaking facts

  • This song is a big mood😪❤

  • This song moved me to tears. Thank god i found this and thank god NF decided to make his music.

  • The dislikes are from parents who blame music for their shitty parenting.

  • love the rick flare styled wooo

  • dude dont ever change....

  • I'm on my granpas ucont

  • it in spiers me

  • people are being rood but I love your music

  • NF you should try a different way of putting confident s in to people your good but don't rush to do your music

  • Is this a White Xxxtentacion??????!!

  • dam dont roast him

  • What does his saying mean when he said "Christian is not the perfect me" and "Is not for people who sit confused and prayed at the churchs"

  • This dude is young gifted and white. Yeah I said it. Much better than some things we hear about bling etc and it would be perfectly ok to say if I was white.

  • Only thing that annoys me is how overly religious he is some times

    • Overly religious? Lol i have seen atheists who appreciate his music and not being too preachy He barely speaks on faith. Mentions God at times but his first two albums was with a christian label.

  • ♡♡♡

  • I've never met you and I love you like a brother. Just know someone in the world loves you Nate.

  • There are very few people like NF, it’s hard to find such a singer. Some people relate to him and just like his music, but everyone who does... listen closely.

  • Cool 😎😎😎👍

  • This is fire!! Had me crying and bumping at the same time !!!!!!!! New fan for life !! 100

  • Increíble

  • i was fked up by Clouds , but now .. after this shit .. its the song i was searching for whole my life.

  • 0:16 to 0:23. Now I know why nf says his music is violent lol

    • @HypersYeet Meh - guess your right

    • Its not the music its the video lmao

  • I do cut my wrist

  • I'm in so much love with you , KEEP DOING THIS NF WE SUPPORT YOU !!!!!! NO MATTER WHAT

  • this video speaks true facts no cap fireeeee


  • The ever familiar beat

  • True he says everything that people are thinking he says he doesn't know why God chose him but he should already know that and God has picked a lot of people for this but his only challenge is to go against the rappers who speak of the devil like Eminem himself that's when God will have the respect and stand up and say thank you soldier of mine

  • If I wouldn't say what I say to your face Then I promise you I wouldn't say it in private.

  • NF is a rap god. Period!

  • Damn the girl goes up to Nate and says my dads abusive to my mom. And then needs NF help but if he calls the dads just hit her harder. Damn that’s gotta suck. Has she ever tried calling the cops. Cause that’s pretty messed up that a husband is beating on a wife. Cause she could be passed away by now if she hasn’t called the cops. Cops will arrest that man. Poor little girl and mom. I would never understand how that feels. She needs help they both do. If the girl is listening to this song and sees this comment. Call the cops sweetie your not safe 🥺. That’s heartbreaking. I would never hit a girl. And Isn’t against the law or some thing like that

  • Thank you for saving my life

  • Non ci sono parole per descrivere sta roba, sei la scoperta più bella

  • It’s just real

  • eu simplesmente amo NF

  • I have an abusive mother too. My mother would always manipulate the people around me so they think she is caring and a "good" parent, which she is definitely not. I have been abused verbally and physically so many times. She is an alcoholic and smokes a few packs of cigarettes a day. She is an excuse of a parent. My mother would often use "I will call your father" as a method to turn him against me, which is super toxic and awful. If I suddenly disappear or never reply again, please be aware that something seriously bad happened.

  • This song is awesome 😃😁😁😁😸❤❤❤

  • 👍

  • Dude literally poured his heart out to us all. Got goosebumps all over😭