Aliens under the Ice - Life on Rogue Planets

Publisert 27. des.. 2018
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Out in the vast coldness of outer space, there are planets that travel alone through darkness without the boundaries of a system. Here’s how this can happen - and why these frozen deserts might secretly harbor alien life.

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    • What if Earth's core freeze?

    • @Ian Kombo 0

    • But is there is deadly life out there that concept would be disturbing and destructive Candlelight the channel can you please keep me posted but is there an intelligent why there would seek to learn our own that by the ocean and what technology will you what I am's reported back in the past and what are ions what we need to sustain and survive some would sustain and survive from army but I'm not at 1 it would be hydro plant CSUN on our life forms who live down in the government the black smokers bottom of the earth if I can play you know but it's so told you life will never Escape maybe one day we find a new species could be dangerous or do I say go like the Xenomorphs in sending walk and crawl back latch onto people's faces and then lay in Leo Indian wait to one day that equal had in a baby with birth out and start earning some kind of species but the name as the part is called a chestburster

    • You miss the low posiblility of a giant gas rogue planet with a moon with Earth dimensions and composition, the giant gas planet can make warm the surface of the planet/moon..probably the life evolve in a perpetual night iluminate a bit by the giant rogue gas planet.. If our specie don't extinct it self with our infinite selfishness, maybe a way to live after the sun become a red giant star, an d latea white dwarf and die, will be add's materials to Europe or other Jupiter moon with asteroids and comets to make bigger & terraform it..but we are a young specie w hard to imagiith few hundreds thousand years of existence, only 5k of civilitzations, and 2 centuries of industrialitzation..we are dreaming with our specie living more time than the life it self on Earth..who in our short time life eyes is only an abstraction of time..

    • Could a meteor eject life from earth into our universe & the planets like the one that hit the dinosaurs Bacterium & life existed then and the blast was absolutely catastrophic could it of sent life harbouring debris into over planets over time ? Just wondering after the recent news of possible life on other planets & wondering if those frozen meteors in space could hold life until it’s defrosted like those virus & bacteria found on our planet in the Antarctic ? Love the work

  • Rogue planets are scary to imagine.knowing that can happen to our earth..

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  • imagine you're a life on rogue planets and the host planet crashed into another planet & fortunately you survived with the rest of the clan in the new planet. You're technically now an alien species but you will never know whats the difference. In your world, you only know you survive and live. Interesting

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  • Kurzgesagt: Every single lifeform dies and it is the end of the human race. me: Exiting indeed

  • I love your videos, but you forgot to mention that when water freezes, it lets out a small amount of energy which can lead to boiling oceans on freezing planets. This is believed to be on Pluto! :)

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  • But an intelligent species under the ice could use tidal energy to create electricity, as long as they developed cooperation, tools, and language. Tools could be made from rocks on the seafloor, and since they evolved on the sea floor they likely have limbs and appendages designed to work well with these materials. After this, they could have scientists that theorize about the outside world and seek to find it, much like us. [Edited for typos.]

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  • OK, so I just had a weird but happy thought. What if one of these intelligent life bearing rogue planets by some miracle coincidence managed to not only get captured by a new star but also got captured into the Goldilocks zone for that planet’s atmosphere composition. In that case, the closed system now has a new comparably massive energy input. This results in the bedrock ice melting and now that intelligent life has more energy than it knows really what to do with what happens to that civilization. Because keep in mind there is still no wood or fossil fuels there is still no real way to refine metals but at least now they can look at the pretty stars in the Sky and have a day-night cycle provided they are not tidally locked. All in all, they would probably be very confused.

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  • I have a question, if we find a bacteria in a planet , is it supposed to be our first contact with alien life?

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  • Damn try to live in space is like trying to drink at a bar but everybody is fighting each other and the building is on fire then there is a riot on the street and a country is invading your county

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  • 6:16 This concept has been very well explored in the book ‘The Wandering Earth - Mountain’. It tells of a mechanical life form that was powered by the radioactive activity of the centre of a planet. It’s really interesting so I really recommend reading it. But this is only a part of the entirety of Mountain and Mountain is only a single part of the whole book. Just read the whole book, so goddamn interesting.

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  • This is the channel where existential crisis is a common occurance.

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  • It is possible for a rogue planet to wander into our solar system and get adopted?

  • if they find artificial heating and energy they will be able to explore above and escape, this is not impossible.

  • What would happen if a rogue planet were to enter the solar system, orbit the sun, and just exist here with the ones that are already here?

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  • is no one going to notice what Kurzgesagt animated into the part where the aliens fight (5:55)

  • if cell engineering requires dry and wet cycles, it makes the theory more complicated