Bernie Sanders Reacts to Trump Biden Debate

Publisert 29. sep.. 2020
Senator Sanders talks about the debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Trump’s refusal to accept real science, Biden’s thoughts on the Green New Deal and plans to combat the climate crisis, Trump refusing to condemn white supremacists, whether televised debates are constructive, Trump trying to do away with coverage for pre-existing conditions, the hypocrisy of Lindsey Graham in respect to Trump’s Supreme Court nomination, Americans losing faith in the electoral process, Trump cheating the tax system, and what he says to people who are thinking about not voting.
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  • Bernie Sanders has consistently and articulately stated the same message with passion and conviction. He walks his talk and is the example of what political representation should be, and what it can be still.

  • The americans will always make the right choice but only after they exhausted all the other ones. Bernie might never become president but at least he paved the way to younger progressive voices.

  • Sanders

  • Omg. I Just received $36,000 into my PayPal account through Hackkits,uK the system is safe and untraceable

  • So many people need existing health care!!!!!

  • i would love to see a kimmel trump debate

  • Tonight is going to get better.

  • I wish you were still in this race bernie 😭 this country needs you

  • If Bernie sanders would be 30 years younger and the democrats would have promoted him as the candidate he really is, he would be a real revolutionary man for the USA this dude would be the most beloved person on earth...but there is Donald Trump

  • I hope history remembers bernie sanders

    • I keep forgetting this guy is still alive!

  • I love Berni Shame he didn't continue to the poles


  • Every second line is aaaaooaaahh errrrr Bit like beavis and butthead

  • Damn all these candidates are old white and stale they need younger people

  • Bernie sanders for people and president!!!

  • Vote!

  • Some of you witnessed the mess that went on under Obama and weren't angered by it? Ice still happens under biden...... I was worried about ICE raids (because I'm native and am not white) they were going on locally and I read they were detaining American citizens because they "thought they were immigrants" I worry about the Puyallup tribe because they're being forced to deal with a huge lng plant they don't agree with or have agreed to I worry about peaceful protesters as biden yells for rioters to be arrested I worry about the future of our planet more than our economy......we need to create a just transition for those workers that work in the oil industry and ban fracking PERIOD This should be the easiest election.....but democrats fight for the donor class before they fight for "we the people" I got my ballot already in wa state..... I dont think I'm voting in the presidential race We NEED TO DEMAND BETTER OF OUR DEMOCRATS.....I don't feel like the republican party has an opposition party

  • Bernie is awesome

  • Yeah its all fun and games until you really have to go and fix something! Think about Trump he is 1%er and can do anything what he likes. Why would he want to go try to solve anything? Because he cares about his nation. Think about it.

  • Democrats done it again - they never learn.

  • Joe Biden doesn't deserve to get elected. Democrats have ,ade a ,istake again.

  • Hey Jimmy, if you're your such a fan of socialism and "equality," why don't you put your money where your mouth is and agree to be paid the same as the lighting guy?

  • They let Bernie down, America never knows what's good for them, what a shame.

  • Copyright law is used to justify not paying content workers who work on material used in corporate revenue.

  • Bernie did not answer the question at 11:00 about packing the Supreme Court; yet Biden gets dragged for the same thing.


    • Bernie is amazing. He even dislikes Trump and know Biden had potential.

  • I keep forgetting this guy is still alive!

  • Bernie is one heck of a patriot, a fighter, and an all around good dude. Thank you, Senator, I'll be filling out my ballot for Joe Biden this weekend.

  • Immortal technique interview

  • I would have KILLED to see trump vs sanders lol

  • He sounds like a political dumbledore ❤️❤️❤️

  • Bernie lies too much

    • Man spits nothing but straight facts and no one believes him 😔

  • Bernie was a gift to America that Americans refused to open.

  • Bless Sanders. Seriously. We need so many people like him.

  • my book: 'The room where it happened and what does a simple Russian plumber thinks about it all'.

  • Sanders is instead the person who will make the United States great again in my point of view, Even the world. I like to accept him as the world leader. pity!

  • Communism is a mental ill. Take care of you America because half of the world speak today English, just because you build such a great culture. Don't destroy it!

  • Bernie clearly believes in equality in a Universal way. The system is so broken. Why can’t we try something different for a change?

  • Deaths per capita? XDDDDDDD 2:08

  • so many broke people who wants others money in the comments

  • Bernie is amazing. He even dislikes Trump and know Biden had potential.

    • Chicharro....your comment reads like you don't know much about how government and politics work. Good luck. Lol. Peace.

    • Why don’t you have trump on your show and ask him questions I would like to get to know our president more

  • Jimmy Kimmel, the debater, Biden, the Democrats, CNN, Hillary, the Hollywood actors, they're all on the same side. I hope Trump gets through it.

    • Do you really have time to worry about this, 띠용이 ? Multiple scandals involving President Moon, a crisis of poverty among your senior citizens. Oh, and the crazy guy with 10,000 artillery pieces in range of your capital. Set your own house in order before you worry about ours.

  • Love Bernie seems very genuine 💯

  • Let's talk about lies about all the laws you and your son broke and the lies you've spewed out about your own actions.

  • Socialism is not a shame word, a socialist is just a guy who wants to run the country like you should run a country. A country takes in taxes, taxes need to be used to run the country. That is basically all a so called socialist wants to do.

  • Still love Mr. Bernie and I'm so glad he's helping Biden to win ! He'll make a great team leader in whatever Biden puts him in charge of . Thanks Jimmy , hope your family and many friends are well . We all love you too .

  • No one cares Bernie.

    • At least for this video, more than 100,000 people cared, bud.

  • Great speech, but who is going to pay for everything free? Trump never lied about his returns and the amounts are falsified by those who’ve never seen them. He said the $750 max deduction for preparation fees! Lol Which is truth because I’m a tax preparer!

  • He sounds like a fundamental ideologic

  • quite sad that we turned our back on this man twice due to the lack of education amongst american people.

  • “If you believe in law, get Trump out.” Also Bernie: *praises BLM for taking over Seattle*

    • Seattle's fine, thanks. How's the COVID-19 infection rate where you are?

  • We don’t deserve bernie :(

  • This is the man to sort out the mess trump is going to leave he's switched on and tells it like it is which is refreshing no bshitting

  • I would give anything to see a Trump VS Sanders debate.

  • Trump2020 ❤️💪🏻🇺🇸

    • @Fernando Contreras ty for letting know

    • Thats not even the American Flag. Thats the Flag from Liberia. Lol

  • Why don’t you have trump on your show and ask him questions I would like to get to know our president more

  • Joe Biden is a crook!!!! The emails prove this!!!! There is nothing the "liberal media" can do about it, even with their "Ministry of Truth!!!!!!

    • people know is what the media shows you which is wildly inaccurate to what is really going on. So spare me your opinion. You cant vote here.

  • Sanders has always been weak. That is probably one of his biggest draws. But they didn't realize weakness is dangerous. Sanders has basically turned his back on most of his positions to adjust to Joe Biden's promise, nothing will change.

  • I'm not an American. But I'm from the earth, just like you are. Please stop feeding oligarchs and voting for them, they only care about money, not you or anything else. This planet is the most valuable thing we have, not the money. Trump has to go.

  • Jimmy Kimmel is PATHETICALLY ignorant. Giving coverage to Bernie Sanders is promoting THE CASTRO REGIME.

  • Democracy is a system where 3 stupid people have more votes than one clever person

  • Bernie Sanders is getting a renewed sense of RESPECT and holds Integrity for staying in the Race, despite CNN's false statements of him leaving it. He has a voice and needs tobe heard.....I am glad he is staying in and sharing that voice!

  • Bernie is the best at everything he does... That is all

    • @Crescent City Kid all I know is that Sanders has been saying the exact same thing the entire time he's been in politics and it's nice to see someone can't be bought off by "the powers that be" (not you but people in general) have to admire him for that, or at least I do...

    • Well, except for getting legislation sponsored and passed. He's in the bottom quintile of the Senate on that. But he gives good speeches, and he's good in this kind of one-on-one format.

  • Bernie is doesn't whant Trump or Biden as president ,

  • Trump racists to Latinos vs Biden racists to blacks so who’s really a better person= nobody But I’m sure the republicans can do more for the people than democrats

  • Now there's somebody who would be so good for America - and they basically told him to F off ...

  • Trump 2020

  • No wounder America is a laughingstock in Europe now. Trump and his administration is a joke.

  • Bernie would have destroyed both Biden AND Trump in that debate. He should be president

    • @Hank Ijitur your not American get out of our country

    • So that way he could destroy our country too!

    • There's that whole pesky thing about needing to get more votes than the other person.

    • @Roger Dorsey nah, he'd just take votes away from the democratic nominee

    • Honestly...

  • If you didn’t want Trump to win you wouldn’t have pulled out of the race Bernie....

  • Socialism is just communism without a gun to your head.

    • Please define both socialism and communism. I can't make sense of what you're saying.

  • Half the comments are foreigners giving their praise to Bernie. As an American... I dont care. We didnt become the greatest country in the world by listening to Europeans. All you people know is what the media shows you which is wildly inaccurate to what is really going on. So spare me your opinion. You cant vote here.

  • Dude this guy wouldve made a better president than mr orange and *im joe biden and i forgot this message*

  • Bernie Sanders should be president! We love you Bernie and always will! God be with you and family always!

  • Our (R) party leadership is nothing more than scared little bastards who desire to cheat in all ways possible and they themselves say "it's not bad conduct".

  • HYPOCRITE!!!!!! Ppl left dead in the streets because the left and there not in power how can you vote for that??

  • Didnt y’all hate Bernie not that long ago?

  • Tell em whats up Bernie! I'm following Bernie's recommendation and voting for Biden!

  • I miss Bernie. Such common sense. Bringing things down to earth a bit for me

  • A lie can be proven, saying someone lies without providing proof means you are the one caught fibbing. Fact is Donald is rolling over these old clowns and cronies. You little narcissistic demonic politicians are so mad that Donald pulled the rug from your feet. Now you fake the vote to allow this Joe dude to be President, you will have issues with that lie.. We know it's all fake, and full of lies. Humans enjoy the show m it appears, so 4 more yrs it will be with Trump. The problem will be, who will run after him? How embarrassing it is to be an American. I fought for this! Damn well wasted my life.

    • Puttin's economy is based on fossil fuel, prepare for more cheating! Puttin will not go down without cheating. He has nothing to lose!

  • Bernie is a joke for politics.

    • Bernie is the realest one out there🙌👍

  • I just do not understand why Mr. Sanders was not chosen as the presidential candidate! What a huge loss for the American people..

  • If you people think Burnie is anything other than crazy, you haven't learned anything about what it takes to make a great country

  • The Demo-rats failed Bernie and failed this country..........

  • the cardi b statement made him blush... hmmm

  • Jessy Ventura for president

  • Why doesn't Kimel ask Sanders why he dropped out of the DNC? He was beating Hillary, and now, Joe Biden...

  • How has this guy still got a job ? I guess the woke left don't cancel their own no matter what

  • WAKE UP!!! He praised FIDEL CASTRO!!! Bernie would like to plant the seed of Communism in America!

  • Bernie is a Communism. God saves America!

  • Bernie would win the election. Biden is a big maybe honestly.

  • He choose to give up. That's sad. No use crying over Spilt milk.

  • America, specifically the Democrats, see Bernie, and then see Joe, and UNIRONICALLY thought "yeah Joe is the right idea", imagine thinking that in 2020... Y'all call Bernie "extreme left" whilst the rest of us in the world call him "pretty moderate".

  • Get that Trump crazy guy out

  • Bernie is the realest one out there🙌👍

  • Puttin's economy is based on fossil fuel, prepare for more cheating! Puttin will not go down without cheating. He has nothing to lose!

  • For those of you that don't have 16 minutes. Sanders is mad Trump kept interrupting Bidens lies, saying it was disrespectful to the debate process.

  • Man talk shows REALLY love having Bernie on after he loses the primaries. Gotta get those Bernie Bros to vote for the centrist! I bet he has more TV time after the primaries than when he was running.

  • Bernie would beat trump

  • Trump can't wait for the outcome of the election 👏 👏 👏 4 more years

  • It's sad to see an old man with less time to live speaking lies to gain whatsoever advantage