Man Utd Fans STORM Old Trafford

Publisert 2. mai. 2021
Liverpool VS Man Utd was called off today after Man Utd fans stormed Old Trafford, we spoke to Adam McKola who was at the protest.
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  • Do you think there will be any change at Manchester United?

    • Nope

    • @LFC Spectre there the biggest spinners about. I don't even support utd. I'm a hammer. Some1 has to be!

    • @Ben Lynch How is it Ben, when every social media accounts was reporting on the day. Plus do you have some agenda for the BBC Sport reporting?

    • @LFC Spectre that's called listening to BBC mate. I dunno if you know how it works but 'listening' could be metaphorical.

    • @Ben Lynch When did I say, I listen to BBC? I said BBC Sport reported on it's social media accounts 2 police officers got attack by thug's.

  • Many of these things remind me of a sentence uttered by german ultras about resistance to commercialisation. "Divided by the colours. United by the cause."

  • Absolutely love this podcast ❤️

  • I am not saying this cause I wanted to watch Liverpool... I am saying this cause I genuinely don't agree with the approach. Because I believe if we do this there will be another spike in Covid-19. We could be risking peoples lives. I think some people have forgotten we are in a pandemic. I want the glazers out, I want kronke out and fsg out etc. But I don't think we should be going in stadiums etc.

    • Ban every fan that broke into the ground. They wasn't protesting ffs, they was taking selfies and kicking the balls around.

  • The fans tried the whole legal peaceful method and they were ignored in the fan forum and the Glazers didn't even turn up

    • Ban every fan that broke into the ground. They wasn't protesting ffs, they was taking selfies and kicking the balls around.

  • As a liverpool supporter, well done to the man u supporters.

  • Corporate greed is ruining our football clubs and club history and heritage means nothing to these owners.

  • heard. Keep fighting. So proud to be a man united fan today. More protests, the better.....let's get our club BACK!! GGMU

    • Glazers out. Boycott all sponsors that are associated with Manchester United!

  • Who is going to pay the glazers 4 billion to buy Manchester United?? Only the Rothschild's and the Rockefeller's have that kind of dough ! And they have no interest in soccer .

    • nil, I hate it when fans act like they own smth when they don't

  • LFC fan. Complete respect to ManU fans today. We need to take football back from these spoiled owners.

  • I didn't see ANY kids or women or this peaceful protest picture hes trying to paint going on, I saw a shitload of stone island, nike cap, golf glove twats break into a football ground and break stuff. I also dont really understand what they are trying to achieve, so lets say the glazers do what the fans want and sell the club, who the fuck are they gonna sell it to? nobody wants to buy it, and if someone DID buy it they are gonna have to commercialise it to fuck to have any hope of getting the club out of debt. Lets say someone buys it and gets them out of debt and wants their money back, you really think they are gonna buy any 50/100 million pound players? no. Then guess what its gonna be "new owners out, didnt invest in the players". Can someone explain to me what the united fans who protested are trying to achieve?

    • @drttyu liqm Well Man Utd is a bad example since I think they will probably win the Europa league. I have absolutely no idea why Liverpool fans are complaining, they won the fucking league last season. Arsenal and Spurs I can understand though because both teams have consistently underperformed for absolutely ages.

    • Notice how neither City nor Chelsea fans are rioting/protesting, yet Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs fans are? I'll let you tell me why that is....

  • The fans tried the whole legal peaceful method and they were ignored in the fan forum and the Glazers didn't even turn up

  • Good luck to them. Whoever thinks their protests were a "disgrace" doesn't understand the relationship between the powerful and powerless. Impactful and creative - superb! More of it. And not just in football. Power and their money, in all areas of life, have been taking the piss for far too long.

    • Let the bodies hit the floorrrrrrrrr

  • Football needs fans . End of.

  • "Do anything for a bag..."

  • As a Leeds fan, well played Man Utd fans. I'm just glad Leeds finally have a good owner that loves the city and the team.

  • You got this 100% right!

  • Anyone else see the disconnect between Rory talking about clubs being venal because of talking about this during the pandemic, and then talking about the love affair that people have with their teams? People are still dying, whether or not the Super League goes ahead.

    • I dont even listen to sky , I legit mute the match and sync whenever the Kick off lads stream .

  • Ban every fan that broke into the ground. They wasn't protesting ffs, they was taking selfies and kicking the balls around.

  • From a United fan, Liverpool did there bit

  • This debate is all wrong and this goes for all clubs that have foreign owners They are here to make money They are not here for the local fans, why would they be. Put yourself in there business minds I wish I was wrong Our clubs make these owners more money from overseas viewers and merchandise than local viewers and supporters It’s fact We’ve allow them in and we’ve lost our heritage

  • Are the glazers hated because they are American someone please explain I’m from America and I’m starting to get into English football GO SPURS I know we ain’t won since 2008 you don’t need to remind me 😂😂😂😂

  • Glazers out. Boycott all sponsors that are associated with Manchester United!

  • The media done the same things to celtic fans protesting

  • nil, I hate it when fans act like they own smth when they don't

  • Korenkeout

  • Notice how neither City nor Chelsea fans are rioting/protesting, yet Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs fans are? I'll let you tell me why that is....

  • They should line up the owners and let the fans take out there anger and bum them 😂😂

  • Let the bodies hit the floorrrrrrrrr

  • let be honest, Glazers and Kroenke will never leave. The clubs are too profitable for them to let go.

    • Why are people protesting over football when we've had our civil liberties, dignity and prosperity stripped from us? Get some perspective you clowns 🤡

  • Why would you be proud to be a United fan after that protest? 😂 Idiots literally breaking and then slashed a police officers face

  • Rory storms Clapham common with his Chelsea bumboys

  • I dont even listen to sky , I legit mute the match and sync whenever the Kick off lads stream .

  • I am the only Manchester United fan who supports the super league

  • Media and police make protests violent.

  • NBCSN is an American channel When former PL Commentator Jon Champion spoke out against Glazers on ESPN, they abruptly put an ad break before he could finish his points. All American channels are clowns

  • Those fans lose the respect for the protest by breaking in to the stadium which I believe is illegal plus breaking some cameras which those fans should pay for for breaking them plus the flairs imagine if one of those fans threw one of the flairs at one of the security men plus Gary Neville or Jamie carragher it’s ridiculous they could’ve protested outside they ground peacefully no justification for the actions at all

  • Lol Chelsea and City cant really debate. They were nothing without their ownership

  • 50 percent fans 50 percent owner just like in Germany

  • The protest would have been infinitely more impactful (Along with not giving the media an easy out) if both Man Utd and Liverpool supporters groups had acted in unison. The two largest teams supporters, working together would have sent a much louder message.

  • I know I'm gonna get hate for this but I'm going to say it. What's the point of theses protests? Seriously, do they think these owners are going to just walk away from their billion $$ asset because the fans don't like them.

    • @I am what I am just needs a mass exodus & to see it out. Tbh I don't either

    • @Ben Lynch hope so for football in general mate. Perhaps, I'm too cynical, but, I just don't see it happening

    • They will if they boycott games, stop merchandise sales & season tickets etc. Easily done.

  • What a load of tosh! As Souness says, they weren't protesting when United won 3 leagues in a row under the Glazers! All this is about is pure, unadulterated jealousy as City are winning the trophies now!

    • They did protest actually. Twice when they were winning things

  • Why are people protesting over football when we've had our civil liberties, dignity and prosperity stripped from us? Get some perspective you clowns 🤡

  • Funny that it's the fans who literally demanded billionaires to come in and provide financial backing for these clubs. I'm totally with the protest but let's not pretend us fans aren't also part of the problem.

  • Agreed, we have plenty of places to air our opinions, but that doesn't mean people listen to us. We want the glazers out. The glazers have taken 2 billion pounds out of the club. When they took over we had on of the best stadiums in the world, one of the best training facilities, some of the best trainers. Now Old Trafford is in disarray and rusting, Carrington is falling behind compared to across the city Etihad is the best in the world, and we have ex-players as coaches, not the world best coaches as coaches. Imagine of we could get that 2 billion back, 500m on fixing old Trafford, probably less. 500m on fixing Carrington, expanding, improving. 200m on hiring a bunch of the very best trainers and coaches, AND training our current staff to be better. And we would have money to spare on investing in scouting networks and buying players. United can easily be better, but the glazers are a crutch and a leech on our club. GET THEM OUT

  • The one true way to win this battle is come august when the season ticket sales are annouced if a single ticket is sold the whole fan base are cunts. Stop buying tickets the owners will piss off

  • This is another awful show from these guys How can they praise what happened

    • What happened? Fans standing up to greedy owners in the only way they can. I'm a West ham fan & even I can see that. You're the type of fan that keeps filling the like of the glazers pockets. Turn a blind eye to their greed. Wake up man!

  • I’m an Arsenal fan but today has made me happy, keep the pressure on United fans!!

  • Souness is a joke "you never win things with kids" JOKE!!!

    • That wasn't Souness, that was Alan Hansen.

  • Lawrence at times is cringe worthy

  • It’s an empty protest. Could’ve done it on Thursday but conveniently didn’t. Why, they can win that and don’t want to put it in jeopardy. City could’ve won the league with a United defeat and they storm the pitch. Yea, not seeing past this bullshit.

  • All football fans: “Good for United fans for storming, fuck the greedy cunts.” Q’Anon: **surprised Pikachu face**

  • I'm sure any of the clubs would have done the same, but the fact Manchester United fans where willing to sacrifice our biggest game of the year speaks VOLUMES.. This is about more than football games and trophies this is the soul of European football on the line (meaning if the clubs would have separated from the leagues footballs soul would be dead ).. The glazers are in the thik of it and needs to be the first to go

  • Look what a yank did to my club Sunderland!!!!!

  • Sky aren't bad guys ffs what's ur problem with them

  • These twats are so bitter to Sky I actually can't stand them

  • That's how it's done

  • I understand city are involved in this conversation too but why would they protest their owners? That have invested in not only the club but the city and the people. Yes they have spent a lot but they have built a foundation the other 4 clubs,(excluding Chelsea)could have too! But instead they lined their own pockets.🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Arsenal fan's already did protest

  • Great show guys, totally agree all fans need to be relentless, our time is NOW

  • Statman Dave ran off to apologise to the Glazers.

  • That Jordie bloke rams his opinions down his compatriot's throats. I canny watch that in good faith. Unsub.

  • I agree with protest but lets be honest united are just upset their second rate now be honest

  • SKY and the Media "Super League is the worst thing to happen to football" Had it come about SKY and Media company sign multi billion pound deal to broadcast the Super League

  • What do man Uniteds owners done wrong apart from the super league

  • Schalke fans own their club.

  • The minute the pitch was compromised SKY should have cancelled the game they didn't do it till they had to. That says it all. They didn't want to lose One of the biggest game of the year . As a man utd fan not belittling other games . But for a game to be cancelled this one hurts them a lot . That's what Sly news cares about. This is the ceos the faceless ones that we don't see I'm talking about. They tell pundits how far they can go or what they can say. They are experts of self serving propoganda.

  • Incredible content lads are all so well-spoken and your insight is great. Much love and cheers from the States

  • It's like the news in the UK tried to make this protest sound like that Capitol prostest🤣🤣🤣. Ridiculous🤦‍♂️

  • Just watch out for staged violent protests inserted by the Glaziers to vilify the fans and erode their credibility and momentum. All it takes is for a few actors pretending to be fans to be seen on video footage doing unforgivable stuff, and the media will put it on loop to cancel the fans' voices.

  • You have the right to a peaceful protest you don’t have the right to cause damage or harm...... learn the law

  • Glazier's Out

  • am PROUD for being MUTD supporter, well its high time we take the protest to GLAZER's DOOR STEP...into their bedroom

  • Disgraceful from United fans.

  • well done lads

  • Has Brian ever acknowledge the fact the Saudis had a journalist killed before attempting to takeover newcastle

  • Espn had the worst take of the lot

  • There's somthing magical about a good quality football rant

  • Big fan of a rory rant

  • Our right to protest is sacred and congratulations to the fans. But why are massive Freedom Protests around the country (for ALL our freedoms), being ignored and vilified whilst these are seen as heroic?

  • The game shouldn't have been called off for the minor incidents

  • Disagree sky's filling of time was actually alright

  • As a Utd fan from India, IDC how many home games we protest, this needs to keep going on. I wish I were there.

  • Not hating, I am 100% behind the protests and the impact of sport in general. But think everyone is directing their energy to the wrong place. You debated what changed the super leagues perspective, I believe it was the government involvement as they have the legal powers to remove the owners/ limit their shares like in the 50-1 model, really hit the owners pockets and give the power back to the people. Fans have proved they can change government perspective with rashford, why not do it for change in the game we all love. We are being heard, now take the voices to the government , the right place to get real change :)

  • I’m a Liverpool fan and I FULLY support what the Utd fans did. Top marks 👏👏👏

  • Well said geordie lad, we'll fucking decide when it's played. Next time you're at St James I'd love to see you lot do the same your owner is worse than ours

  • The only way a City fan would stand up for his club's history would be to stand down for a protest 😂. It's the Sheikh that's made them relevant ....that and sharing a city with a club with REAL history .Liverpool, United, Chelsea and Arsenal fans need to under this.

  • Guys keep the flame burning. Keep trespassing, keep stopping games. Don’t destroy stadiums, or hurt people. Keep it going!

  • Souness was a twat and was fucking hammered. Skys comments calling it a dark day for football when about four bottles were thrown at most

  • The Human race will oppress when they are being oppressed or not being heard we can protest when the fuck we want. If you don't like it leave the club or stop pissing off the people who put you in your jobs and who actually have the power to kick you out of that Job.

  • What's with the shaking Brian?

  • Well done to the United fans! My club (Blackpool) managed to get a game postponed by storming the pitch in 2015 - this ultimately led to our old owners going to court and finally losing their ownership. Fans need to have their voices heard and what they did was completely correct.

  • Should have had 22 kids play football in Old Traffold, and the rest on the stands *We'd rather watch this*

  • The alternative? GO AFTER THE SPONSORS!!!!!!! see all those bodies protesting at each club? if they all came together and went directly at sponsors, enough so they pull out of the club. THE BOARD WILL SIT UP AND LISTEN!!

  • Rory guy is to the point

  • Heard United are going to be given many penalties for this, Brunos taking them all

  • Dont expect Citeh or Chelski fans to protest against their owners. Their very existence were made relevant thanks to their owners, without them they will be sitting comfortably outside top 4. They will not bite the hand of their messiah.

    • So Chelsea fans didn't protest the Super League? For all they knew, Abramovich could have left with his cash because he didn't get his own way.. However you're definitely a troll who knows he is wrong but looking for a bite.. well done you got me

  • You can’t justify blatant trespassing and putting a cop in hospital because your football club is being run poorly.

  • I'm struggling to understand how Utd aren't getting sanctioned for this?

  • Media always have been controlling the NARRATIVE and paint the picture according to their convenience and neglect the essence of protest and soul reason for protest .Media is like organised crime of 21st century.