Film Theory: The ONLY Way To Beat The Monster From It Follows! (Scary Movie)

Publisert 15. okt.. 2020
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It Follows brought a very original and terrifying monster to our screens. The Entity that once attached to you and follows until it can end you. The only way to save yourself is to pass it along to someone else... or is there another way? Is there a way to actually defeat the monster? Loyal Theorists, this will have to be one of my most clever solutions yet! Let's get SCARY!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Mark Hofmeyer
Editors: Edward Earl Newton, Forrest Lee, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • The Proclaimers: I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more- Vanessa Carlton: I'd walk a thousand miles- The Entity: hold my beer

    • Dead by daylight or it follows?

    • Why would he need someone to hold his beer? He's walking? lol

    • XD

    • Me a master rank hunter: *Sighs* I suppose it's a super powerful entity to scare away another... *Farcasts Wingdrake* Entity: What are you...- *Starts hearing Sora's and Fatalis theme* Also Entity: Understandable. I'll go haunt someone else.

    • 999

  • I prefer to use an ICBM and use a GPS tracker on the invisible demon,Works 100percent of the time. Works 1000percent when you use a nuclear ICBM.

  • Just run from it for a few billion years while stuck in a time loop.

  • Slightly realistic trap it in a mold and encase it in molten steel or any other metal or even just concrete

  • Just be someone pure

  • Okay! I just got back from finishing The Shining (the book not the movie) and attempting to finish the sequel to The Shining, Dr. Sleep. Loved the video, I won’t be sleeping tonight

  • Ways to beat it follows 1. wrap monster in tarp put duck-tape around the shins, arms and head lock in box chain box shut put box in other box chain shut put that box in another box chain shut just to be safe. Dig twenty foot deep hole drop boxed up monster in hole get a cement truck and completely fill up hole done. 2. wrap monster in tarp again wrap in duck tape (same places) lock in coffin chain shut drop over the Mariana Trench done. 3. drop monster in vat of acid done.

  • Put it in a hole and fill it with concrete

  • Nerd Explains inspired amiright?

  • Could you, possibly go to space? Or a place nearly impossible to break in or escape? What if your on a tower. No elevator, ladder, stairs, nothing to get up or down?

  • You really had me at "19 year old whor...or movie protagonist"

  • I've never watched the movie, but what's stopping me from just shooting it?

  • as a person who only knows matt through the fnaf videos i was DELIGHTED to hear his voice when i clicked this

  • wha happah if you live on the moon like me after you get it

  • *Virginity is cool.* *Stay Pure.* *or else....*

  • I just watched the movie today so i could finally watch this video

  • Why don’t you just move to a new country lol

  • Easily, move across the world

  • ....what type of beat?

  • Is this on Netflix?

  • me: hehehe, i be on isolated island the entity: morphs into a fish me: *surprised pikachu face*

  • Just stay on the bus and it can't get you

  • Umm........ Can't we go to another continent ??

  • Hey matpat remember Your httyd theory someone created a response for that vid

  • Why not sleep with the entity

  • Am I the only one who’s remembering quarantine right now

  • why am i watching this at night, god this is creepy

  • Why..... Why not just have a two night stand? Would.... would that work to break the curse? Or just start dating the person you had a one night stand with? Would that not work? Would it still be after you? I’ve never seen it follows. What are the rules here? Why did you specifically say “one night stand”?

  • Or... you know, you could go to a frequented brothel in another country across the ocean and give a prostitute the curse!

  • I think waiting at a police station with a can of spray paint is probably you best bet. tag it so they can see you're not insane and try to get it into a holding cell after it proves to be hostile to you and anyone in it's way

  • Why do people think the government would help? They would immediately weaponize it.

  • Ultimate weapon: GOOGLE MAP

  • i am dearborn a sub barb of detroit, this scares me

  • Doesn’t the entity do a “b-line” straight to you? I don’t think it will take regular routes like we would. It will go through wooded areas and other places cars can’t go

  • I have a good idea about a film theory episode on the Simpsons. Bart is actually an evil genius. Also, I already have two pieces of evidence, the first one is on episode 12 season 1. Bart figures out easily in a few seconds that Sideshow Bob framed Krusty, and he did it as fast as Sherlock Holmes. My second piece of evidence is that on episode 11 he learns french without a teacher and he wasn't even spoken to in french that much all in only 3 months so he was basically like Matilda.

  • I love the fact that, that’s my literal health book that he shown in the beginning of the video

  • Invisible Entity that follows you till you die: exists Jotaro: So it's the same type of stand as Star Platinum

  • This movie seems a lot less scary when you realise that the example he uses at 1:07 is just a Shade from warcraft 3.

    • Just trap it under bedrock. Problem solved.

  • Game theory - just out run it- the kid in a wheel chair- awww

  • How about leading it into a never ending mulcher. Or trapping it into a molten metal container

  • or just sleep with a hooker

  • I haven't died yet and I haven't shared the video yet- Wait hold on someone's knocking on the door brb.

    • @chinese food Yeah sorry it was the Pizza Delivery Man, He said the pizza got made a bit later then they wanted it to be so it took him longer to get here

    • You haven't come back yet, is something wrong?

  • isn't this re-upload?

  • What about working as a train driver?

  • Pee in a frog and release it into the wild to let it bread naturally. There are some frogs the lay eggs when you inject your pee into it and I’m pretty shaw that it lives in Africa

  • Put it in concrete

  • is this sponsored by durex?

  • The most powerful weapon MATH Yah I used that to Make people bang their head becouse of geometry and for the ones who doesn't know quantom physics

  • imagine being possessed by this and made you walk for 1000 miles.

    • It shapeshifts to look like you, it doesn't actually possess you.

  • Go across the border to Windsor. The borders pretty secure during quarantine

  • Please do a film theory about Teeth

  • I just realized something... The entity never skipped leg day.

  • Just trap it under bedrock. Problem solved.

  • You don't need to put " (Scary Movie) "In the title ,just put a thumbnail and have the title just theory,and we would know

  • I wonder how smart it is. If its dumb enough may be able to trap it on a glorified tread mill. Heck harness it to make an unlimited powersource

  • he didn't specify where i had to share it

  • Heres an Idea. Week one:you take the curse 2nd week: you give it to a friend next week you get it back.

  • So long as i keep moving the entity cant catch me. Covid: hey fam need help? Boom quarantine

  • Work as a pilot

  • Just bang the entity

  • What happens when it runs out of targets? Granted, if it's queued targets can pass it along the same way it's active target can, then that's basically impossible. But, I still wonder about it.

  • Ok, think about this. Explain your situation to everyone and get their help. Live in a top floor apartment your entire life working remotely and having food delivered my pulley system. No stairs or elevator to your floor. Your safe, forever, it cant get to you. Even if you take it to the extreme and factor in maybe window washing pulleys those you can just have those locked from moving from the roof. And unless it can fly a helicopter well... your safe

  • That One Person That Lives In Madagascar (TT~~TT)

  • Make the creature your one night stand so it has to escape itself.

  • lock it in something that isnt breakable by normal means?

  • What's that character he used for the entity?

  • How fast can it swim

  • HONDA!!!!🤙

  • And if it come too close, you can just walk away from it.

  • You can freeze the entity and keep It in a freezer

  • Or just join the U.S. Navy.

  • We have film theory, game theory, food Theory, and last but not least...... NUGGET THEORY

  • Invisible Entity that follows you till you die: exists Jotaro: So it's the same type of stand as Star Platinum

  • Just give it to a hooker duh

  • I don't think you take into account the Rocky Mountains in your estimate, or even the Sierras. It would take longer for it to get over the mountains than walking in a city or flat land/foothills.

    • Since no one has mentioned it yet, Film Herald also did a video on this a while back. I know people may not watch it, but I think it’s worth checking out.

  • just hook up with 5 hookers and you good for life

  • Or you can go to your local police station wait until the entity is almost there then go in and say “there’s a crazy stalker after me”. The entity will break the door or window to get to you. And boom there in jail.

  • just do it with an immortal jellyfish and put the entity on a treadmill(preferably the one that doesn't require power)

  • every time he says it's a theory it drives me insane

  • Defeat it by the power of my stand, CONCRETU

  • Can’t wait to beat something doesn’t exist

  • Can’t you just run it over?

  • "Accept your fate." well, that option is free.

  • Could this work with the Ginosaji from the The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon?

  • But what happen if you get sick like super sick?

  • Me, a demisexual: I don't know if this is helpful... or not...

  • Me to my crush: Hey I’ve liked you for a while and I wondered if you want to go out with me. My crush: Really?! I like you too! My alarm clock: 13:10

  • i remember Film Herald had a really solid idea of luring the creature into a large, unscalable pit and filling it with quick-drying cement. if you drive far enough to buy yourself maybe a couple days time and purchase a shovel and the cement, you should be able to trap it since it seems to still loosely abide by the natural laws of mortal beings like being trapped within a solid object.

  • Can’t you just trap it in some thick metal box that has no windows or doors? I mean you would have to know the right people but still is it possible?

  • Since no one has mentioned it yet, Film Herald also did a video on this a while back. I know people may not watch it, but I think it’s worth checking out.

  • Why not just to another continent

  • Secure, Contain, Protect.

  • Before I watch the video I’m calling it. The creature walks at what looks to be about 3 mph constantly. To ensure you can live the rest of your life without worrying about it you would need it to stall for about 80 years just to be safe. That’s about 702,000 hours. Since the creature moves at about 3mph we can multiply those two numbers to get roughly 2,500,000 miles. This means that there is no way to move to a part of the world that would buy you enough time to live your life without fear of it.

    • @seeni gzty that’s why my mom has road rage😂😂

    • Gets stuck in traffic. Dead. Hahahahahaha

  • 0:01

  • A leg workout That Never Ends 😎?

  • i feel like this could work for maybe a few months but i think you would mess up at some point, maybe you got drunk and crashed, maybe your car breaks down, life can get in the way. and it would be hard to maintain it for to long. i think you forgot that it can go invisible making it hard to track and give you a sense of security.

  • Film herald

  • lets nuke it

  • The ultimate motivation to be punctual