FULLSEND in the Middle East!

Publisert 27. okt.. 2020
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  • Tell the editors to stop drinking and get the videos up on fkn time boys

    • Yall should post vlogs on a second channel without to much editing in between

    • Yur

    • Tell me why salim was a natural at riding that camel

    • Buy a dog and make them stop

    • ISIS .. their main headquarters in the Masonic lodges in England .. not in the Middle East or the Emirates land's, you idiot.. .

  • “On three say, Danna white pay me more” wonder how much he payed them for the Hollerhead whiskey?

  • This my moms account. Had to hit that sub button tho fullsend momma

  • repost?

  • Time to light a dart 🎯

  • Abu fucking dabi

  • 420 baby !!!! Just came here to crack up and smoke up with the boys

  • The pilot bitching him out all the while his mask isn't even over his nose 🙄🙄🙄

  • This video changed the whole direction of nelk mostly because of Kyle. I mean I’d like to honk shitole would’ve been started anyway but if jesse weren’t left behind on this shit would’ve been different for sure.

  • Shoot the boot

  • I am born in Ethiopia Addis Ababa.

  • Steve looks at least light heavyweight

  • That was sico! I’m low key jealous


  • What happened to Salim´s eye in the end?

  • "the rules are strict af so you have to behave" "..naw" lmao

  • Whats the sont at the 23:44

  • Yoooooooooooooooooo

  • Am I the only one who felt like Khabib would hate Steve?

  • Ur living my dream mannn, need to get on w gamblin profits somehow hahahah. Any advice Steve xd??

  • We feed this shit🤣

  • 0:17 perfection

  • can I pull up next time?

  • The girl who got pissed at the pool was Irish hahah idgaf who ye are hahaha

  • Shoulda Slaped the fuck out of that pilot! Didn't even have his shit over his nose.

  • Dana white is a bad ass!

  • R I P Steve's kidney

  • funniest fukn video yet

  • I AINT scare to be a hater , but I don’t know what that Isss.

    • tf do you mean like spell properly my g

  • What song is that at 0.50 min ?

  • LOL thats hilarious with the belt. People are so stupid XD

  • Steve let’s go to my casino in my hometown by Chicago

  • What’s up Steve take me to the casino

  • A bird isn’t allowed to fly wtff 💀

  • Yo this Shit is so fuckin epic

  • Favourite nelk vid

  • Opps slippy hands

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  • No one talking about how much of a puss that pilot is

  • Reupload ?

  • but is nobody gonna talk about how steve be lookin like Joe Rogan in the thumbnail?

  • With dog its gone be much better, like some pitbull 😂

  • Still cant get over how that birds life sucks

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  • Ufc shit flopped so damn hard it’s funny

  • 2:31 this is what the world has come to. If you dont wear your mask you will be arrested. Honestly the government is controlling us way too much

    • @Doobas arrest is to far for not wearing a fucking mask

    • Its a pandemic you fool

    • It's scary

  • Taliban Jesus editors need to go back to elementary school to learn how to spell

  • Drinking like that gone end him up in hospital

  • A wild front butt karen has appeared at 1650, time stamp plus weight.

  • Kyle is the superior pranked


  • I love how khabib has such a sweet and innocent personality but he likes to cave in peoples skulls

  • Its Dana White and his son Steve will do it

  • Dana white using the boys for his currupt business..#All About boxing 🥊..#Pay ur Fighters more

  • You better have dogs dt vic lol

  • Did anyone else notice at the end of the video Salime had a black eye

  • Fuck I love these dude, fucking savages😂

  • Dana is an absolute beauty

  • 17:24 Didn’t even blur her face😂

  • 17:20 girl with a wedding ring "should we hang out" xD Hope shes no oilprince wife or she might have vanished xD

  • Come too Tennessee. Kyle check your IG

  • who punched up salami

  • U should’ve punched that pilot

  • Steve drinks like a fuckin one piece character


  • The captains bitching about a mask when his isn’t even covering his nose,only his mouth.That does literally fucking nothing

    • None of the mask do anything bro.

  • What happened to your eye

  • Why I never show video vlog when drunk

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  • Steve Miocic

  • I don’t know how you guys don’t have 50 million subs I mean you guys deserve it

  • That pilot is such a fucking Karen. Masks don't even work anyways.

  • Definitely not going on that airline

  • The pilot comes in not even wearing his mask right🤣 like bruh tf is that protecting you from someone find the pilots name

  • When the felcon trys to take off😅

  • Uncle Dana 😂🤙🏽

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  • you guys are so lucky - don't become arrogant assholes aye - it can happen quite easily.

  • Dana lit

  • Again, who the fuck are these kids? Why they get special treatment?

  • Having Covid-19, how funny 🙄

  • I might be a lower middle class broke bum, but I did hang out with Donald Trump once. Great guy imo 🤷‍♂️. I also shook George Bush Sr. hand in 3rd grade rite before he was president. Blows my mind this group of kids and Steve have the money they do. I’m in the wrong business!

  • Damn I've never felt so old, dude said 26 is to old for fighting 😕

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  • Fuck “covid”

  • to bad blondie is such a gold digger she was pretty cute

  • flight attendants are power tripping nazis. welcome to communist china

  • justin geatje 😄

  • Just letting y’all know that I get to get away from this shit hole of a hotel while watching your video I’m literally Sitting here in the Piccadilly inn in Fresno, going through Foreman school, nose deep in my phone for 30min just so I don’t go crazy! Thank you NELK for this content! 🤙🏽

  • NELK, so fuckin awesome Dana just comes into the room, takes a few shots, and heads back out to the gym lol. BEST part, and Steve takes notices how it actually tastes. Fucking great video. Thanks Guys

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  • Favorite this probably is the fact you guys have always stayed true to yourself an did Change cuz of the money like the rest of the pussys on NOlong