Publisert 3. des.. 2019
“PAID MY DUES” by NF - the official music video.
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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein
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  • I started making a list of NF songs that I like I find that it seems to multiply A LOT

  • This is my favorite NF song then comes the search then comes real then comes grinding then comes why then comes lost then comes...all of Nates songs lol 😝

  • Helloo having fun listening to nf right?

  • NF Vs m&m who wants to see it

  • 1:08


  • Eminem vibesssss

    • NF vibes

  • Love it deep and dark I am obsessed with your music and I am 11 years old

  • "Lost" referring to the song in his mixtape with Hopsin, he held onto that song for a long time before releasing it.

  • i guess sucks to be white cant say the nword every line lmao

  • Guess it's time to earn mine to

  • Ohhhhh😃 the fast flowwwww

  • My ultimate favourite song!!!😃😃

  • This is a whole volcano 🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋

  • fun fact he named this after an article written about him; i think it was called pay your dues or smth

  • This song slaps

  • Was that last scene just foreshadowing for Lost with Hopsin?

    • @DAventador44 no problem 🖤

    • @Nikki ah I see, thanks for the info

    • Yes. He does this in other videos too

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  • I demand a collab with Eminem holy fuck dude.

  • I swear he raps faster then my internet

  • When I lose I make it look cool. -NF That's 🔥

  • Nate: Quick

  • People should judge you NF before they meet you .

  • NF= like. Eminem= comment

  • This song did not had a album so they wanted to put this song IN the CLOUD THE MIXTAPE

  • Nate spits so fast the captions couldn't keep up

  • Jr. Eminem

  • It's crazy when I saw one of the first performances when he was at churches and now he's definitely at the peak of his career yet those people hate him cause he "changed" it's called progress not change.....I'm not Christian but nate has definitely defined his genre in music good job nate keep doing what your doing as long as you have relationship with your "god" that's all that matters take care buddy

  • Still working on to rap this at the normal speed


  • Funny🤐

  • Relates to life fr

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • He has be talking with hopsin since this song came out :O

  • "Inner World changer music" It's sad to think one man has to match up against these standards... *But he damn does and you better believe it!*

  • merece más reconocimiento

  • Anyone Else Notice that NF in the very end wrote "Lost" on his paper? what song did he just recently drop? Yeah this may me coincidence but still

    • He does this in songs. That was done on purpose as lost was made and finished in november of 2019 and this song came out december of 2019. Lost was supposed to come out last year as a single but covid happened. He teased perception album with his green lights video on notepad he wrote perception. That song came out before album dropped. NF is awesome like that

  • მადარა

  • NF is awesome people! ABSOLUTELY! But please don't be dissing Em.

  • I smell

  • NF is different than any other sad rapper he’s unique bro like he is a rapper that talks bout how live hits hard everyday not like those other sad rappers that can’t get over their ex

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  • Free poem for the PENDY

    • Schopenhauer's Pendulum My heart sinks. An emptiness sets in. Hinting it has already sunk recently. But that sinking went unnoticed Only now do I see how deep in the hole it is. Ironies cruel fate That only after the heart is buried So deep return is impossible Can it even be noticed, that it is buried at all. Now here I lie, buried with it. Body and heart one entity. Stuck in a cruel limbo where Intense siring pain Rests hand in hand with The heroine of all numbness. Stuck to feel the pains of pain itself While all the while consumed by the emptiness Of nothing at all.

  • I can't stop repeating this😭

  • NF 🖤

  • So good

  • Brother haha

  • I don't know why my brother laughing

  • Bruh I get this is part of the mixtape but this song came out a year ago and people still haven’t heard it ye 😑

  • Nf is on fire. I understand that line in caterpillar now though. That whole damn dog is that copying or paying homage. Nf: his first and last name initial. Eminem: his first and last name initial. I honestly feel like this is what we expected out of mgk. Especially after rap devil. Instead he went on this whole pretty in pink pop punk route. Nf is coming.

  • I am a 64 yr young female, I graduated from a Continuation High School in 1974. This music by NF is absolutely Genius, he is a true Wordsmith, I relate to every word..... Absolutely losing myself in these videos today. I love every single one of them.

  • Producer: So do you wanna bench 500? NF: Nah just some balloons :)

  • Finding NF has made me excited like when Eminem dropped The Eminem Show.

  • Both hands ...mmmmmmm?

  • Listen to it at 1.15x speed, it sounds nice

  • Who else can rap this at 150% speed

  • Nobody: Air: Other dude in white: Hello (●’◡’●)ノ

  • I hate the rappers that you can never understand what they're saying, I can hear his lyrics perfectly.

  • can we just take a moment to realize that this guy swung from the ceiling by their feet for our entertainment and got on top of a light pole

  • ✨🧘‍♀️

  • 3:26 LOST? Is that a sneak peak of lost from mixtape?

    • @littlemax4 did you see on receipt in when i grow up he grabs in burger joint had time song and date it was being released on it? He teased that song too beforehand. Also in green lights at end he has perception written on notepad that teased his album perception before it came out too

    • @Nikki ahhh

    • Yes. He does this in songs

  • damn that flow is good

  • Blew my mind that he announced LOST way back when this released and we didn’t even notice..

  • anyone else listen to this waiting for a text back?

  • 🦄🦄🦄What bad bleep said!! OMG When rap be breath taking!! Fan me All thus heat~

  • Every repper be in Genius Where is NF

  • IH NF I'm New fan I love your songs and music bc it's help me to stay alive

  • 12k dislikes?!?!? Lol...

  • he was foreshadowing lost look at the paper he was drawing on


  • Nf dax and eminem .... is gonna be glaud to be alive for that music is amazing..


  • Nf is a legendary rapid raper

    • Rapper 😂 But true! He is legendary

  • Killin it

  • Bro

  • eres el mejor cantante

  • Hey bruddas, came from the future. The thing he’s writing at the final its the name of the new song he’s writing RN. Hella lit tho.

  • I've always loved NF's music and lyrics but ever since I tried writing my own, i see how much of a genius he is with his words

  • 3:19 didnt make as much sense back then although yes it did

  • Paid my dues, made it through, spread the news, I'm on the loose. Making moves, I need some room.

  • Eminem sold out.....a new MC arises. Don't betray your fans, it's in the air, the condition.

  • Brroo why has nobody told me abt this one I was stuck on saying search is deffo his best one naahhh this ones better

  • I think at 1:41 if pause at that point it will show the progression on how hes looked like performing his music over the years with the three in the lockers representing his past self.

  • 3:30 Lost

  • Arabic friend

  • “I’ll accept advice if not presented ignorantly “ 🔥🔥💯💯

  • NF > Eminem. Don't at me.

  • Who else is randomly listening to NF's songs while waiting for him to drop another one?

  • 🔥

  • 🤴✌️😈🍑🚀


  • I get 1000x more from this than 2 million budget mumble rap videos where they all look the same and cannot say anything else than money pussy weed and mumble some shit

  • Go NF!!

  • Was the drawing in the end foreshadowing the track he just made with Hop ?

  • Read it as "pain my dudes."

  • Zachary joseph gomez? Write? I dont give a fuck Im taking her last name i cannot duck Unless she wants too make a new one, Just my luck Selena Found

  • They want to get to 8 Thats great Now they get it 3 and 5 get you there if your racist Two 4s if you have love Single indent lana

  • Lifes a pendulum between boredom and pain Look up my poem and let the philosopher explain Now your like whos the philosopher A philosopher stone More like a philosopher stoned They will stone me for blasphemy I will smoke them gladly Ok how many bars till i hit the sand?

  • has anyone noticed this or am i the only one "then we hit the room wife is looking oh what to do i dont need the shades up i like the veiw" then a few months later NF announcess hes going to be a dad

  • Ayyyyy anybody still listening in 2021😃👋🏻❤️

  • Anyone want NF to produce a master album with all his songs that he ever produced?